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AnthonyLouKy 06-11-14 12:40 PM

Screen paint Question

I would like to paint projector screen that will perform optimally for watching movies in the dark, but also looks good for watching games with a reasonable amount of light.

After reading around the net I decided to try mixing some Black widow. I ordered 2 four oz. bottles of the Auto-Air Aluminum Base Fine. I am trying to figure out if I have the original or reformulated version. I assumed that because I just purchased it, that it would be the new formula. However after looking at the UPC I am not sure. According to WIKI the rule is as follows:

When looking at the UPC, there is a number in the following format: WDxxxx-##Bx
Look at the 2 numbers after the hyphen, "##" above. Old Formulation = 80 or below New Formulation = 81 or above.

My UPC is WDOA20-112Bs(01)

Strictly following the rule above my number would be 11 making it the old formula (11<80).
However is it possible that the rule is outdated and that my number is 112 making it the new formula (112>80)?

I have 2 questions.
1) Do I have the New or old formula of Auto-Air Aluminium Base Fine?
2) Should I even go with a Black Widow mix given the objective listed above?

See detail info about my setup below:

I have an Acer H5380BD Projector. I am in a basement room that is 12 wide by 24 long. I am projecting about a 120" picture. My room can get fairly dark. The ceiling is flat white and all the walls are medium beige with an eggshell finish. I current do not have any specific screen paint. I am projecting directly onto the current wall paint.
The image looks great when I make the room fairly dark. When I add some light the image still looks ok but fades more than I would like
FYI: I will be applying the screen paint with an airless sprayer

AnthonyLouKy 06-12-14 02:13 PM

Re: Screen paint Question

Update -- I called Createx Colors I then told me I have the newer formula..
I am still curious if anyone has an opinion on using the Black Widow mix with my setup.

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