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Recommendation on Screen paint mix

Got most of build picked out...still deciding on audio. Anway thought I would ask you guys how to go about how to select the paint mixtures and how the best way to go about putting up my screen will be.

* Full light control through dimmers, black out curtains and blinds.
* Colors are still in the air but so far "Ceiling type of dark brown, walls lighter cocoa, mocha trim, wheat colored carpet
*Projector is the Epson 8100 Home cinema 1080

I want to go with a 16:9 in the 120 inch range, I think I want to "sand/smooth" my existing wall and make a frame. I don't want to do the sheetrock or substrate route unless I need too. So how do I sand it by hand or buy a sander? Is it just a slight smoothing process or is there a technique? I want to roll the paint as I do not have a sprayer. Lets here it, what mixture do you guys recommend? This is hopefully going to be a fun project and keep me from dropping $800 on a manufactured screen
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Re: Recommendation on Screen paint mix

mechman wrote: View Post
The way we usually do it is to take all of the info you provided and then go to PJCentral's calculator to see how many foot lamberts (fL) you'll have at the screen for your selected pj and screen size. The 8100 would be right at 12fL with a 120" screen and a 1.0 gain screen. So your pretty much limited to a white screen or C&S. And since the black levels are supposedly a bit lacking with the 8100 (when compared to higher end LCD pjs), I'd recommend C&S. If you want to go white then Wilsonart Designer White (the best diy white screen out there) would be my recommendation. At 120", the sheet of DW will work.

The best way to do it though is to get the pj setup and then paint a panel with half white and half Winter Mist. And then use that to judge which would serve you better. Home Depot will mix sample pints for you for a small fee. I'd use Kilz2 as the white. The panel can be a 2X2' hardboard panel available in the sheet good area of the store.

Keep in mind that the Designer White will look slightly better than the Kilz2.
This is great info thank you. Can I ask what a C&S screen is? I'm assuming your saying to stay away from the white screen because its more reflective and the image while appear brighter due to the black levels not being so well with my projector? I might be completely off though. My projector will be mounted 13Ft away from the screen so it looks like the measurements are working out
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Re: Recommendation on Screen paint mix

mechman wrote: View Post
C&S is Cream & Sugar.

I think you will be better off with a slightly gray screen since you will have the lumens - foot lamberts for a 120" screen and the pj mounted at 13' are 17. And because most folks like the better contrast that you get from a gray screen.

What I am saying though, is to test it out on a small panel and see which you prefer first. You may be a whiter whites person. Or you could be a deeper blacks person. Never know until you view the differences.
okay you have cleared it up. I need to paint a panel half C & S and half with the white to test and then make a decision. As far as sanding the existing sheet there a certain method by hand or do I need do have it done with a tool. Thanks again for the help. Its hard not to buy one of these fixed 16:9 120 Inch screens off ebay for $250 so I'm hoping this will be much better quality. That C & S thread is awful long and I just got done reading some good info in it. Do you also think I will be able to run the projector in the eco mode if I have full light control, through dimming, and dark colored walls and blinds?

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Re: Recommendation on Screen paint mix

mechman wrote: View Post
Is the wall pretty rough? Normally I'd suggest by hand. Take a look at this thread on working with rough walls as well.

You should be fine running your pj in eco mode.

If you were to buy a screen I'd point you at either the Carada Brilliant White or Elite Cinewhite. The Elite would be around $500 while the Carada is in the $750 range. The advantage of these over diy is that they are very simple to put together and hang - generally takes less than an hour. Where diy can take a day or more and can be prone to error.
No, the wall is rather smooth and has fresh brown paint on it. So i need to kilz over the screen part when I set it up and then get the largest sanding block I can find so it will have a better chance of being equally sanded I'm guessing?
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