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From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

My hobby for A/V started when I was 10-13 years old. I used to devour Stereo Review from cover to cover instead of reading comic books. I had an old Magnavox mono console (I think it was an AMP 185) with a built in turntable, tube amplifier and a 15 inch speaker. At 14 I upgraded to stereo with a Dynaco ST-70 tube amp and AR speakers. At 15 while other kids were working part-time to save up for a car, I ended up instead buying my first quad system used through the LA Times classifieds: A Technics SL-1200 turntable with a pair of Bose 901's and 501's with a Phase Linear 4000 preamp and a 700 amp (I used the Dynaco for the rear channels)

Around 16, I got a job doing deliveries and installations for a high end audio shop. I sold everything and bought a pair of Dalquist DQ-10's driven by an Audio Research SP3 tube preamp and SP75 tube amp. A year later I swapped the DQ-10's for a pair of Quad ESL's and bought a Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with a moving coil cartridge. They didn't have much bass but the midrange was so seductive that I didn't really care (at least for a while). In an effort to get more bass I sold the Quads and bought a pair of Acoustat X full range electrostats that were driven by their own built in tube amps.

Then I heard a Levinson HQD system at the old Jonas Miller shop in Beverly Hills. I bought a second pair of Quads, and two Hartley 24 inch woofers. I built my own stand for the Quads to stack them on top of my Acoustats. I built the woofers into a wall by framing in a door to a walk through closet and building an enclosure on the other side to seal it off. The enclosure required constant resizing and dampening to tune in the response. I drove the Hartleys with an Ampizilla amplifier. Multi-channel home theater didn't exist back then, however I ended up adding an AudioPulse Model One surround processor which had outputs for side R/L and rear R/L channels. I used it to run two pair of DCM Time Windows driven by two Kenwood KA-5700 integrated amps. For video I used a large Sony Triniton CRT.

My favorite vintage speaker is the Hill Plasmatronics speakers driven by Audio Research D-150 tube amps. The tweeter used a plasma array to directly induce sound waves by exciting air molecules. Unfortunately it could not play at really extreme volume and it needed a large helium tank to stabilize the plasma reaction but it was the most "real sounding" top end I have ever heard. Besides, the glow from the plasma chamber was really hypnotic while listening to music. I'd have to say my current "dream system" would be a toss up between Avantgarde Trios's with stacked Basshorns or the MBL stacked Radialmasters.

In the mid 80's I got burned out on high end audio, sold everything and stayed away from audio for a few years. Then in the 90's I put together a 5.2 home theater system with a Pioneer Elite 55-inch rear projection TV, Pioneer Elite Lazerdisc player, Yamaha preamp/amp BMW Matrix speakers and 2 Energy subs. In 2001 I changed to a Pioneer Kuro PRO-111FD 55-inch plasma, Denon DVD player, Lecicon MC-1 with a 8.2 setup (SMART 3CX - center rear) using all Martin Logan speakers (Theater, Request, Aerius, Clarity, Script, Cinema) driven by six Adcom GFA 555ii's but kept the Energy subs.

In 2010 we remodeled our Home Theater adding two pair of Martin Logan speakers for a 10.2 system. I switched to an Onkyo PR-SC5508 preamp for HDMI switching, Audysesy room correction, network capability and the extra channels. Unfortunately, the Onkyo only outputs width or height channels - it's a temporary solution until I can save up for a used Lexicon MC12, Krell, Arcam or other premium preamp/processor that does both (the Denon receiver doesn't count). Until then, I'm running my height channels off front R/L.

My current project is to add two Danley DTS-10 subwoofers with a Bheringer 1124 or 2496 parametric EQ driven by a QSC RMX 4050HD amplifier. Our next project is to add a projector and screen. I’m waiting for Screen Innovations to release the Black Diamond screen in their new Reference G3 motorized housing. For projectors I’m considering a used JVC X3.

I hope that other members can help me with some questions regarding finishing the re-wiring on the remodel and bass management for integrating the Danley DTS-10's.
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Dr Doan
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

Welcome to the Forum. Have fun. Dennis

L Dennis Doan, DC
Gonstead Chiropractor
SVSound MTS-02 Fronts, MCS-02 Center, SSS-01 surrounds, SBS-02 rear surrounds, (2) SVSound SB-13 Plus Subwoofers
AS-EQ1 Sub Equalizer (WOW!)
Onkyo TX-SR707 7.2 Receiver w/Audyssey XT
Insignia Blu Ray NS-WBRDVD3
Toshiba DVD Recorder w/HDMI
Direct TV DVR HD
BenQ W5000 projector. 91" screen. 15' x 11.8' vaulted ceiling dedicated HT room w/DIY sound absorption
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Question #1 - speaker wire or line level to the rear?

