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post #11 of 40 Old 08-23-07, 09:10 PM
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

Well my girl thought I was crazy when I bought a krell 3250 which I ended up selling about 4 months later lol. Currently I got about 10 grand into my setup but I know it would be over 20 grand if best buy/magnolia was to build a similar system..
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post #12 of 40 Old 08-23-07, 10:25 PM
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

wbassett wrote: View Post
Mark does that count a room addition, acoustic treatments... or just components?
Nope,.. no nuthin' Just a TV, receiver, DVD, and Speakers. And nothing top o the line,... just pretty decent equipment.


Mains ~$3000 Pictured to the left
Center ~$900
Surrounds ~$1500
Sub ~$2300
TV ~$3200
Receiver ~$1200
DVD ~$129

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post #13 of 40 Old 08-24-07, 08:35 AM
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Thumbs up Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

@ Value for the $$, I"ll put my system up against anyone.

$1200 51" Tosh RPCRT
$175 JBL S38ii (L&R)
$100 JBL S Center (C)
$100 JBL N24ii (LS&RS)
$250 Pioneer vsx-d850s
$115 Athena AS-P300 (Sub)
$150 BFD, Soundlevel Meter, misc
$220 Oppo 981
$300 12 OC703 Panels, DIY
$75 Tripp Lite HT Powerbar 10 Surge Protector
$100 Monoprice Cables
$20 Cinderblock Speaker Stands w/ fabric
$20 Staples cabinet on wheels for components
$2825 Total

My HTPC that I just completed will add about $600.
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post #14 of 40 Old 08-24-07, 08:44 AM
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

I think the law of diminishing returns kicks in somewhere well before $tens of thousands (in any countries currency). There will always be a difference in quality, but as the price goes higher that difference becomes much less observable. E.G a $20K dvd player may be better than a $400 dvd player, but you'd probably need specialist equipment to measure that difference.

I personally don't read magazines concerning HT or home entertainment simply becasue all I need to know can be found using the universal technology report index.
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post #15 of 40 Old 08-24-07, 12:03 PM
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

The gear featured in all of those HT mags are so far out of reach for the average Joe. They aren't realistic at all on what the ordianry working stiff can afford and taking into account the WAF (wife aprroval factor for purchases). There needs to be a publication like Maxium PC for HT buffs. Anyway, I started out last September putting together a HT system. I didn't know what I was doing until I started reading all the forums that I could find on the internet. The only new componet that I have is my HDDVD AX2 player and HSU 3.3 Turbo sub. All the reast of my gear is used (7.2 system with JBL & Infinity speakers and Pioneer 74TXVi reciever), from craigslist and ebay. I have around 2300 into it so far.


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post #16 of 40 Old 08-24-07, 01:05 PM
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

Slightly off topic I suppose as I only listen to stereo, but I think the same principles definitely apply, and YES I do think it;s an interesting topic, one of my major bugbears in fact!

Re the $20 000 player, I had a similar thing with cdp's years ago. Long story, but I auditioned side by side my el-cheapo Marantz cdp/minidisc against the (back then) $12000 MF tri-vist, ie $600 vs $12 000.

After an hour of comparing I finally started to hear the differences which whilst desirable were very subtle. Worth 20 times the price? Not on your nelly.

Added to that the DIY nature of a lot of people here as mentioned by Sonnie, I built my own speakers with quality drivers and have tri-amped them with the deqx. I use bog standard amps that I happened to have laying around (which the deqx corrects for as they form an integral part of the chain anyway) and not only do i have a system that holds it's own for a fraction of the price of some that are bandied around in the hi-fi press, it kills them.

Sure, I could be 'bigging me up', but I heard the Wilson Grand Slams ( I think they were) of course with dual Halcro amps and speaker cable as thick as your thigh and I was stunned. Rubbish. Maybe that is a tad melodramatic, but I suppose I formed that opinion precisely because I expected the system to sound like something worth (I dunno) $100 000.

If I'd heard it blind I might not have been so dismissive, but would not have come away impressed in any case.

I've often reflected on the minor sonic differences and price ratio of the cdps' I mentioned, and compared that with the HUGE differences back in my youth between a top of the line Marantz direct drive turntable compared with say the Rega 3, and then the HUGE differences again between that and the LP 12.

Seems today that with electronics the differences are not vast, and has been mentioned the diminishing returns very quickly sets in. Of course with turntables the differences become apparent because of mechanical engineering, not electrical engineering.

I mean, isn't it true that there are only a few different transports around? (feel I've heard that somewhere) In other words, more likely as not the transport that might be in the top of the line Meridian is the same one as in a very much cheaper player from somewhere else.

As I say, not HT but very much similar.
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

Terry, you do get around don't you. Hey I have an LP12.
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post #18 of 40 Old 08-25-07, 08:01 AM
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

Most of the mags are out of touch with us average joes. case in point, the last couple of months of Sound and Vision have had oliver stone and baba booeys home theaters highlighted. if i had some of that stern money i could put together a mega high end system. but i do like to look at what is on the horizon on the tech front. like most technology what is unaffordable now will be more so in the near future. sad but true for us "home theater geeks" the equipment in these mags are like the playmates in Playboy. nice sexy gear that we can't have or afford! but we can alwyas dream
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post #19 of 40 Old 08-25-07, 03:38 PM
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

The question I always think about when looking at articles on super high end systems (Though the director of Men in Black has a screening room with the $600 NHT m6, pretty affordable), is what lessons can I take from these huge installs, and have them trickle down. Hiding cables, running extra wire, creating an equipment closet, all of these are lessons you can apply on a small budget.

Also look at their mistakes. I'm amazed at how many high end systems sacrifice placement and setup for aesthetics. Speakers crammed into bookshelves, light flooding through windows, lack of acoustic treatment. Not everyone has to watch in adedicated cave, but it's nice to know that even the bigwigs answer to home decor concerns.
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Re: Are Home Theater Magazines out of touch with the average person?

Good points. Yes it is fun now and then looking at ultra high end setups and seeing how people with unlimited money go about resolving things. Sometimes that does spark ideas or even ways of improving things.

It was also mentioned that what we see often trickles down in a few years to stuff we may be able to purchase, so it's a look into the future in that respect.

I guess where I was saying they are out of touch in my opinion is when they do a review on a $10,000 projector and talk about it being a bargain. True it may be a bargain seeing that lesser quality technology a few years back was many times that price, but they tend to come off with the air that it's a true bargain and anything less isn't worth it. Now, I know all magazines are not like that but many do tend to feature only the ultra high end of things and there are some exceptional performing pieces of gear that aren't nearly as expensive.

Marshall, why not mention this in your pod cast? The difference between reality and some of these articles.

I've been busy, but I will look up some of the rather outrageous ones I saw mentioned as bargains when in reality they cost more than some people's cars or even their house!

"Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler." - Albert Einstein

"If all else fails, spin the cat."- Grzboken
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