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chambers1517 01-08-15 08:29 AM

Does paint color even matter?

I was off over Christmas and was playing around. I have a Theater Room with dark colors. I have a 159" Dalite High power Scope screen. I have a Sony VPL 40 with a lens. The image is bright and beautiful. If I put a piece of printer paper on the screen it looks like a very dull area. I also have an LG 181d in a den with a 120" painted screen that we use as a tv. I can see both screens at the same time and there is no doubt the High Power is brighter. When I place printer paper against the painted screen it dissapears. After watching the painted screen for a few minutes though it looks great. If I could not directly compare the two screens I would think they were even. While I was off I turned the den projector to the wall beside the screen which is sage and after a short time the image looked good. I eventually carried the projector up to the living room and projected on the walls in there. The wall is a mustard color. What was amazing is that on the mustard walls a white object looks white, even though I know it is impossible. I know if you measured the mustard color it would measure terrible but once your eyes adjust there was no mustard color to the white on the screen. I am beginning to believe all of the miniscule adjustments to paint blends are a big waste. If white looks white on a mustard wall after your eyes adjust there is no way your can notice slight changes in paint mix.The printer paper against the mustard was a bright spot though.

Yiannis1970 01-09-15 07:45 AM

Re: Does paint color even matter?

As Mech states is all about color fidelity. When you ''fire'' your projector upon a certain surface, orange/pink or neutral, you demand certain fixed values to be reflected off..such as: Luminosity and color fidelity according to certain standards. It's true that projectors have the instruments to compensate the errors and deliver a picture close to reference but it's also true that this ability is not unlimited meaning sometimes even if you try to stretch saturation or hue could be not enough for the reference. So, it's absolutely safer to use a neutral color to achieve best results.

Although, sometimes, color walls or surfaces would help projector's inadeguacies over certain hues or saturations, in the same time will destroy other color areas. For example:

The only time i achieved a perfect saturated green (on 100% range) on a Benq projector was on a yellowish wall. Benq's inability to saturate enough green in 100% is well known...so, the colored wall helped out to this direction adding the necessary saturation for green. On the other hand, this yellowish color produced errors on other colors that could not be corrected using Benq's CMS.

chambers1517 01-09-15 11:28 AM

Re: Does paint color even matter?

I know what you guys are saying and you are right but I think the way the brain works corrects this offset. I held the printer paper in front of the mustard and it was much brighter and the colors on the mustard wall looked way off. Once the white reference was gone the whites on the mustard wall became white. My brain saw white on the mustard as pure white. With the white reference added to the mustard the white became mustard color. I would bet if you had a dark room and brought someone in then started a movie on a mustard screen, most people would not be able to tell the screen color. I knew the wall was mustard but I could not see it even though I was trying. Once a reference was added it was easy. In a side by side comparison the differences are obvious. My question is if your brain can make white look white on an extreme colored screen, how can it be possible that slight color variences matter. Without a reference.

Yiannis1970 01-10-15 03:52 AM

Re: Does paint color even matter?

Well, i believe it's all about ''training'' the eye and the mind on images and pictures. For instance, a trained person on calibration proccess is able to tell the difference on the gray ramp pattern simply by seeing it. He could tell if the image appears warm or cold whereas other people see only a gray pattern.

Tonto 01-10-15 07:25 PM

Re: Does paint color even matter?

I don't think he is saying that "off colored" surfaces make no difference, but more how the image can be corrected in our brain. Sorta like this:


You can override the color change, but when you relax!!!
Our brains are amazing, just goes to show you why we have to be diligent. Nice to know you are not making your brain do such things, just enjoying the show!

chambers1517 01-11-15 07:36 AM

Re: Does paint color even matter?

Tonto is correct. When I built my theater I was constantly looking for flaws. I would watch the screen and the image instead of the movie. I think I was training myself to see any flaws. My wife would tell me to hush and watch the movie. As I trained myself to do what is natural for most people, my viewing experience improved greatly. When I put a projestor in the den I asked my wife which image looked better. She said they looked the same. They did to me also unless you look at the den and theater screen at the same time. Since I don't watch things this way then it does't matter, my brain likes both images equally and so do I.

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