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View Poll Results: Ten Biggest Audio Lies: Agree or Disagree (If you disagree, you must explain why!) Votes are public!
I agree with all of them. (If you vote here... do not vote again.) 131 44.41%
I disagree with all of them. (If you vote here... do not vote again.) 11 3.73%
1. The Cable Lie: Agree 106 35.93%
1. The Cable Lie: Disagree 36 12.20%
2. The Vacuum-Tube Lie: Agree 55 18.64%
2. The Vacuum-Tube Lie: Disagree 61 20.68%
3. The Antidigital Lie: Agree 70 23.73%
3. The Antidigital Lie: Disagree 43 14.58%
4. The Listening-Test Lie: Agree 79 26.78%
4. The Listening-Test Lie: Disagree 34 11.53%
5. The Feedback Lie: Agree 72 24.41%
5. The Feedback Lie: Disagree 29 9.83%
6. The Burn-In Lie: Agree 85 28.81%
6. The Burn-In Lie: Disagree 36 12.20%
7. The Biwiring Lie: Agree 78 26.44%
7. The Biwiring Lie: Disagree 34 11.53%
8. The Power Conditioner Lie: Agree 76 25.76%
8. The Power Conditioner Lie: Disagree 41 13.90%
9. The CD Treatment Lie: Agree 94 31.86%
9. The CD Treatment Lie: Disagree 25 8.47%
10: The Golden Ear Lie: Agree 81 27.46%
10: The Golden Ear Lie: Disagree 31 10.51%
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

I have been interested in high end audio since the mid 70s, I was never comfortable with "any cost for an audible difference". I bought and played with many of these tweaks, most don't exist any longer, and none were really worth it or are still in use with me. It always comes down to a quality source, amp and speakers in a well set up room.
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Definitely agree with the cable snake oil lie!
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post #283 of 287 Old 12-11-14, 08:25 AM
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

I agree with all of the Audio Lies with the exception of bi-wiring, particularly when we talk about bi-amping

in rare but existing "real" bi-amping amplifiers there are different amplifiers for lower frequencies and higher frequencies

when we have this kind of equipment bi-wiring is mandatory!

this is also true for [even more rare] tri-amping and quad-amping where tri or quad wiring is needed ...

I have already built tri-amping amplifiers myself and it's a complete different world using active crossovers perfectly tuned for the corresponding speakers instead of the regular passive crossovers ...

in bi, tri, or quad-amping, speakers are directly connected to the amplifiers outputs and there are no passive components (except for the wires ...) between them

to be noted that these amplifiers have complete different power outputs! for example in tri-amping bass could be 100W, mid-range 25W, and treable 8W

of course at the same time we can mix together a 1000W sub-woofer ...


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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Good read.

I agree with all of them.

But in the anti-digital section, I wouldn't necessarily say that digital is better. Well, in terms of transparency, yes, but not always in terms of flavour. I like a lot the color added by tape on some older records.
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post #285 of 287 Old 03-20-16, 10:16 AM
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Hi all,

I didn't agree with all the lies, since some of the stated arguments, in my opinion, are explained a bit too simple.

- cable lie: for many years now, I own the same basic electronics (pre amp, power amps, cd player) and speakers (more than 14 years). So I 'know' very well how the combination sounds; it's engraved into my memory. I'm not a guy that changes electronics just because they are not up-to-date. As long I'm touched by the sound and I feel satisfied, I don't need to change anything. On the other hand, my curiosity and an opportunity to test another interconnect/speaker cable combination (owned by a friend) showed me that there can be more... For about 20 years now, I have been listening to the CD Misa Criolla of Ariel Ramirez (Phillips No. 420955-2) with Josť Carreras. I know every part of the cd very well and there are some instruments (sounds) on that cd that are very unusual and absolutely non-mainstream. So what happened with the new set of cables: suddenly I was able to identify the origin of a certain sound, that I was not able to do so before! So at least this set of cables provides some additional information (or resolution) in comparison to my old set. The thing is, that this part of Misa Criolla cd can distinguish between 'the good and the bad'. So it would be a perfect test, if you just would ask the members of this forum to identify the origin of that particular sound. No ABX test is needed, just listen and tell us what you think you're hearing . If you're not able to identify it correctly, you could ask yourself why not.

- bi-wiring: can you hear the difference? I don't know, since it didn't work for my set (bi-amping on the other hand was a big difference). But in the referenced article it is stated that, as a whole, there's no electrical difference and that's just not the case. If you replace the speaker cables by equivalent LCR components, even I, who studied mechnical engineering, have learned what the changes in the electrical diagram have to be. Have a look at this link, it explaines the technical side of bi-wiring: . So I cannot agree with this lie of the poll.

- the power conditioner lie: if a Bryston is able to do some perfect filtering than that's awesome. Maybe I should switch to their components, because my very well designed Camtech pre and Quad power amp (not my claim) obviously do not the trick! If I switch on a simpel light dimmer in a room next to our living room, the humming frequency is sounding clearly audible through my speakers. Anything wrong with my components or the cables? At least not that I'm aware of. All the components are attached to a separate power line that comes straight from the domestic electrical distribution box and it has it's own fuse. Do I use a conditioner then? No, I haven't found a reasonably priced power conditioner, that doesn't influence the (bas) dynamics, yet.


PS: I really like this forum and it's discussions. In my country the forums are too much hijacked by some aggressive preachers .

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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

It seems to me the bigges problem lies in differentiating (no puns intended!) between a 'difference' and an 'improvement'. Any change may have subtle effects that emphasise one thing rather than another. Like directional cables...
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My System

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