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My System

Hi everyone,

I've been very passionate about audio since I was about 8. This led to a strong interest in electronics.
So, I became an electronics engineer...
I've mostly worked in the power electronics industry in R&D, designing AC Drives and Power Quality equipment.
I used to work for ABB but have since left for a slight career change into the lumber industry. I'm still working in electronics but focus now on systems design rather than equipment design.

This hasn't changed my passion for audio though.
Over the years I've tried many different things but started down a new direction about 10 years ago.
I'm strictly 2 channel only because its my personal preference rather than anything I perceive as better. Music and audio systems are very personal and everyone is different so I don't believe there is any one system for all. I think the best thing I did was join the local audio club. This quickly showed me many systems with wildly varying characters (which in many cases matched their owners). It's been the most valuable thing I've done with respect to audio... I've got 30+ years of audio experience of which the last 15 have been useful.

My gear -
I've made almost every part of my system so here it is:
PC: i3 Media PC, Win 7, Foobar (with room correction convolver)
Sound Card: M2-Teck Hiface (with custom PSU mod)
DSP Crossover: 3 x ADSP21469, 5 x PCM1794, 5 x PGA4311, fully ballanced internal and external design
Amps: Home built 2 x 5CH
Main Speakers: Dynaudio
Sub: RCF

Each amp sits next to the speakers to keep cables to a minimum. Speaker cables are Kimber. Balanced interconnects to the crossover are Mogami. The channel breakdown is; sub - 1500W, bass - 750W, lower mid - 500W, mid - 350W, tweeter - 350W.
The speakers are slightly unusual looking and when I have a few more posts I'll be able to put up a link.
All drivers are Dynaudio; bass - 24W100, lower mid 15W75, mid - M560D, tweeter - T330D. The sub has 4 x RCF L18P200KN drivers, 2 per side (stereo) in an isobaric 4th order bandbass configuration tuned for bandwidth which gives a pass-band from 16-70Hz ± 0.75dB. The power / efficiency combination means there are few constraints to what you can listen to and how you want to listen to it. It means the system can happily reproduce an average spl of 100dBA and still suffer no compression or clipping at 120dBA on transients.
The current in-room response is 20Hz-20kHz ± 1dB with the odd very narrow notch or peak of 3-5dB.

The DSP Active Crossover is my major achievement recently. It's a fully FIR design giving 100dB/oct cutoff slopes to a 100dB stop-band attenuation with 0.15dB pre-ringing. Having used some of the best available chipsets means the result was pretty good. The DACs are PCM1794 and all opamps are AD797 and LT1028. The design is fully balanced with both DACs inverting and non-inverting outputs passed through separate matched filter and out through a balanced volume control to the balanced outputs. This gives a truly balanced internal design to best reduce ground noise.

The crossover has 10 balanced output to go to the amps which directly connect to the drivers with no passive crossovers in the way.

The result is a very dynamic and extremely well controlled system. I still have a few things I want to try to make things better but that can be left until another time.

Hopefully I can learn a lot from others on this site and may from time to time be able to help also.
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Re: Hi

Welcome to Home Theater Shack! Please visit us often.

Sounds like you have a great system and an interesting career. I am a semi-retired electrical engineer from power generation plant design. I spent 40+ years in fossil, hydro, and nuclear plant design and am now working part time as a consultant for a different power generation systems engineering firm. I am very familiar with ABB and spec'ed out quite a bit of their electrical station service and protective relaying equipment over the years.

Again, glad to have you here and please visit us often.

Hug your pet today!
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My System
Re: Hi

Welcome to HTS!


If you take yourself too seriously, expect me to do the exact opposite
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Re: Hi

Welcome aboard,


Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

DIY completed:
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Re: Hi

Welcome to the Home Theater Shack, glad to have you with us!
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Re: Hi

Welcome to HTS!

What a fascinating background and system - enjoy your time with us on the forums!
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Re: Hi

Hello and welcome to HTS.

"Music is the space between the notes"
“[T]o talk well and eloquently is a very great art, but that an equally great one is to know the right moment to stop.”
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Re: Hi

Welcome to HTS, wrswrsnz!

"I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit." - Bill Hicks
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Re: Hi

Hello and welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Dale Rasco

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -Thomas A. Edison

Dale Rasco and Temple of Boom REDUX

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