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Sonnie 01-27-08 12:47 AM

Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

Please post your Audyssey graphs (before and after) here in this thread.

Be sure to tell us what processor or receiver you are using.

Please keep graphs only in this thread and any comments in the Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread.



This is from my NAD T785 .... Audyssey MultEQ.

Gold = No EQ
Red = NAD Audyssey

Sub response range... 1/3 octave smoothing...


Full range... 1/3 octave smoothing...


Sub gain had to be cut considerably from this... it was about 20db hot! I'll get some new graphs posted soon.

All in all, I am very happy with what Audyssey did with my response, especially in the lower end. No reason to even hook up my BFD with this response. Rodny came down to the house today and we setup my new receiver and the new pair of SVS PC-Ultra subs. What surprised us the most is how well Audyssey is able to handle the lowest octaves with what seems to be no adverse effects thus far.

Please keep graphs only in this thread and any comments in the Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread.


Jerm357 04-23-08 05:00 PM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

Yea, Audyssey is awesome. Heres some graphs from my Onkyo 705 which uses Audyssey MultEQ XT.
First the sub. This is before with no smoothing
Heres after Audyssey
Now heres the the full range response with and without Audyssey. This is with 1/3 smoothing
Heres a closer view with Audyssey from 10-1000hz
No Audyssey.
Both close.

Now I think the large peek and roll off around 5000hz is caused by the Radioshack meter I used since this SPL meter is no good for measuring high frequencies. But anyways, I cant believe the difference in sound quality Audyssey has made in my room. It sounds so much better now which I belive has to do with the 400-900hz gap I had. The separations between channels I hear now I think is the biggest difference. That and the flat low end.:T Now that I hear what Audyssey can do I cant image being without it.

tdamocles 07-06-08 06:03 PM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

2 Attachment(s)
I have 2 graphs here but the Audyssey equalized sub needs it's level lowered. Looks like Audyssey does a good job... The first is without the EQ and the second is with the EQ. This was performed by an Onkyo tx-sr805.

Attachment 8325

Attachment 8326

tbase1 08-04-08 06:53 PM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

where and how did you guys get the graph?

Sonnie 08-04-08 10:20 PM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

REW (Room EQ Wizard)

hifisponge 01-31-10 09:53 PM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

I had been looking for a thread like this to see how well Audyssey does in different systems, and there are only two posts with full-range graphs.

Sonnie - what happened to your follow-up graphs? And how do you feel about that 8dB dip in the treble relative to the midrange level? I would expect some roll-off in the treble, but not that much.

atledreier 02-01-10 01:50 AM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

I'm going to re-measure my system again today, I'll make sure to post some graphs in this thread.

Please remember that Audyssey is not 'traditional' EQ and thus it will not quield a flat frequency response like many are used to from manual EQ.

I have an old 'after' graph here. This is for a single position (sweetspot) after haphazardly placing my mains. I have much better results today. :)


hifisponge 02-01-10 02:23 AM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

Atledreler -

Thanks for adding your graph. Are you using a calibrated mic? That top end still exhibits more roll of than I would expect based on what Audyssey says they are aiming for. I believe the target is flat from 20Hz to 4KHz, then -3dB @10KHz and -6dB @ 20KHz.

Here's what I was able to do with 10 bands of manual EQ (5 for the sub and 5 for the mains). The blue line is my preferred sub level.


Oh, and Audyssey is aiming for flat FR just like manual EQ, but the smoothness of the graph depends on how far apart your measurement points are.

atledreier 02-01-10 02:43 AM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

No, I use the Audyssey microphone, but I have checked it agains a calibrated MC8000, and it's fine except the very top end, where it falls off.

Your curve looks good for a single position EQ. I thinkI'd think it was too bright, but that is taste. I have solved many of my issues with proper speaker placement, and Audyssey is the final touch that just make it so much better. I have a well damped room, and Audyssey really bring the subs and mains together, and smooth for most of my listening space. I am not at all concerned that Audyssey can't give me a ruler flat curve for a single position, since it sounds so much better over a wider area.
I do prefer a linear bottom end though. I used to have a house-ish curve like you prefer, but found it too 'slow' for my taste. I like the agility of a linear curve. I am currently getting linear response down to about 13Hz at reference SPL, and I noone has ever complained of lack of bass.

Have you considered Audyssey DynamicEQ? That will raise the sub level as your master volume is lowered, to maintain a perceived linear bass response. I find it too bass heavy for my taste, but you might like it.

Here's what Dynamic EQ does in my room, at Master Volume -27dB

hifisponge 02-01-10 03:27 AM

Re: Audyssey Graphs - Please post your results!

Thanks much for posting the effects of Dynamic EQ. I'd been looking for that, as I thought a house curve may not be needed if Dynamic EQ accomplished the same thing when listening at lower than reference level, which I always do. So having linear bass response may be just fine if I engage Dynamic feature. That does look like a pretty aggressive lift to the bottom end though. Is there any way to adjust the level, other than lowering the sub level?

About the treble in my graph. It surprised me too that I would like it that flat above 4K, but it really doesn't sound too bright with the speakers I currently own and at the levels I listen to. With other speakers, I preferred the typical HF roll-off.

Do you have a "before" graph you can share?

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