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I guess one of the things ya'll like to see is introductions. Hmm, what to say.

Well, my nick is used frequently at other websites. If you ever stumble across www.stangnet.com, you'll see me there, I used to moderate on that site a long time ago (~98 -> '03) but since having kids I gave that up. I'm also lurking a lot on avsforum, but mainly just read, I don't post all that often.

i've been into home theater and car audio as long as I can remember, and have gone through numerous systems. Yes, I am a bass head.

Here's a list of my current setup:

Home Theater
Pioneer VSX-26TX
Oppo Digital DVD player
Sony ES CD player
Brickwall surge suppressor

Definitive Technology BP2002TL mains, C/L/R 2002 Center, BP2X surrounds (a strictly 5.1 setup)
SVS 16-46i Plus sub
4 bass shakers powered by a 300W bash amp on the first tier of stadium seating. Nothing on the second row.

Panasonic AU-900 720p projector
100" home-made screen with manual horizontal and vertical masking (I have hinges on the top and bottoms so I can easily flip from 16:9 to 2.35:1 aspect ratios.) The 4:3 masks I have to actually place on the screen, they are held on with velcro.

I don't actually have a dedicated room, it's my family room that does double-duty as the den / bar. It's a near perfect rectangle about 22' x 15', and as such I have a killer standing wave at 42hz that near kills my music.

THe room ceiling is treated with 8" of 32R loose fiberglass above the drop ceiling, and I have some foam treatment in one corner. I still need a lot more broad-band bass absorption. That should be coming next month.

The front/sides are curtained, with the front completely blacked out, and the sides are maroon. The rear of the room is hard wall for a bit of reverb / diffusion, I don't want the room too dead.

Not much else to say I guess. I'm a Java programmer by day.
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Re: 91BlckGT

Ed it's nice to have you at the Shack! Welcome! We'd love to see some pictures and maybe a description of your screen over in Projector Screens | DIY Screens. Come join us! You may recognize a few names there if you've been lurking at avs.

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Re: 91BlckGT

Hello Ed and welcome to the Shack!

Yes, we do appreciate members introducing themselves. This is one of my favorite forums because I can learn a little about our new members.

You may also be familiar with www.mustangevolution.com ... the guy that owns that forum is from Alabama.

Cedar Creek Cinema

PremierHomeAudio: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Def Tech and more. Shoot me a PM!
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Re: 91BlckGT

Hi ED, sounds like you have a great system. Hope you can play it at THX levels! Thanks for coming here. Dennis

L Dennis Doan, DC
Gonstead Chiropractor
SVSound MTS-02 Fronts, MCS-02 Center, SSS-01 surrounds, SBS-02 rear surrounds, (2) SVSound SB-13 Plus Subwoofers
AS-EQ1 Sub Equalizer (WOW!)
Onkyo TX-SR707 7.2 Receiver w/Audyssey XT
Insignia Blu Ray NS-WBRDVD3
Toshiba DVD Recorder w/HDMI
Direct TV DVR HD
BenQ W5000 projector. 91" screen. 15' x 11.8' vaulted ceiling dedicated HT room w/DIY sound absorption
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Re: 91BlckGT

Welcome, from one site noobie to another.
Hope you have fun here.........
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Re: 91BlckGT

Hi Ed, Welcome. I no longer have a dedicated room either. Bought a new house a couple months ago so I am currently using the great room. But I do have 1500 some odd sq ft in the basement to play with,... a blank sheet for a new HT room,....now I just have to get a little cash and start on it.

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Re: 91BlckGT

I finally snapped some pictures for a topic in the "acoustics" thread, so I thought I'd add the pictures here too. This first one shows the theater proper. the screen is 100", which manual hidged 2.35:1 masks on the screen itself. You can see the bottom one is at a 45 degree angle in this shot because of the foam blocks I tried out there. The masks are held in place when not in use by swivel locks from a window I painted black.

The sides of the screen have removable masks to convert it from 16:9 to 4:3. They are held in place on that 6" strip with industrial velcro. I started out with magnets, but the wood I used was too heavy.

The three def tech speakers are visible here for my soundstage, and the SVS sub is hidden behind the curtain on the left.

Here we see the hushbox, and my stadium seating. The front row has 4 bass shakers under it powered by a 300W amp. The surrounds are slightly behind the rear couch. Not ideal, but I discovered that the people sitting in the rear seats were getting blown away by them when I had them parallel with the front couch, since they are di-pole style.

The hushbox houses the Panasonic projector. The box is made from 3/4" mdf, and is acoustically sealed. I used edmonds optics glass for the front. Both ends are hinged, and I have a lip sealed with door jam foam around it so when the box is closed, it's *quiet*. There are three fans in the box, with a tubing system pulling hot air straight from the exhaust vent of the PJ out to the top of the box where another fan pulls it out. A third fan acts as an input fan pulling cool air in through an electrostatic filter.

You can also see my steering setup on the second row. I have a wheel and pedals mounted back there to play driving games on the big screen. I have two Sun Ultra 20 workstations (the sceond being an M2) in the theater, one for gaming, one for the media center. Somwhere around 1 terabyte or so of online storage.

Also behind that curtain on the left is my massive DVD collection. There's something like 800 discs back there.
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