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paaron46 01-13-15 10:37 AM

First time paint screen - want it to be perfect

Ok, first time poster. I've been researching doing a DIY paint screen and think this is the place to get my answers. I've searched a lot of the forums here, but haven't found any posts that tackle what I'm dealing with. Some have been close, and I think I have a good idea of what paint to use, but I just want to make sure. I review Blu-rays for High-Def Digest so I really want this viewing area to be as close to demo quality as possible.

Here is my setup
Projector: 0ptoma HD141x
Source: PS3
Throw distance: 14'9"
Screen size: 125"
Misc.: No plans to use 3D capabilities. So, that doesn't matter.

Light controlled, no outside light. No windows. No overhead light. Ceiling will be blacked out soon. Dark gray walls - which will probably be blacked out with dark red velvet curtains soon.

Here are the room dimensions. Image is being projected on the 10' 8" wall.

Right now it's projecting on a gray wall and actually looks pretty good, but I know it can look better. The wall I have is really textured, but my brother-in-law is a drywall/mudding professional and he's coming to completely smooth the wall. After that we'll prime it (what primer is recommended?).

Here you can get an idea of what it looks like with a lamp on. Also provides some scale.

Finally, here's a shot of "Pacific Rim" in the completely blacked out environment.

I'm wondering, with my setup and room specifications, what would be the best paint to go with?

Also, what application method do you all recommend?

Thanks for your time.

paaron46 01-13-15 01:17 PM

Re: First time paint screen - want it to be perfect

After more research I think I'm going to go with Digital Image Ultra White with Optical Coating- 247 245 238

Recommended in the Screen Recommendation Thread.

Read more: http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...#ixzz3OjMgoA5e

mpompey 02-17-15 10:44 AM

Re: First time paint screen - want it to be perfect

Wow, you review blu-rays for HighDef Digest?
If you don't mind me asking how did you get that

I've gone the DIY route with all my screens. First with the
standard Blackout cloths, then after building about 4 of
those went the laminate route which was amazing.

This forum was a god-send for helping me figure it out.

Talley 02-17-15 11:05 AM

Re: First time paint screen - want it to be perfect

53 Attachment(s)
Man for $300 shipped you can get a jamestown 130" screen. It's what I've ordered. Right now I'm throwing onto a white painted texture wall but for $300 shipped to your door why fuss with paint.

Well... ya I get it... in the end it's 30 bucks vs. 300 but 300 is not bad at all.

AND... if you do paint the best way is airless sprayer for smooth as possible coat... .preferably over MDF not drywall. You can get a very smooth finish this way.

tonyvdb 02-17-15 11:17 AM

Re: First time paint screen - want it to be perfect

I agree, no painted on screen will look as good as a real screen. The Jamestown screen is a great option. I was one of the early adopters of them and its still going strong 4 years later.

mpompey 02-17-15 12:44 PM

I'll have to look into Jamestown when I need to make another screen. The laminate route let me make a good screen. Plus it gave me a reason to play with my wood working tools. Was even able to get a router out of the deal.

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