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I saw this page when i was looking for reviews for a yamaha subwoofer NS-SW 300. I am hoping you guys could help me to understand at least the essentials for home theater.
I do have the following:
Yamaha receiver RX-V1900
12" cerwin wega front speakers
Yamaha center channel
2 rear yamaha surround speakers
58" panasonic plasma
10" 120 Watts monster THX-soon to be replaced by 10" 250 Watts yamaha.
I supposed i do have 5.1 surround based on the speakers that i have.
How do you go to 7.1? Do i need 2 more speakers? The receiver says built in 7-channel power amplifier.
I have never seen Dolby True HD or DTS-HD lit in the receiver, what am i missing guys?
I will ask you later on about some settings in the receiver which i am completelly lost.
Thank you
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Re: Hello from Houston.

Welcome to Home Theater Shack. We hope that you will become part of the HTS community and enjoy both contributing to help others and find value in what others have posted.

What are you trying to accomplish in the system? Why replace what you have for a sub?

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Re: Hello from Houston.

Hello and welcome to the Shack.
I'm not familiar with the 10" Monster THX sub but I have my doubts that a 10" Yamaha sub would be much of an upgrade.
No Dolby True or DTS HD? What do you have for a Bllu-ray player? Assuming everything is connected with HDMI cables I would suspect a setting in your Blu-ray player is at fault.

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Hi guys.
Thanks for replying, i was waiting for any answers.
The sub that i have is 10" and is 120 watts. The movies do not sound good enough with this. I just bought Yamaha ns-sw300 (which it has a new technology and is suppose to help with richer bass) you really do not think with this new SW my HT won't sound better? I would like to have all my system yamaha, do not want to have many brands for my HT but i am open for suggestions.
Today i saw a Klipsch 10" 450 watts with great reviews. I will wait for you comments on this.
I am using my PS 3 as blue ray player. I put all the options best to my knowledge and i am using all monster HDMI.
I will wait for your comments about the subwoofer to see if i cancel the one i bougth at best buy today.
Thanks so much!
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Re: Hello from Houston.

Hello and welcome to HTS.

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Guys, I did some searching on the internet and i could fix the options on the PS3, the reason that i do not see the true HD and DTS HD on the receiver is because the PS3 is doing the decoding. Subwoofer sounds better but i still think a better subwoofer will dona much better job.
Question for you pls:
- what do you think about the yamaha ns-sw300 sub with the new technology that i bought? What are your recommendations if you think this yamaha won't do better. $500-600 dlls range? Thank you
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For 5-609 dollars you can get a sub a thousand times better then that 300 watt Yamaha. Look at SVS, outlaw audio, Rythmik and HSU. All of their entry level subs are priced around that range and will stomp that little sub you have into the ground. As for speakers you mainly want your front three speakers to match so the transition in sound is fluid when panning from left to right and vice versa. Your surrounds should be the same brand but it is definitely not near as critical to have surrounds matching your other speakers as it is to have the fronts matching. BTW: Monster hdmi cables are pretty much a gimmick. You pay for the name. Hdmi is a digital signal, all data transferred travels at the same speed regardless the cable, you either get the signal or you don't. You don't need HIGH SPEED and specially woven and coated cables. Just get a basic cable from mono price in the future and save yourself some money for real upgrades.

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Re: Hello from Houston.

Welcome aboard!
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Re: Hello from Houston.

Welcome to the SHACK.


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Re: Hello from Houston.

Hi..Nicecook and welcome..

Home Theatre...the never ending story!

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