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neit 07-06-12 04:51 PM

Have cloth, need frame!

Hello everyone,

I have a mitsubish hc3800 that came with a mustang motorized mount. Since I live in an apartment with white walls, I eventually became disappointed with the washed out blacks reflecting from the walls and the small amount of ambient light I wasn't able to block out. I sold the screen and am now looking make my own gray screens.

I just got 25 yards of 54" blackout cloth from joann's website (1/2 off sale + some coupons right now) and want to make 2 screens, a larger 102" and smaller 57" one. I've seen all sorts of different diy tutorials for frames, but there doesn't seem to be an official or endorsed version on the stickied posts here. I'd like them to be fairly cheap to build, not warp, and not be too difficult to make. Ideally with the smaller one it would be portable enough to put on a small stand.


mppatt01 07-06-12 09:23 PM

Re: Have cloth, need frame!

I'm working on my second frame. Both were the straightest 1x4s i could find with half round around the perimeter to float stretched canvas.

126" Poplar



106" Pine


It's what I did and does require multiple attachment points for the wall to keep the frame from twisting.

jesh 02-24-13 03:13 AM

Re: Have cloth, need frame!

Try searching for "My wa dw aluminum frame screen build" including the quotes on google.
The OP uses an aluminum frame from a company called 80/20 that's almost tool-less and can be done in minutes. Assembled it weighs less than 5 lbs. The aluminum will never warp and will be light enough that you can put it on a small stand as you wanted.

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