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req 04-01-13 08:58 PM

panasonic pt-ar100u, 122" pvc, grey in a living room

Hello everybody!

I am a guy from diymobileaudio[dot]com - and i recently bought a house, a PJ, and i just built a 122" substrate from sintra.

i was ABOUT to mix silverfire 2.5 4.0 when i came across some crazy stuff mechman and the guys had posted, then i read for three more hours, and now i am thinking of selling the silverfire components!

so i have three real questions.

1. a neutral grey is all i need? n7-ish? i have a high ambient light living room that i will do my best to mitigate light (against my wifes wishes).

2. what paint do i buy?

3. do i need to prime the plastic before i paint it grey?

i have been reading a lot about blackwidow, and just off the shelf grey paints all over - but there has been so many dang suggestions. i have a graco hlvp gun - and i would rather use it than roll, i feel i will get a much more even paint by spraying - and since i have the gun i would like to use it anyway.

i am literally ready to paint - but i needed some clarification on the silverfire mix, and then i found out about the hot spotting and no scientific . so here i am.

please help me :huh:

everyone likes pictures. we just tore out the carpet, so i just set the speakers up to display how pretty they are - the pictures only had the towers hooked up in stereo. the substage will be two 18" incriminator audio flatlynes in the attic infinite baffle.


req 04-02-13 07:04 AM

Re: panasonic pt-ar100u, 122" pvc, grey in a living room

Yes, fan will be moved. We just moved in two weeks ago and I don't even have the pj mounted.

Yes, i plan to darken that window, but the pj will be used mostly at night and the sun sets on the other side of the house, so after 5pm it's usually dark enough, but curtains + window tint most likely.

Why would a bright pj need a lighter screen? I would assume the brighter the pj, the darker the screen would increase the contrast and such? I guess ambient light is a number one fight, my wife likes to have lights on or she "falls asleep".

Thank you so much for your time sir. I can't explain how much your help means to me, i read hundreds of your posts last night haha. :dumbcrazy:

req 04-02-13 08:40 AM

Re: panasonic pt-ar100u, 122" pvc, grey in a living room


i don't really understand what unit of measure a FL is lol. trying to look it up online is an exercise in futility - i don't know what keywords to bundle with it to get results. i understand the lumen, but everybody speaks in acronyms and nothing is ever explained fully around here :p

i just don't want to make the mistake of painting this thing wrong. i mean i have like $150 invested in this sintra\wood for this frame\substrate - and i don't want to put the wrong coating on it.

my carpet is being installed in an hour - and i wont have time to paint it before that (and that was my goal) so now I'm stuck.

what i got from most of your posts - is a D65 (does that mean 65% reflectance across the spectrum of light?) neutral grey. and that GOLDEN Neutral Grays are balanced "steps" in value - and a good place to start looking is around N7~N9.

do i need to prime the sintra\komatex\celtec. i have not gotten a straight forward answer anywhere that says yes or no - and in my experience painting, priming is always a good thing.

thanks again dude. you are awesome.:spend:

req 04-02-13 08:46 AM

Re: panasonic pt-ar100u, 122" pvc, grey in a living room

found the foot-lambert. i back tracked through some of your posts till you mentioned it :P


smokarz 04-02-13 09:39 AM

Re: panasonic pt-ar100u, 122" pvc, grey in a living room

hey req.

looks like you finally made the move over here (from that site).

if you want real and fact based DIY paint advice, you come to the right place.

good luck with your project, and post an update on the other site to let people know what you went with as your final paint solution so it would help others be informed.

Yiannis1970 04-02-13 01:15 PM

Re: panasonic pt-ar100u, 122" pvc, grey in a living room


mechman wrote: (Post 602864)
At 650fL and a 122" screen (unless I calculated wrong), you're just under 13fL with a white screen. It's a bright pj for a smaller screen - a 100" screen would have you at 21fL. I'd get samples and try them out to see what you'd prefer. With lights on you may prefer a darker gray screen for better blacks.

Hi Mech!!:wave:

With 650 Lumens will get 15FL (14,9 to be exact) on a 122'' white screen. I agree with you on screen size. It is a pj for a smaller screen especially if our friend goes gray to handle better the light from the near window.

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