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Hi there


My name is Otto, and I've been interested in audio/HT since I was a kid. Actually, I used to be more audio, but I've grown to be probably 50/50 music and theater. I listen to music in the background and throughout the house all the time, but I just don't have as much time to sit down and listen critically to 2-channel audio as I used to. I've grown my system into a decent HT/music combo over the years. I'm still never 100% sure about the DefTechs as 2-channel mains -- the whole bipolar thing -- but I believe they do well enough. I think placement is key, and I haven't dialed that in 100% yet. Sometimes I even listen to music in DPL music mode (and enjoy it!). On the other hand, I do belive that the DefTechs rock for movies.

I live and work in Colorado, have been married for 7 years and have a six-week old baby. I'm an electrical engineer doing firmware work for a large company. I also like playing guitar (and bass and sometimes drums), trying to "make music", "actually" making beer (and drinking it!), snowboarding, hiking, computers and home improvement, among other things.

My system definitely isn't a home theater proper, but rather an everyday living room system. It works pretty well for us. My wife even admits (sometimes, if I prod) that she appreciates all my hard work...

Here are some pics of my current system. Not the greatest photos, and I'm going to try to make some "nice" ones. I may screw up actually posting the pics, so we'll see if they actually make it on the first try...

1. Full front. Note that the room opens at the left edge of the pic -- you can see the steps. Open on two sides.
Hi there-dscn4223.jpg

2. Looking back, away from the TV. Black out shade does pretty good, but some light still gets through. Not as much as the pic shows, though; definitely not that bright.
Hi there-dscn4236.jpg

3. Looking back from the adjacent room, to which, the living room is totally open.
Hi there-dscn4253.jpg

4. Components
Hi there-dscn4274.jpg

5. HTPC hiding behind the right main speaker.
Hi there-dscn4249.jpg

Here's what I'm using:

Dell E510 HTPC, networked to server with FLAC files (all of our CDs) and various movies
Denon DVD-1910 DVD Player
Dish Network DVR 942
Sirius "Sportster" Satellite Radio Receiver
Outlaw 990 Pre/Pro
Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro 1124
Sunfire Cinema Grand 5-channel Amp
Mitsubishi 52" DLP 720p HDTV
Definitive Technology BP2002TL Mains
Definitive Technology CLR2002 Center
Definitive Technology BPX Surrounds
M&K MX-125 (I think that's the one) Subwoofer
Harmony 890 Remote Control
Logiech MX-5000 Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse
Denon (1705?) 5-channel receiver is running "Zone 2" in-ceiling speakers in family room. Hope to have outdoor speakers in before it gets too hot to get in the attic!

Anyway, that's about it for tonight. I've been lurking around a bit, and this seems like a pretty cool place. I also hang around on AVS sometimes, but it's busy. You guys here have an awesome start with the REW and BFD stuff. I can't believe the power of the BFD. What a tweak for under $100! Thanks to the writers of both the manuals and the software!!!

Good night!

-- Otto
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My System
Re: Hi there

Hey Otto (again)... lol... and welcome to the Shack!

Nice setup.

You might want to move your pics to the Gallery where they will get more attention.

Also... when you get a chance list your equipment in the Members Equipment Listing thread.

Look forward to hangin' out with ya.

Btw... you can use the little gemclip dropdown to place the images in the post where you want them. Use the Edit button to look at how I did it... Once you click Edit, click Go Advanced and you'll see the little gemclip up top of the message posting area (tool bar area - to the right of the little white smiley face).

Cedar Creek Cinema

PremierHomeAudio: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Def Tech and more. Shoot me a PM!
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Re: Hi there

Thanks Sonnie,

I knew there was a way to do that, I just didn't find it! I wanted to use use the "mountain" thing next to the quote thing to attach, but I knew that wasn't it either.

Thanks for the welcome, and I'll move the rest of my stuff around to the appropriate forums as well...

Have a nice day.

-- Otto
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Re: Hi there

Welcome to the forum Otto, it's nice to have another guy on board that's fighting the HT/2 channel battle out of one system.

When your baby becomes a toddler he/she is going to love those nice dials/knobs/lights on your equipment - an adventure playground
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Re: Hi there

Otto.. you've got some pretty fine equipment there. I'm pretty darned jealous of it in fact!

Great to have you here!

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Re: Hi there

Thanks guys! It's taken a while to get to this point, and it's fun no matter!

I'm not sure what to do when little Veena is big enough to attack the stereo. Maybe she won't be interested in it?!?!?! And I can just see those towers tipping over. Let's hope not...

-- Otto
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Re: Hi there

Nice System Otto

welcome to the shack

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Re: Hi there

Nice system, Otto, and nice to have you here!

Say, I notice you have the wire for your rear speakers in a channel running up the wall. If you like, I can tell you how to get the wires inside the wall and lose the channel, for a nice clean look. It's pretty easy - drop me a PM if your interested.

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Re: Hi there

Hi Wayne,

Thanks! That's actually not a channel -- it's just the speaker wire. My wife really enjoys helping me fish wires in the walls , but the reason we haven't gotten to it yet is that I'm not 100% sure on speaker placement yet. I'm thinking of rotating the whole room 90 degrees. That would get the TV out of that weird angle position in the corner, as well as give my bipolar fronts some symmetry and space.

So when I run them, I think I'd drop them into the crawl space below the living room, and then through the footers and into the interior walls. Any other tricks I should know about? Anything to make the work easier!

Have a great night,

-- Otto

-- Otto
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Re: Hi there

I like the "sleekness" of your setup. Also, you've done a remarkable job with keeping your wires in order.

If you don't have a BFD for your sub, get one fast!
If you don't have REW, get it now!
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