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JesperDK 02-16-15 02:35 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

Sure I can, but I was under the impession that the Ultra was a good solution for me.

- What I have is a total light controlled room
- Epson tw3200, i think you call it 8350? with about 150 hours on the lamp
- walls and ceiling are a very dark grey, same goes for carpet, so ambient lighting should not be an issue
- 120" screen
- 15 feet from projector to Screen

Is the Ultra a bad solution?

Rg. and thanks?


Yiannis1970 02-16-15 06:20 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

Nope! Cream and Sugar is a perfect choice for 3200 and your screen!! Although, 3200 is not a light cannon after calibration, i believe it can work out nicely with C&S on 120'':)

JesperDK 02-16-15 08:34 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

Great, then back to the original question. I can get my hand on the Liquitex Basic Silver (expensive thoough :yikes:) And I can find an equivalent White paint here in DK, but to get in tinted in that, is it a bit magenta color ?, is hard when I do not know the code in a form that I can translate to anything Danish.

Any ideas?


JesperDK 02-18-15 01:47 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra


mechman wrote: (Post 1098322)
The 115 - 0.67 means .67 of 1/48th of an ounce of Magenta. I have no idea how it would translate over there but I'd bet you could figure it out with some help from the local paint store. :T

:blink: How does that work? I do not understand the math behind it, especially what the ratio to the base paint is???


JesperDK 02-18-15 07:46 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra


mechman wrote: (Post 1100586)
.67 of 1/48th of an ounce would come out to somewhere between 1/71 and 1/72 of an ounce.

Yes, if translated to european terms. One Fl. oz is 29.5 mililiter. This means that 0.67*(29.5/48)=0.41 Ml.

1 Gallon is 3785 ml. Adding 0.41 ml to that will not make any diffence:nerd: So the question is what amount of paint the 1/71 of an once should be added to. It cannot be a Gallon. Even a quart would not look diffent. Hmm what to do, what to do.... Maybe I should just skip the Magenta altogether....:doh:

ovillegas 02-18-15 03:08 PM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

After the mix is done, the paint still looks white, the magenta is barely noticeable, but I agree, .41ml of magenta on a gallon (almost 4 liters) sounds like it would not do anything. I have not paid attention to the formula you used for the conversion of english to metric, but it sounds like might be incorrect.

So, I would say to have them add that amount anyway instead of skipping the magenta.

Yiannis1970 02-19-15 05:13 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra


mechman wrote: (Post 1100562)
Go to your paint store. They may understand it even though it is a US method of tinting paint. I have no idea how they do it in Europe (Yiannis - maybe you can shed some light on this?).

When you order a gallon (or quart) of paint here in the US, the computer will tell the clerk a certain code that the machine will need in order to match the color correctly. Depending upon what store you go to the codes may vary. For C&S Ultra ô, the code applies to the base paint recommended which is Valspar available at Lowes here. And their tinting machines use that particular code for tinting their paint.

If you were to go to your local paint store and say that you needed a matte white base tinted with their magenta tint to approximately .67 of 1/64th of an ounce, they may be able to help you convert it to whatever their system uses. Then again, they may not. It would be wise to try and find a store with a knowledgeable person at the paint counter.

The same procedure is followed in Europe too Mech. You go to the store and give the NCS or RAL code in order to have your mix. Since these codes are universal, there's no problem. The problem is when the base paint in use has different properties from the one that Don proposes. For example, it's different the base paint of B.M. to Caparol's. I believe the same thing happens with US paints. So, in order to create CS ultra, we have to know the properties of base paint aka Valspar and therefore trying to find a similar paint to start with.

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