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Problems buying a neutral grey paint

Hey guys,

This isn't a screen thread per se, but I thought you guys might be able to help me. I want to paint my walls and ceiling neutral greys. For the wall, I wanted to go with Granite Grey and for the ceiling Universal Grey. This is for my living room where the pj will reside, so I don't want to go real dark, but I don't want the paint color to interfere with the image.

Anyway, I decided to head over to Home Depot to pick up some Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint, which was rated highly by Consumer Reports. I figured if the price was roughly the same between the brands at HD and Lowes then I might as well go with the highest rated.

Well, I grabbed a couple of five gallon pails of paint and some color cards from the Glidden display and took them to the counter. I told the mixing guy that I needed the paint matched to these cards. His reply was that it would be a crapshoot whether it comes out close or not. If I wanted an exact color then I would have to pick a color off of the Behr chart. Unfortunately, I didn't see any Behr colors that were neutral grey. A couple were close, but still no cigar.

I guess my question is was the HD guy correct and he can't match the paint to the Glidden card? If so, then should I just go with Glidden? Is the color matching to Glidden Master Pallette only at Lowes as stated in the sticky thread? I could go with Valspar if you guys think that is a better option.

Thanks for the help.
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Steve Mechelke -mech
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Re: Problems buying a neutral grey paint

I would try a different person. Sometimes they don't know what they're talking about. They should have the proper codes for all of their bases in their system.

And if it were me, I'd go with Glidden.
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Re: Problems buying a neutral grey paint

Thanks Mech.

I will swing by HD again tomorrow and grab some Glidden Pro. I guess I didn't look that close, because Glidden Pro is rated pretty highly by CR. Interestingly Glidden Duo is not as highly rated.

Unless I get another paint guy, I might go with Glidden primer as well instead of Kilz.
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Re: Problems buying a neutral grey paint

I would go with Glidden paint as well. While Behr paint does well in CR's "tests", in the real world it is not a good paint and many professional painters won't even use it. You can prove this for yourself if you take the time to check the pro painters forums. Also, if possible, stay away from paints called "primer and paint in one". This nonsense was started by Behr and other paint companies had to bring similar paints to market to keep market share, but there is no such thing as a true paint that is also a primer - the two products are very different in chemistry and have totally different jobs to do.

Years ago with I tried to get some Behr paint tinted to a Glidden neutral gray my HD said they would NOT mix Behr paints to ANY Glidden colors. If you wanted a Glidden color you had to get it in Glidden paint.
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Re: Problems buying a neutral grey paint

I totally agree Harp. In my field, the best primers are tacky after being applied. They wouldn't be much good for a top coat.

When people talk all in one products, I usually raise an eyebrow. One new thing that has came out in the last couple of years is cleaner/protectant. If it is a cleaner, then would it not remove the protectant as it is being applied?

I did go with the Glidden Premium, which is primer and paint. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything else besides Duo. I did get the Grabber primer. Unkowingly, I grabbed a grey primer and not white. When the girl mixed it up, it came out slightly darker than Granite. It will be fine for the wall, but I am headed back to HD to grab a gallon of white to mix up for the ceiling.

I did ask another HD employee about the mixing and she repeated the same thing. Upon further reflection, I guess it makes sense, if HD doesn't take the time to try to match colors to different brands. The biggest issue is knowing the strength of the pigments. Still, it seems a little lazy on HD's part not to spend the time on a corporate level matching colors for the different brand paints that they carry.

Since I have a Datacolor Mercury, I am going to double check the matches to the cards and see how close they are.
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Re: Problems buying a neutral grey paint

I prefer using the Glidden over Behr. I am pretty good about doing my prepping prior to painting. That is what I find contributes the most to a good paint job. The price of Glidden is really good and the quality is just as nice as Behr. YMMV.
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Been in the painting and reno business for over 18 years now and have tried all brands of paint and the only one I have been using the last 8 years now is Sherwin Williams.
For every and all Theatre Rooms we build we use Sherwin Williams Super Paint Flat for all the walls and if you want a flat black ceiling their line called Promar 400 has a pre-mixed black that is jet black.
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Re: Problems buying a neutral grey paint

Thanks guys!

I used Glidden Premium and it was pretty good rolled on. Unfortunately, I don't think it sprays worth a . I thinned it as much as I thought I could get away with. After a week, I wiped the walls with a damp cloth and it scratched the surface. I am going to try a different tack with sanding. I bought some Mirka discs of 500,1000 and 2000 grit. In my test, it seems to work pretty good.

I will have a look at the Sherwin Williams. I was reading the website and he suggested Sherwin primer because it is sandable. For a topcoat, he suggested Benjamin Satin Impervo. I read some other websites and the suggestions were to thin 20% with a little Floetrol. Once I got the gun dialed in, my moldings came out near perfect. So much so, that my neighbor says they look like plastic.

I was thinking that for a baby butt smooth screen one could use the Sherwin primer and sand it smooth before putting on a top coat paint.
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