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Also lpf will not affect your bass impact. it is just a low pass filter; not xover. It is only used with the .1 channel It let's you set the frequency and those below that go to your sub.

I redid my pro calibration with the 5/27 onkyo integra update and it made a big difference in the impact

If you already have the new update or you use another pre/pro look after your mic placement. Be sure the mic is away from rear walls and corners

Let us know how you do.
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Re: Audyssey Pro Installer Kit - Demystified!

Thanks for the tips.

I do have the latest firmware update, I think it might be something else. I know with my 886 and normal XT I have to run 1 of my 3 subs with the polarity switch at 180 and the difference is huge as far as bass impact. I think that I may be better off running just dual subs for Pro calibration and keeping the 3rd sub on the SMS-1 and adding it in after PRO. The sub in question is right behind the MLP and is a ported mid-bass sub with a 25hz HPF so PRO may be integrating it wrong. This is the only thing I can think of as I always had to integrate that sub separate of the other 2 subs which are located on the 2 side walls.

Right now I have the 886 back in the system and tweaked the bass just right so watching "The Deadliest Catch" was just right in the bass department. I watched the same show last week with the 5508 and Pro and was missing that low end rumble that I had tonight. What's weird is with some of my demo bass scenes on BD the bass was really good after Pro but not as good with DVR'ed TV shows. The music is not in the same ballpark with the 886 compared to the 5508 though, I am very happy with the 5508 musically.

Oh well, I guess more experiment is in order, silly me, I thought I was done
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I would think that the sub close to the mlp might be affecting the pro results. Good idea take it out and see what happens.

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Re: Audyssey Pro Installer Kit - Demystified!

Well I did do a pro calibration with only the 2 sub 18hz subs then added the mid-bass subs located behind the MLP after and the bass is MUCH improved. For some reason I would get a steeper roll-off of all my subs when they mid-bass sub was in the mix for pro calibration but without it the extension is back to were it should be. I did have to play around with the x-over and settled on 70hz for all the speakers and 120hz LPF which gave me the smoothest response.

Once thing I wish they would add to the Pro software is a real time analyzer so you could see what effect the different x-overs has on the response. I use my SMS-1 for that but it would be nice to be able to use the Pro kit instead for that purpose. The Audyssey recommended x-over settings usually yield the smoothest response but for movies the bass is better for my system with a higher x-over point than the recommended 40hz. I just think for the price of the kit and license that they could offer more options which would make a pro calibration even more desirable. At least they should offer different setting for music and movies which would make it so much more flexible.

The more I understand about doing a Pro calibration the more I like it but I just think with some small improvements they could make it so much more valuable and sell more kits and licenses.
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Glad it worked out. You might run a 5.1 or 7.1 test DVD and check the levels of the . 1 at various positions with the xover at 80 versus 40
I prefer the 80 for the surrounds in my system as well despite the suggestion of 40 from pro
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some Pro tips

^Good point on how they could make the Pro system more useful. For subs, for ex., a 3 mic pos "sub-tuning mode" would be nice but I have no idea how complex the programming and interaction with various AVRs would be. We could send Audyssey CS some helpful suggestions but I really don't think they're interested in marketing this broadly at all. Audyssey seems to poo-poo using other systems, saying you need to average several mic positions and they need to be the exact same positions as you use for Audyssey if you want to see what Audyssey is doing. I'm just starting to learn OmniMic- it shows you what's going on in real time and will add multiple location curves.

Tips: Luke @ Audyssey suggested that for tuning subs, just run the minimum 3 mic pos and do the calculations. He also told me that I should turn the subs down. They were almost too loud individually, each barely passed the initial 75dB test. And they showed -10.5dB trim together! He pointed out that severley limits what Audyssey filters can do to smooth the bass region. He also told me to ignore the polarity warning I got on the subs (which are midpoint on front and back walls).

Maybe for sub tuning I'll try to create my own "sub-tuning" mode by selecting only FR/L and CC beforehand. It should go faster without wides and surrounds.

I will then try a full run, and if Audyssey has still ranked 40 Hz xover as #1 I'll try that. It seems counterintuitive to spend this much on subs and only use them to 40 Hz, and 80 sounds pretty good already, but I spose that's the only way to know.
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Re: Audyssey Pro Installer Kit - Demystified!

I had the omnimic as well when it first came out. Nice system but since I already had the SMS-1 and can run REW it didn't make sense to spend $300 on the omnimic as well. I also had an odd spike in the omnimic response so I sent it back for a refund.

I like your suggestion for a sub-tuning mode or a possible mode that facilitates sub placement. Possibly something that allows doing the old trick of placing the sub at the listening position then using the mic in different locations to find the best sub locations. Subwoofers can be the hardest thing to set-up correctly so an Audyssey Pro calibration should facilitate getting the subs right to justify the expense IMO. The biggest sound difference is usually between a poorly set-up sub system and a properly set-up one. If an Audyssey Pro installer could make a dramatic difference in the bass then most customers would cite a huge improvement instead of a subtle one and I think Pro calibrations would take off in popularity. We all know that it is not just the EQ that can make the difference but the location and proper phase/polarity of the sub system as well. Anything the Audyssey Pro kit could do to help the installer to find the proper location and phase/polarity of a multi sub set-up prior to EQ would make a huge difference in the value of a pro calibration.
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Re: Audyssey Pro Installer Kit - Demystified!

I apparently didn't upload any pics of the kit itself, I'll try to post a picture tonight.

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Re: Audyssey Pro Installer Kit - Demystified!

Old thread revived... wow... I cannot believe I missed this thread. You guys almost let it slip through the cracks and die on us. I moved it to the Audio Processing forum too, since we created that forum after the start of this thread.

Btw... excellent thread Jim. We appreciate all of you guys demystifying the mystery of Audyssey Pro.

Yeah... I finally broke down and ordered one of these kits, but have not received it as of yet. I am in the process of swapping out my prepro and which direction I take might depend on the abilities of this pro kit.

I have several questions I hope you guys can help me with.

1. Do you still need an extension cable for the RS232/USB adapter? I have a USB extension I could use, so that might not be an issue.

2. Is the USB/RS232 adapter Windows 7 64-bit compatible?

3. Are the correction results actually results or targets? I remember on the SVS Sub EQ that those results were not real, but instead merely targets. Has anyone actually compared the Audyssey Pro results with REW measurements to see how accurate they are?

4. Can you set the x-over points prior to running Audyssey Pro and force it to adjust based on those x-over points?

The issue I see with changing the x-over point after running Audyssey is that it equalized the low frequencies at the subwoofer location based on interaction with the low frequencies being present down to 40Hz in the mains. Those low frequencies are no longer in the mains when the x-over is changed to 80Hz, therefore the equalization at the subwoofer location would no longer be accurate.

5. I am a bit confused about what is available on the receiver/preamp/processor when using Audyssey Pro. Apparently you don't need XT or XT32 so those options are no longer available. Is Dynamic EQ available on the unit or is it also part of the Pro kit?

6. How about Sub EQ HT... does the Pro kit take advantage of this feature or is it eliminated?

7. Does the Pro kit bring MultEQ XT up to par with MultEQ XT32 for units with MultEQ XT that offer MultEQ Pro?

Thanks again guys! Awesome thread...
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Re: Audyssey Pro Installer Kit - Demystified!

1. Yes.
2. Dunno
3. Unchanged
4. It recalculated the filters based on your selection of crossover after measurements.
5. Whatever the prepro has, remains. Whatever functions it lacks, it still lacks.
6. Included.
7. No.

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