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Finally joining the fun

Hi Folks,

So I joined this site a while back just to get the REW software. Well, now that I've build my first sub and am looking to do front speaker build figured I'd jump into the mix as I'm sure I'll be asking the good people of this forum for some advise along the way.

Just a little bit about me... I'm an engineer that worked my way through college as a woodworker so I like to think I'm pretty cut out for this sort of thing...sorry about that pun. The degree was mechanical but grew up with as electrical engineer for a father and still spend some time tinkering with electronics. I'm currently living in the soutwest VA area where I went to school (go Hokies!!) and snagged a job. This keeps me close to the AT and no too far away from some decent slopes in the winter.

Over the past year or so I dove into the home audio thing. While I've always appreciated quality sound (those RB-61s were about my first purchase once I had a good job) I'm feel like I'm just starting to get my head into this HiFi thing. Which really means I'm realizing how little I know.

The mania started with sound panels. I'm in a little apartment (rent's cheap and the neighbors are cool) but the room is tiny and opens the the kitchen so not very conducive to good sound. After playing with REW and Dayton mic I took the plunge and bought a bunch of Roxul and build a nearly free standing 8' wide by 6' tall angled panel on the rear and front top and bottom traps. This was without a doubt the single best improvement I've made to the system. At least in terms of sound, no way it would pass WAF, but there are some perks of the single life.

Since then I snagged the Polk Monitor series center channel to replace the crummy Polk RM8 center and then cycled out the remaining surrounds as Newegg cleared out the rest of the Polk Monitors for the newer models.

Of course then I needed bass. After some looking I settled on a pair of Velodyne VX-11 subs and set to work with REW. This ended in a bunch of playing with bases for the subs as the crummy hung apt floor was pretty picky.

I then caught the vinyl bug and ditched the old Onkyo turntable (which ran fine but the cart was 30+ years old and rough on good records) for a Project Carbon Debut which I love. I swapped out the silly felt mat and made a neoprene mat which solved the static problem and was thin enough to not throw out the VTA.

About that time I swapped out to my third Yamaha amp. The first went to my folks years ago when I upgraded but it was time to ditch the second one for something with HDMI pass through and I settled on the Yamaha RX-V673. I have a few regrets about not getting the next one up with pre-outs, but the reality is this amp will go to a secondary room at some point when I move to a house and fork out for a pre and post amp setup anyway. None the less it's a solid little amp.

Not long after I decided that I like the sound of one sub better than the pair. This took a while since the pair is "supposed" to sound better than a single sub but I guess I'm learning to trust my ears. I braced it up inside, wasn't that impressed with the internals (it is a budget sub afterall) and decided to get serious with a DIY sub. This led me to a 10" Dayton Reference (HF, 4ohm) with a self designed (with some help from WinSD) and built ported enclosure tuned to F3 = about 18hz. Yep, it's huge, but it's smooth and fills my little 12x15 room.

The latest project was to put a Clark shaker under the couch and outfit the recliner with a trio of Dayton pucks, because why not. I had the VX-11 amps sitting in the front of the room so I added a pair of binding posts to the plate and a selector switch to send the power to them or the drivers. Those now run from a little Behringer headphone amp coming off the LFE output as a preamp so I can turn them up and down without messing with the sub volume.

So now I'm thinking about a Mini Statements build, but I'll get into all that in the appropriate thread. Well, if anyone made it through that saga you must be as bored as I am sitting in a hotel on a business trip. Thanks in advance to everyone's help.

Best Regards,

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Re: Finally joining the fun

Welcome to the Home Theater Shack, glad to have you with us!
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Re: Finally joining the fun

welcome to the shack and look forward to your upgrades
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Re: Finally joining the fun

Welcome to HTS Andrew!

Looking forward to a new build thread!

Enjoy your time with us on the forums and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
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Re: Finally joining the fun

Quite the journey, thanks for becoming active in the forum.

"Music is the space between the notes"
[T]o talk well and eloquently is a very great art, but that an equally great one is to know the right moment to stop.
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Re: Finally joining the fun

Welcome Andrew, good to have you with us.

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Re: Finally joining the fun

Well it sounds like you have the perfect trifecta for a A/V nut with a background in woodworking, ME, and EE, (though I'm a little biased towards the ME, B.S. in ME as well ).

If you've been on here for a while, you know how much we like pics and build logs! If you did any kind of documentation, you should post it; I know I'm interested to see a build log of your Dayton sub.
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Re: Finally joining the fun

Welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to seeing your system progress.


Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

DIY completed:
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Re: Finally joining the fun

Welcome to the Home Theater Shack. You have a diverse background that helps you on your audio endeavors. Electronics and wood working go hand in hand with a lot of my projects.

~There are many roads to nirvana, while the ultimate goal is the destination, don't forget to enjoy the ride~
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Re: Finally joining the fun

Hi Andrew..and welcome..

Home Theatre...the never ending story!
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finally , fun , joining

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