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Best Screen Paint Mix for low Ambientlight conditions

Hello Everyone,

I am searching for the best paint mix usable in low ambient light conditions.
My dream is a DNP supernova 0.8 Gain screen, but this is too expensive for me...

The room has white walls and I prefer having a tiny degree of ambient light like from LED-stripes in the room while watching movies etc.
Beside the low ambient light and white walls the room is dark as I always close the curtains while watching.
The projector I use is a Sony HW55, which puts about 800 Lumen in Eco mode on a 80" inch screen.
I need a paint which can be nearly as bright as a matte white 1.0 Gain screen, while keeping the blacks as dark as possible.

I have read about the Cream and Sugar Ultra mix, which sounds good.
I'm wondering if there are even better ingredients to use than the liquitex silver etc.
I need the best silver + secondary ingredients available with the highest white reflectivity / best blacks / best ambientlight rejection and at the same time the lowest artefacts in bright scenes, which I find very distracting.

The amount of silver in the mix should be as high as possible without introducing sparkles in bright scenes.
I can have some smaller viewing angles, because I sit in the middle of the screen.

In conclusion I thought about the following attributes of the paint:

- best blacks + ambient light rejection as possible
- No grain, silver shimmering or other artefacts in bright scenes
- Best whites possible (can be a tiny bit dimmer than on a white 1.0 gain screen, 0.8 gain would be ok, as the Sony has enough power for 80" inch.)
- No need for super wide viewing angles

I thought maybe of a mix like 70% Liquitex silver + 30% high pigmented glossy light grey or white acrylic paint.
The silver would in my theory give the best on axis reflectivity, while keeping blacks good and rejecting some ambient light.
The glossy light greyish or white paint would mask the silver shimmering while it would give some extra on axis reflectivity due to the gloss in it.

I would be very thankful for any help and advice
Performance is 1st priority and if there are better silvers than liquitex and better indredient + mix ratio advices, I'm all in, no matter if it would cost double or more than the Cream and Sugar Ultra mix.

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Re: Best Screen Paint Mix for low Ambientlight conditions

Thank you for the advice.
I have i1 Display Pro meter and in Ecomode (which I always want to use) the projectors puts out about 30 FL.
I don't want to lose brightness if possible, because I like a bright picture and the recommended 16 FL are to dark for me personally.
I'm looking at a nice mixture with some gain included, not just a low gain grey honestly.
But I think that creating a paint which can compete to a 7-multilayer Supernova will never be possible.

Can you recommend a paint that gets near a Supernova screen ?
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Re: Best Screen Paint Mix for low Ambientlight conditions

Thank you for the advice, I'll try that
There is only one problem, I live in germany and have no access to valspar paint.
Can you recommend another paint instead, which makes the finished paint neutral in color balance ?
Or can I just mix the silver with Liquitex titanium white ?
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Re: Best Screen Paint Mix for low Ambientlight conditions

A nice neutral base paint is Caparol Marin 30. Don't know if it will mix well with the rest of ingredients (never tried it) but it is bright and very neutral.
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Re: Best Screen Paint Mix for low Ambientlight conditions

I just tested the liquitex silver, which I got from Amazon today with some old white housepaint (1:1 ratio) to look if it could be mixed even darker.
As it seems I should mix it with white, because otherwise the whites in the picture would get to dark.
It's already dark enough like this (whites look grey in comparison to the white matte screen), but on the other side it helps blacks really well with slight ambientlight and gives the picture a better contrast base

I'll think I just try glossy white paint to add some brightness to the whites and brilliance.
Also keeping the amount of silver under 50% would be better I think to keep the whites also a bit brighter.

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