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JesperDK 02-19-15 05:28 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

But does anybody know the NCS or RAL value of the tinted paint, then I'm good to go! If a such exists?


JesperDK 02-20-15 12:14 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

Alright, thank you to everybody for the effort.

Yiannis1970 02-20-15 08:08 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

Jesper, if i may, you can check out this one if is easier to find:


JesperDK 03-04-15 01:51 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

Unfortunately I cannot find that either. But I will just need to understand one thing. Is the adding of magenta for the purpose of:

1) Adjusting the color of the white base to make it neutral?
2) Adjusting the color of the added silver paint.

If it is no. one, I can try to find a color neutral white flat paint here.


Philnick 06-10-15 05:35 PM

Water- or oil-based Kilz?

A year on, I finally bought the 30 oz can of Valspar Signature Flat white paint with the 115-0.625 tint.

Went to the shelf to get primer, since my "original Cream&Sugar" screen has now been gouged again and patched with a filler that was actually light tan in color!

But I was stopped by the choice between water- and oil-based Kilz.

Which should I use? The surface is drywall.

Or should I just paint over the patch with a little of my Sherwin Williams Luminous White (assuming it's still usable), let it dry, and apply a coat of Cream&Sugar Ultra?


Philnick 06-12-15 12:24 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

Thanks for responding! I had pretty much figured that out from searching through this thread and its predecessor, where I found a picture of the water-based Kilz.

That plus realizing that oil-based is much harder to clean up after and would probably have worse fumes - I guess it's intended for outdoor use, where being waterproof is at a much higher priority!

I was concerned by the notation somewhere in this thread that this screen is brighter than the original C&S, being a 9.2 rather than a 9.0 - until I figured out that's less than a 2.23% difference - visible only if you're looking for it - and certainly within the calibration range of a projector like my old Panny PT-AE2000.

During movie viewing, the only light sources other than the projector are the pilot lights on my equipment stack, which I keep dimmed since they face the screen.

The ceiling and walls are flat white (and the side walls are pretty far away and cluttered with dark furniture), so the reflected light has never degraded the image - just made it possible to see the snacks we're eating!

Since this is going over an existing C&S layer, would one coat each of primer and C&S Ultra be enough? I only did one coat of C&S for the original screen, and didn't even use primer that time, since the wall had already been painted with flat white latex.

I have a 64 oz plastic bucket with lid and an egg-beater style drill attachment. I'll punch a hole in the lid to run the drill attachment up through, to mix the 30 oz of Valspar and the Liquitex. I suppose I then could then put a second such bucket next to it, pour half of the mixture into it, and thin out each bucket's contents with 7.5 oz of distilled water. If I have any left over after covering my 9.5' by 5.25' screen, I could cover that with the unpunctured lid and put it aside for future use!

Yiannis1970 06-12-15 08:56 AM

Re: Cream&Sugarô Ultra

If you roll, i would say to go with 2 coats.

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