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Hi all,

I am a home theater and music enthusiast and have been having system since last 12-15 yrs. I have used Yammy DSP-A5 with Chinese speakers in 5.1, Used RXV 2300 with NS515 series speakers yamaha subs till this year and have been happy with the performance. the caliberation and set up has been done by me and with my ears. Recently I swithched to aventage rx a 2030 and then the problems started, similar to the posts here by few others also.

I have been using 5 subs one on each channel and a lfe sub. My old system as follows:

Receiver : RXV 2300 (6.1) running as 5.1
Centrers : NS C 515 connected thru speaker level of Yamaha sub YST SW 45 set to 80 hz cut off
Fronts (towers) : NSF 515 x 2conneted thru speaker level of Yamaha sub YST SW 300 set to 60 hz cut off
Surr; NSM515 x2 conneted thru speaker level of Yamaha sub YST SW 160 set to 80 hz cut off
and .1 YST sw 800 set at 60 hz.
TV LG projection HD 42"
Samsung BD

the perf was aweome both in stereo fr music and 5.1. when som cash came in i wanted to upgrade to full HD proj and as the recv didnt hv hdmi i decided to upgrade. did a lot of research and finally went with 2030 and added add on 4 speakers9ns 555 (2 towers and 2 surrounds) to make it 9.1 the towers went in as my rear surround moving the existing ones to back surround and the new surrounds were put in as front pressence.

cincidentally blew my main sub which had begun to make knocking sounds a while back when playing real deep bass, so relaced it to polk ds 660 wi x2 as 9.2. the other 5 subs still in place on the main 5 channels.

well i was in for a big disapointmnt. the yammy guy strongly insisted on ypao and i did it. (first time in my life) then as per manual selected the natural mode. the sound stage was bad and was not sounding good at all.and music was even worse. i did all that i read here and in other forums on tweaking except manual calib.

however finally i got a sound meter and using the method given here taking ref vol as zero db i caliberated to 75 db on each channel and around 78 db on the sub taking the ypao distances fr both speakers andsubs. i did the ypao with all my other line level subs off. and then set the mains and rear surrounds to 60hz and the centre to 80 hz before doing the manual calib. i used the dvse disc to set the sub volumes of the spkr levl subs and the speakers and main subs.

after a lot of tweaking it has become a lot lot better. but still when i play mp3 (128 -320 kbps) either thru disc or thru usb it sounds not that good. not sure why and what to do. the earlier system was far better.

Another thing is that with orig CD's the music on stereo mode is really good but the recv shows the input as pcm 7.1 and when playing in straight mode it shows 7.2 speakers as playing but actually only the fronts and subs are playing. not sure why? any problem with the recv. and the sound quality on straight and stereo is the same.

would appreciate any good adv on improvement from the experts out there.
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Re: Hi

Sorry forgot to give my current system details

Display : 1080P full HD projector Mitsubishi
Recv : yamaha aventage RX a 2030
Centre : NS c515 thru speaker level inputs of YST sw 45, cross over on sub at 100hz and in recv small 60hz volume knob of sub at 2pm
front towers : NSF 515 x2 thru speaker level inputs of YST sw 300 x2, cross over on sub at 90hz and in recv small 60hz volume knob of sub at 12
surround back towers : NSF 555 x2 thru speaker level inputs of YST sw 160 x2, cross over on sub at 90hz and in recv small 60hz volume knob of sub at 1 pm
surround rear : NSF515 x 2
Front pres : NSF333 x 2
SUB LFE : Polk audio di 660 x 2
BDP : Samsung
STB : Cisco
Media player : Western Digital

All inputs thru HDMI
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Re: Hi

Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining us.


Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

DIY completed:
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Re: Hi

Thanks Bill. BTW I am from India.
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Re: Hi

Hello and welcome to the Shack.

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Re: Hi

Welcome to the SHACK... Glad you joined.


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Smile Re: Hi

Thank you all for the warm welcome.
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Re: Hi

Welcome to Home Theater Shack.

You mention that mp3 playback does not sound as good as CD playback. It might be that there are improvements in fidelity that are allowing you to hear the difference between mp3 and lpcm playback more clearly. It is also possible that your ability to hear the difference has been sharpened by experience, like learning a skill.
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Welcome to the Shack!
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Re: Hi

Hi..methil69 and welcome..

Home Theatre...the never ending story!

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