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Hello all!

I'm glad that I found this website. I am not new to home theaters, but I haven't had one in over 20 years!

20 years ago, I had the following home theater system:
  • Roughly 40" Mitsubishi projection TV
  • LaserDisc Player (who remembers these?)
  • Pioneer Amp / Processor
  • Cerwin-Vega L / R channel speakers (15" woofers!!!)
  • Infinity center channel speaker
  • Infinity rear channel speaker

Watching movies on this system was awesome and I loved having friends over to share in the experience! The sound could be heard on the other end of the house. The explosions were great as you could feel them and this was the most advanced home theater that I had experienced at the time. The problems with this system:
  • You had to flip the LaserDiscs over every 30 - 60 minutes (no, I didn't have the two-sided player!)
  • It wasn't a dedicated home theater, so I had white ceiling and white walls

Fast forward 20 years and I finally have space for a dedicated home theater and I have approval from my wife!

Some of my thoughts on my new home theater:
  • It will all be DIY!
  • Black or near black ceiling
  • Dark walls - color is TBD
  • Cinemascope using an anamorphic lens (Constant image height)
  • Will use my existing Bose cube speakers in 7.1 configuration (for now). I would love to upgrade these in the future, possibly building my own (I have built my own kitchen cabinets, so this should be a straightforward project).
  • I will need to supplement the bass from the subs with the Bose subs as the subs are not powered
I have two major decisions. The first is which room to use.

Room 1: Convert an existing bedroom to HT room. The advantage of this room is 19' x 11'; however, I am concerned about this room because this will limit the size of my cinemascope screen. Also, this room has windows (which I can cover) and a pathway to a bathroom, which I would build a wall and cover this entrance and provide another entrance to a bathroom outside of this room. There is a closet behind the wall where the screen would be to house all of my electronics. I would also be able to build a second raised row for seating in this room. A disadvantage of using this room is this is taking a nice guest bedroom and converting it to where it might not appeal to a potential buyer if we ever needed to sell the house (if they were wanting an extra guest bedroom).

Room 2: Convert an existing storage room into a HT room. The advantage of this room is that there are no windows and the entrance is along an 8' hallway that could be kept dark at all times (even as people come and go during a movie). The only disadvantage is the size. I am guessing that the size is approximately 12 x 13, but I'll measure as soon as I get a chance and update this number. This room also has several locations nearby (outside of the room) where I could place all of the electronics.

The second major decision for me is whether to have the audio hidden behind the screen or have all of the speakers visible. I can build a false wall in either case. I personally like the clean look of no speakers when they are hidden behind the screen.

Any tips or advice on anything above?

Also, I am not going to start the construction for several months. I want to build something that I'll enjoy for years to come. I want to learn as much as possible so that I don't regret some of my decisions later on (I know that this is impossible), but I'm just not in any hurry. I want my theater to be nice and I'm looking at doing everything myself (except laying the carpet)!

Thanks, everyone!

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Re: New Member

Hello and welcome to HTS. Be sure to start a thread in the HT design and construction area. You will get many more helpful answers there. I also like the 19x12 room myself with AT screen. BUT will wait to see your new thread to go from there.

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Welcome to the Shack!
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Re: New Member

Welcome to the Home Theater Shack, glad to have you with us!
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Re: New Member

Welcome aboard I look forward to seeing your progress.


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Re: New Member

Welcome to Home Theater Shack! Please visit us often.

Whatever your system, our members will always have upgrade recommendations

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Re: New Member

Hi Morpheus..and welcome..

Home Theatre...the never ending story!
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Re: New Member

Welcome to HTS!

Definitely start a construction thread - there are quite a few builds going on now so quite a few people with lots of helpful advice.

Enjoy your time with us on the forums and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
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Thanks everyone! I really am looking forward to starting my build over the next few months!

I'm glad to have joined the group and look forward to all information and advice on the forum!
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