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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I had the misfortune of not knowing that McCain had passed away and in December I paid about $170 to get Disc library and a SAVR adapter sent on a two day rush. <sigh> I do feel somewhat bad for the nasty things I was thinking about the deceased when nothing showed up and no one answered any emails. I don't know if I'll be able to get the money back from PayPal, I sure hope so.

I have just ordered a used Slink-E but would still like to find the Disc Library software for the PC.

Does anyone have an idea or suggestion?

BTW, this is my first posting here and I found the forum as i searched for an answer. I'm pretty sure I'll fall into the top 10% of your most obsessed and deranged members since the equipment just keeps piling up here.
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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I was using Music Library for the past few years from a Windows box using a SAVR2 device. The system was quite robust and I enjoyed it a lot. I understand that now Music Library's author, William McCain has, unfortunately passed away.

I wonder if anyone has taken over the code? I would be willing to help out on such a project if anyone can get access to it. If not, I might be willing to work with some people to build a similar system based on the SAVR devices. If you have programming skills and are interested in such a project, please let me know.
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post #23 of 35 Old 07-17-12, 12:34 PM
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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library


Dos anybody have a Copy of MCCAINE´s Music Library? He passed away last Year and I have no Idea how to find this. I would like to operate a NSM 3103AC Changer with it.


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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I came across this forum via a Google search on how to connect a Sony CDP-CX455 to my PC. That search, fortunately took me to this thread.

Thanks to Dr. McCain's extremely clear explanation on how to do it, I've learned about his Music Lib software and also about SAVR3 and SAVR2 gadgets which enable the physical connection between the jukebox and the PC. For that I am grateful.

Unfortunately, when I reached the last postings on the thread, I've learned that sadly Dr McCains passed away.

I know of no other software that does what his software did on the PC. Also I know of no gadgets other than SAVR3 or SAVR2 that enable connecting the CX455 to the PC.

Now for my questions:

(1) Does anyone out there know where I can find the gadgets or something equivalent?

(2) Does anyone know whether Music Lib has been taken over? Or if there is another software out there?

Thank you very much.
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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I have been using a SAVR2 and Music Library for a few years, although I have not tried it with my Windows 7 machine. The interface is pretty basic, but it works. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the software.
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Smile Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I Have been using a SAVR2, 3 CDP-CX455 Sony Compact disc players and Music Library Master.

I just finished install it on my new computer with Windows 7.

I'm happy to say: YES it works perfectly!!!!

By the way, I'm using Music Library Master Version 2.5
Does anybody knows about a newest version?
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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I just ripped all my CD's to a hard drive and stream them to system. Much easier.
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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I have been using MusicLib for a number of years, first on XP, then Vista, then Windows 7 and finally Windows 8.

Not sure what I would do without it, except rip 1200 CDs! Dont want to have to do that.

I bought version 2.5 in mid 2011. I think that is the latest one.

I searched for the maker of the SAVR3 (Black Box Designs) but no joy. They seem to be gone. Perhaps it can be reverse engineered? Trolling eBay might produce one eventually. Seems like everything I own came from eBay.

I do have a copy of the software. But I am not sure if it is correct to give it out, since it WAS Dr. McCain's product.

By the way, the driver for the serial to usb converter needed is available on the Staples web-site. Compatible with Windows 8.
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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I purchased McCain's Music Library several years ago. I'm using it with 4 Sony CD changers (1600 CDs). I need to move the application to a new computer but I've lost the setup files. Can anyone help me solve this problem?
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Re: CD Jukeboxes and McCain's Music Library

I also purchased a license to Music Library back in 2005 and corresponded with Bill McCain for several years about development possibilities. The product worked flawlessly to control four 400-CD Sony changers for several years, including remote operations. It's quite a unique product for its mix of capabilities.

If this forum allows discussion of sharing software that appears no longer to be a commercial entity, I am happy to assist former license holders in recovering the product. Licensed users of Music Library (who have their registered User Names and license codes) can contact me at

ccj <at> ccjones <dot> com

to discuss recovering a copy of the software.

I should mention that after a recent move, I am having difficulty getting the software to work, even though I have essentially replicated my previous setup with a SAVR2 and the four changers. The single exception is the addition of a 10-meter repeater USB 2 cord between the computer and the Belkin USB-to-serial adapter that used to work perfectly to connect the SAVR2 to the computer.

When I attempt to start Music Library Master, all I see is a blank panel that reads "Message log started on Oct 16, 2014 at 4:05:30 PM", but the program never fully loads. I suspect that the new repeater cord is causing the problem, but I can see that the computer detects the Belkin adapter that's connected to the cable and the SAVR2, yet the SAVR2 is not responding to the application, so it just sits there waiting for information from the SAVR2 that it's connected to the four changers.

I'll appreciate any suggestions from current Music Library (2.5) users on approaches to resolve my setup issue.


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