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Mav just added 12kW to the lineup! :D

Update and new pictures in this post

obsolete wrote:
I guess it's time for a formal introduction, it looks like I'm sticking around...

My name is Atle Dreier, I'm an instrumentations engineer in the all mighty oil business. I live in Stavanger, southwest in Norway.
Married for a decade, three lovely kids aged 7, 6 and 3 months.
Spent most of my childhood with computers and hifi, and also worked in a big hifi chain for 12 years prior to my engineering career. Spent most of my salary there, so I've stacked up a pretty decent home theater through the years. Have had the opportunity to try alot of good stuff through the store, and not paying retail is nice too.
My system as it stands today:

Dali Euphonia front and center, MS4 and CS4
Dali Concept2 rears, they are going next.
SVS PB12 plus/2 subwoofer.
Behringer BFD2496 parametric EQ for the subwoofer.
NAD Master Series pre/pro and power (M15 and M25)
Toshiba HD-E1 HD-DVD player
Denon DVD-2910 used solely as a CD player as it's more quiet than the Toshiba.
Samsung LE-40M61 40" LCD screen
BenQ PE7700 front projector, both calibrated using HTFR and probe
Dreamscreen 80" 16:9 screen
Monoprice HDMI 4:2 matrix for video switching, which was bargain of the century compared to other brands.
Some room treatments, with more on the way after x-mas.
Marantz RC5000i remote that's going to be swapped for an MX810 very soon. Currently using the HTRM remote that came with the processor, as it's decent, and easy to program. The Marantz is just too slow these days.

I'm very happy with this setup. All I need is new rears and I'm set.

I want to thank you guys for the help I've got already, and undouptedly will in the future, and I hope to be able to contribute with whatever i can as much as I can!

Happy posting, and have a nice x-mas week!

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Re: Been here a while, but....

Welcome to the Shack, Atle! Post some pics of your setup if you can.
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Re: Been here a while, but....

Hey there, welcome aboard!
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Re: Been here a while, but....

Atle, I would love to hear your system, sounds like you have put a lot of time and effort in it. Welcome to the Shack. Have fun, Dennis

L Dennis Doan, DC
Gonstead Chiropractor
SVSound MTS-02 Fronts, MCS-02 Center, SSS-01 surrounds, SBS-02 rear surrounds, (2) SVSound SB-13 Plus Subwoofers
AS-EQ1 Sub Equalizer (WOW!)
Onkyo TX-SR707 7.2 Receiver w/Audyssey XT
Insignia Blu Ray NS-WBRDVD3
Toshiba DVD Recorder w/HDMI
Direct TV DVR HD
BenQ W5000 projector. 91" screen. 15' x 11.8' vaulted ceiling dedicated HT room w/DIY sound absorption
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Re: Been here a while, but....

Hello Atle and welcome to the Shack!

We are certainly glad to have you around...

I'm an instrumentations engineer in the all mighty oil business.
Which translates into

Cedar Creek Cinema

PremierHomeAudio: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Def Tech and more. Shoot me a PM!
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Re: Been here a while, but....

A few pictures can be found in my profile here. All the text is in Norwegian, though... I've recently redecorated and moved alot of stuff around, so no images of the new setup yet, but be patient, and ye shall recive..
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Re: Been here a while, but....

Welcome Atle, Glad to have you with us.

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Re: Been here a while, but....

Just got some new pictures snapped of the home theater.

Alot has changed since I started this thread, so it's time for a major rewrite, really.

Current equipment:
Denon AVR4308A
Denon DV-1800BD
Toshiba HD-XE1
Sony Playstation 3

Klipsh THX Ultra 2, consisting of:
3pcs KL-650THX front speakers
2pcs KS-525THX dipole surrounds

2pcs Soundsplinter RL-p15 LLT sonotubes. These should be well known around here... 8)
Behringer EP2500 to power the subs
SVS AS-EQ1 to tame the subs

BenQ W5000
106" Dreamscreen ProCurve 4 with UltraHD v2 screen

Two rows of reclining seating, five seats in all. The back two seats need to be raised about 8". This involves some carpentry, so I've been trying to get a carpenter friend of mine to do it.

The room is lightcontrolled with scenemolton, a lightproof fabrick stapled to the wall. Quick and easy, and reversible. Front and back walls are 'false'. Hung velour about 2' from the wall to hide speakers, projector, subs and acoustic treatments.

Rockwool chunkstyle traps in all four corners, floor to ceiling. Additional 4" panels in strategic positions around the room.

The one criteria the wife had was that the room should be 'reversible' meaning it should be possible to get back to a 'useable' state relatively easily. As it is, I can go from dedicated cinema to a light and nice livingroom in about an hour. Remove the fabrick, and the walls are light and nice. The original curtains are even still there. I find this solution more pleasing than paint. It gives a slight acustic benefit as well, and having all the speakers and equipment hidden really add to the theater feel of the room.

And some photos of the setup:
I never have this much light on when the room is in normal use, of course. All the blemishes really stand out with such harsh lighting. With some soft and dimmed light the room feels very nice.

Front wall:

Back wall and surrounds. You can see the projector peeping out from the false wall.

The Klipsch speakers on simple homemade stands behind the screen. Tight fit around the subs, so it was hopeless getting any good pictures back there.
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Re: Been here a while, but....

Hi Maverick what a fantastic looking Home Cinema
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