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Abs777 04-02-10 11:45 AM

Help with screen choices

I am getting ready to build or buy a screen and need help, too many choices. I will give the rundown of my room first 23'Lx16'Wx9'H basement HT, with no windows and controlled light. I have a Epson 8100 that will be mounted 12-14 feet from screen. I was wanting a 16:9 screen size of 120-130".

What would be my best bet for a screen <$500. The choices that I was thinking (please let me know if better are out there)

1. Buy Wilsonart DW and make my own.

2. Buy panels and paint my own

3. Buy 'shoppingdeals' off of ebay and be done with it.

I will do whichever one will give me the best result. Any wisdom given will be much appreciated.

I have spent too much time and worked too hard on this room \ my basement to settle for a sub-par picture.

Thanks, Abs

Matteo 04-02-10 02:57 PM

Re: Help with screen choices

I built my own acoustic screen using a product from SeymourAV. As I have said in other posts, I compared it side by side with a $1500 retail screen from Screen Innovations and nobody in the room could tell a difference. Some actually preferred the Seymour screen. So even if you aren't looking for an acoustic screen, it might be an option. I think can get the material for around $300 or $350. I don't have any experience with the laminate so I am not sure how hard that is to mount. My projector is an Epson 7500 pro. Hope this helps.

Here is another option. These are very affordable and appear to be good quality.


Prof. 04-02-10 06:32 PM

Re: Help with screen choices

I would build a screenwall and use the Seymour AT screen, as a first choice..
If that's not practical then my next choice would be the DW laminate screen..

Harpmaker 04-02-10 07:38 PM

Re: Help with screen choices

Hi Abs, welcome to the forum! :wave:

The Epson 8100 is a pretty bright PJ, so I think I would recommend a gray screen even if you intend on doing all your viewing with lights off in a light controlled room. Unfortunately, going gray is not as easy if you are going to be using laminate or a commercial screen.

The problem with a white screen (DW and most commercial screens) is that it doesn't take much ambient light to start impacting image contrast and black level. This can occur even in a HT with no lights on if the walls/ceiling are white or a very light color. If the walls/ceiling are, or can be, painted a dark color then a white screen can work fine.

With your desired screen size you will have to pay extra for an 'oversize" piece of laminate. It can also be a job to build a screen within that size range out of regular 4x8' sheet goods due to having to hid the joints where panels meet on the completed screen. One user here (Quantum) used a sheet of vinyl flooring to make a "Mega screen", so that might also be something for you to consider since it has no joints to hid.

In the end, I almost always favor going with a painted screen since it gives you the most control over the final product, but it all comes down to your level of skill in making a DIY screen and the amount of time you have for the project.

jwwactor 04-09-10 08:13 PM

Re: Help with screen choices

I'm pretty happy with the screen I built and painted with scorpion mix. Here's a link to the thread I posted about it. Unfortunately you will have to find some other material to paint on if you want to go bigger than 92" though.


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