Here is a picture during the remodel and a layout diagram.

(1) I am still trying to decide if we need two Danley DTS-10's for our space. At 10,000 cu ft our extended room may need the extra SPL.

(2) I need to move the amps and am trying to decide wether to run speaker wire or interconnect to the rear wall.

When we remodeled the equipment moved from two stand alone 60" racks along the left fireplace wall to a single built in 73" A/V rack in the front wall. I ran 1 inch aluminum conduit across the ceiling to outlets distributed around the room and will need to pull new wire for the longer cable lengths. I also need to move the amps out of the rack to free up space. I'm planning to put the front amps in a low credenza under the front speaker. I would like to move the rear amps to the back of the room under the center rear speaker. My Onkyo has both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs. My Adcom amps have only unbalanced RCA inputs. This leaves the following options:

(A) Run a well shielded unbalanced Belden 1694A (16 pF/ft capacitance) with RCA and hope for the best,

(B) Run a well shielded balanced Belden 1800F (13 pF/ft capacitance) with XLR. I could sell 3 of the Adcom amps and replace them with Emotiva amps with balanced inputs at about the same price. (I don't know if the Emotiva amps are stable enough to drive electrostats).

(C) Run a quad shield balanced Canare L4E6S (46 pF/ft) which would have extreme RFI rejection. I could initially terminate with RCA and run them unbalanced. Later, after upgrading my amps, I could re-terminate with XLR and run them balanced.

The room has low voltage recessed lights fixtures with magnetic transformers on a bank of Lutron switching dimmers with scene control. All lights are wired with shielded metallic BX. All 1 inch low voltage conduit is run at least 1-2 feet from any fixture. When unavoidable, the conduit and the BX cross at 90 degree angles. The only other source of RFI is probably a roof mounted AC unit about 10 feet from the rear cable runs.

I could really use the convenience of moving the rear amps to the back wall. In checking with various sources I have been given feedback that you can run unbalanced up to 50 ft without degradation. Others have told me that the higher capacitance of shielded wire dramatically rolls off the highs. Does anyone have any experience with long (40-50 ft) line level cable runs?
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dr. brian
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

Yep, you sir are right at home here on HTS

I have always thought of sir Danley as the guy who always did his homework, stayed really quiet, and the smarty you wanted to cheat off of in physics class

Danley is a stud for sure and his subs are cool!

Brian in Bakersfield...
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The Mad Professor
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

Hi Peter and welcome..

Home Theatre...the never ending story!
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

Welcome to HTS my fellow MartinLoganer. It really is shocking just how good they truly sound with HT when provided plenty of Current. In addition, using Aerius as Surrounds is a fantastic choice to go with your ReQuests and Theater. I use Vantages for Mains, Stage CC, Vista for Surrounds, and a Descent i and Depth i Subwoofer.

I crossover all speakers at 80hz and could not be happier with the SQ. The Theater is a beast and every time I visit my brother who uses Ascent i's (Front and Surround), Theater i, and Descent i, I am reminded just how much larger the Gayle Sanders Era ML's are. Especially the Theater i size over the Stage.

Sonnie who is the Founder of HTS uses ML Prodigies, ML Theater, and ML Ascent i's in his HT as well. For a brief period of time, he owned Spires. However, he preferred the SQ of the earlier MartinLogans and found a pair of Prodigies (so jealous) to replace the Spires.

Speakers: Martin Logan Vantage (Mains), Martin Logan Stage (Center), Martin Logan Vista (Surrounds), Martin Logan Montages (Surrounds) Hsu Research VTF-15h MK2, Martin Logan Descent i (Subwoofer)
Amplification: Aragon 8008bb, Parasound HCA-3500, Parasound HCA-2205 AT, Parasound HCA-1000a
AVR/SSP: Denon AVR-4520CI
Electronics: OPPO BDP-93
Gaming Consoles: Sony PS4, Xbox 360 S (250 gb)
Display: Panasonic TC-P65ZT60, Sony KDL-55EX500, Sony KD-34XBR910
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

Hello and Welcome to HTS.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

Welcome to the Home Theater Shack, glad to have you with us!
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Dale Rasco
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!

Hello and welcome to HTS!

Dale Rasco

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -Thomas A. Edison

Dale Rasco and Temple of Boom REDUX

Shiva 12" Build
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Re: From tube-a-holic to home theater addict!


Don't you like how music can make a bad day better.
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addict , home , theater , tubeaholic

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