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AT 170" DIY Screen help

Hi everyone,

I have read a lot of posts on here and another forum regarding building an AT projector screen, but I am really wondering if it is possible to build a huge one around 170" diagonal viewable for an Epson 5020? This is 83.375" tall and 148.25" wide. I am currently projecting this image on the wall which has standard crème colored paint (read - no special screen pain). We sit around 13' back from the wall. Light is pretty well controlled and most viewing is at night anyway so not really an issue. The total room is 20' x 21' with the projector facing the 20' side. Currently I'm really happy with the image in eco mode set to cinema, and to be honest I'm not sure how it could be much better, but I really want to get my speakers up off the ground and mount behind the screen for esthetics and to protect them from our kids. I'd love to really create a more formal theater look around a new screen if possible.

It looks like spandex is the way to go in general but most of it is only 60in wide and I imagine stretching it to near 90" would cause a lot of issues with reduced gain and ability to see through it. I found a few different kinds of spandex that are 120” and I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on these or any other products that may work.


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Re: AT 170" DIY Screen help

Welcome to HTS!

Your current "screen" using the crème colored paint would produce a "warm" image that is higher in reds and yellows than blues and greens unless this color push has been compensated for by calibrating the PJ. Some people prefer a warm image to a truly neutral or cool one, it's simply user preference.

I don't know how dark your crème paint is, but I assume it must be very light since you only have 10 fL or less image brightness if a white screen was being used. I'm afraid that a Spandex screen, even using white material, would lose too much brightness for you; but the only way to truly be sure would be to order some fabric and test it in your HT.

The fabric in your first link only stretches along the width. The fabric from the second link doesn't have any stretch at all as it is listed as "mechanical stretch". The definition I found for that is "It's made on a stretching machine at the factory done by the manufacture. There's no Lycra or Spandex in it to make it stretch, but the machine gives it a stretch even though it's 100% poly. Mechanical stretch is a simple process by which the fabric is woven to a wider width and in the finishing, the fabric is shrunk creating a stretch when pulled. These are fabrics that utilize their memory and bounce back to their original state. "
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Re: AT 170" DIY Screen help

I am currently in the same situation as the OP. I will be ordering a 5030 Monday and have been looking at screen choices for about 2 years .

Here are two fabrics that have been recommended...

Both of those fabrics are 4 way stretch and according to reports are easily stretched to almost twice their "at rest" size.. So a 60" piece should easily stretch to 90 inches..

I think I am going to order 4 yards of each and give the fabric a tryout. My screen will be in a totally light controlled room, black 9' ceiling and deep burgundy walls..

My last screen was a "light Fusion" screen so I am really spoiled and not sure if the fabric screens will suit me... With that said the fabric is cheap enough to make a full size "test" screen. If I could buy a mirror big enough to make my new screen I would not be here searching forums for answers
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Re: AT 170" DIY Screen help

Thanks for the replies guys! I guess I'll wait to hear back from swatkins to see how his setup is and then go from there. I guess I don't have to do an AT screen, but it seems like it would be the cleanest and best audio setup so I'd like to try.

How big of a screen are you planning swatkins?

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Re: AT 170" DIY Screen help

uopdrmark wrote: View Post

How big of a screen are you planning swatkins?

I really don't know My last screen was a 16:9 110" and all I know is that it was tooooooo Small!

I have been coasting along on my build waiting to see when and what projector I was getting. The walls and ceiling are all painted and I am installing Oak furring strips, for panels, on the side and back walls. As soon as that is finished the carpet goes down.

Because I was not really sure on screen, size or even mounting position of the projector I have left myself as many options as possible. When the projector arrives I figure I'll set her up on a shelf mount and see just how bright an Image I can achieve... I would love a 140" screen size
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Re: AT 170" DIY Screen help

I'm eager to find out what you think about this material since I am also planning an AT screen and don't care to spend so much on even the lower priced "DIY kits."
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Re: AT 170" DIY Screen help

What were the results?

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Re: AT 170" DIY Screen help

ya, what were the results??

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