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Harpmaker 03-27-11 10:04 PM

Cream&Sugar™ Ultra

10-18-13 Addendum: The Valspar paints have changed (and some not for the better) so we are now suggesting that Valspar Signature be used instead of Valspar Ultra. The tint formula is the same. All mixing is the same.



The change in physical makeup of the metallic silver paint used to make the previous Cream&Sugar™ mix means that particular mix (or series of 3 mixes actually) can no longer be recommended unless the old Craft Smart Metallic Silver is still available to you.

Introducing Cream&Sugar™ Ultra! Like the Cream&Sugar™ mix before it, Cream&Sugar™ Ultra is a binary mix (only two paints are used). Both paints are usually easily obtained locally throughout the U.S.; development is continuing in the use of a paint available from Home Depot as well which I'm sure will be glad news to our northern neighbors in Canada since there are precious few Lowe's stores there.

The base paint is Valspar Ultra Premium Interior Latex Flat Enamel Base 1 with the following tint and amount - 115-0.67 for a quart of paint.

Addendum:The Valspar Ultra Premium Flat Enamel paint has been renamed by Lowe's to Valspar Ultra Premium Super Flat Finish. The paint is the same, just a different name, so the existing tint formula will still work.

Note that the photo below is NOT the Base 1 paint, but rather the Ultra White base.


For those coming from looking at the original Cream&Sugar™ thread please note that the ratio of base paint to silver paint has changed for Cream&Sugar™ Ultra, it is now 50% base paint and 50% silver paint (a 1:1 ratio).

To make 32 fl. oz. of mix (before thinning for final application) buy the following items:
1 quart Valspar Ultra Premium Super Flat Finish Base 1 tinted 115-0.67 (available at Lowe's)
16 fl. oz. Liquitex BASICS 'Silver' acrylic paint (four 4 oz. tubes or two 8 oz. tubs). This paint is available at most arts and crafts stores such as Michael's and A.C. Moore. It is also available at great discount from many stores on the internet.

Now the tricky part. Since the mix is 1:1 that means only 16 oz. of the quart of Valspar paint is used, to which is mixed the 16 oz. of LBS (Liquitex BASICS 'Silver'). While you could just add 32 oz. of LBS to the quart of Valspar paint, LBS is a fairly expensive paint and it would make way more mix than most people would need. So yeah, the tricky part is measuring 16 fl. oz. out of a quart of paint. :D

Because the LBS is so thick the mix DOES NEED TO BE THINNED, even to roll. For those rolling I would recommend adding at least 25% distilled water; those spraying would have to dilute even more depending on their sprayer. Add the water and mix thoroughly, this mix is slow to accept the added water. Mixing thoroughly is VERY important!

For what I will assume would be the standard C&S™ Ultra mix of 16 oz. Valspar and 16 oz. LBS that means an additional 8 oz. of water should be added to thin for rolling. It would be a good idea to also use some of this water to wash out your containers of LBS to get all the paint out. If you are using the 8 oz. tubs of LBS simply pour the water into the tub, cover and shake. If using 4 oz. tubes of LBS I found it works best to inject the water into the almost empty tube with some kind of syringe, close the lid and shake WELL.

Cream&Sugar™ Ultra is a N9.2 screen mix which is brighter than the N9 of the previous Cream&Sugar™ mix. This means C&S™ Ultra will not perform quite as well in ambient light as C&S™, but it also means the mix will be even brighter than C&S™ in a home theater that has controlled lighting and dark walls.

Data and photos to follow.

Harpmaker 03-27-11 10:05 PM

Re: Cream&Sugar™ Ultra

C&S™ Ultra


RGB 226 226 226
LAB 89.9 -0.11 -0.09
xyY 0.312 0.329 76.01

I've also got a panel that was done using Valspar Ultra Premium Flat as a base. Here's the chart for it:


RGB 223 222 222
LAB 88.6 0.17 0.22
xyY 0.313 0.329 73.29

Harpmaker 03-27-11 10:10 PM

Re: Cream&Sugar™ Ultra

Here are some photos of C&S Ultra compared to Sherwin-Williams 'Extra White' paints in satin finish. This composite screen consists of four 1'x4' panels. They are displayed on the wall where I painted them. These aren't "eye candy" shots, but are rather to help demonstrate how these screens actually compare to each other.

The projector used is a Viewsonic PJ503D which is a presentation PJ that has had some firmware tweeks done on it so they could call it a home theater PJ. It isn't. The brightness/contrast/color adjustments on this PJ are about like you would find on an inexpensive 20 year old CRT TV set.

Left to right, the panels in the photos are:
  • C&S™ Ultra made with Valspar Ultra Premium white tinted to produce a neutral C&S™ screen
  • C&S™ Ultra made with Valspar Ultra Premium Enamel ultra white tinted to produce a neutral C&S™ screen (this is the official C&S™ Ultra mix)
  • Sherwin-Williams ProClassic interior acrylic latex 'Extra White' B20 W 51 in satin finish
  • Sherwin-Williams Color to Go (their cheap sample paint) 'Extra White' A91 W 251 in satin finish

All panels were sprayed using an air compressor/HVLP gun combo.

Panels in room light (ceiling mounted fluorescent). You can see the C&S™ Ultra panels are slightly darker than the 'Extra White' panels.


100% White field on-axis. To my eyes, the 2nd panel is brighter than the 3rd panel by a very small margin. The brightest panel is #4 (the cheap Color to Go sample paint $5 a quart).


100% White field ~70° (0° is on-axis). This is about the greatest angle that I would call viewable in a home theater, any greater angle creates too much angular distortion in the image. At this angle the C&S™ panels are darker than the white panels, but not by much. There is no hot spotting from any panel.


Color bars on-axis.

Color bars ~70°.

I would say that of all the paints tested above the SW Color to Go 'Extra White' satin produces the brightest screen. Here are a few photos from the Digital Video Essentials DVD.

Earth. It's hard to tell the panels apart unless you really look close.


Space Shuttle on pad. The thing to look at here is the grass at the bottom of the photo. The 2nd and 4th panels are the brightest.


Ambient light flag. This photo was taken with about 500 watts of "cool white" fluorescent light bouncing around a small room with white walls and ceiling. It's not a watchable image by any stretch of the imagination, but it shows the ability of even a light gray screen (the C&S Ultra) to boost black levels and color saturation over a white screen. The projected image (100% white field) has a measured brightness of 27 fL, the room light at the screen was measured at 24 fL.


cdcstl 03-29-11 09:21 AM

Re: Cream&Sugar™ Ultra

Hey Harp. Can I assume that I can't mix the old & new silver together to the new base? I have some of the old silver left but not for a full batch.


Harpmaker 04-12-11 01:18 AM

Re: Cream&Sugar™ Ultra

Photos posted in post #3.

e.mann30 04-28-11 06:37 AM

Re: Cream&Sugar™ Ultra

I have a local shop that carries auto air aluminum fine. Can i use 16oz AAA insted of the liquitex basics silver ? Will it still be neutral and will the AAA be a better silver agent for the C&S Ultra mix.

e.mann30 04-28-11 10:22 AM

Re: Cream&Sugar™ Ultra

Momma always told me that no question is a dumb question :) , so I would also like to know if C&S Ultra be used to make scorpion N? Sreen paint mix ?

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