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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

I use the Porter Cable 7529 plunge router with the vacuum port. Router bits 1/4" upspiral for cutting out the speaker holes, 5/8" mortise bit to cut speaker inset, 3/4 round over for the baffles and finally a 1" laminate trim bit to clean up in pieces that are to proud. If you veneer you might need a 1/4" bearingless trim bit. All these should be in new carbide not recycled carbide.

I recommend 36" bar clamps as they are pretty good for most projects. Those 48" are just awkward and get in the way walking around your project. I don't like ratchet style clamps as I have broken so many of them.

I like Titebond 3 glue as it has a longer set up time so you can nudge them into place, especially those big panels. One man shop so to speak makes assembly a lot slower with one set of hands. It cost a little more than Titebond 2 but to me it is worth it.

A good table saw is just great to have repeatability and speed of process. I have built 7 boxes now and I wouldn't want to do any without one.

If you don't have a drill press get one of those little jigs that fit on the end of your hand drill to give you perpendicular holes. You will need that for using that Jasper jig.

I don't use screws or nails as the glue is much stronger than the MDF or plywood.

A good 12 or 14.4 volt drill is great to have. I have a Hitachi 14.4 and I really like it. I have had Dewalt in the past and was disappointed in them. They just did not hold up.

Thats all I got on the top of my head for now. Cheers.
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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

I recently started using a Kreg pocket hole jig for speaker cabinet assembly. I now use less clamps and can build cabinets faster (I donít have to wait for the glue to dry before moving on to the next glue joint). Pocket hole screws self tap, are offered in various lengths/sizes and come in coarse and fine threads types (the coarse threads are for man made material like MDF). Plus pocket hole screws are stronger than a butt or dado joint.

The Kreg jig is foolproof and is offered in a couple of different configurations ranging from $20 to $140. There is a system selling for about $60 that has everything one would need to build cabinets. One thing for sureÖ it doesnít take long to spend way more than this for a couple of descent Bessey clamps!
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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

Just to say that WT2 is available at : and works fine !
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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

My tools:

Bosch 1617 kit mentioned above
Milwaukee 1525 3HP fixed base router (in table)
Craftsman 22114 table saw
Porter Cable Biscuit Jointer (works great for MDF or ply cabinets)
Air compressor and brad nailer (great for quick-tacking a joint before screws)

Tons of clamps (I'm partial to the Bessey K style clamps, but I have a lot of variety)
Kreg pocket hole jig (K3 Master System). Used it on cabinets but not speakers yet.

Weller soldering station (the $60 one from PE, not the $100 monster)
Gateway laptop
M-Audio MobilePre preamp
Behringer ECM8000 microphone
California Profile 65W Amplifier and Radio Shack 12V power supply (for test and measurement)
Speaker Workshop software
Room EQ Wizard
Radio Shack multimeter (I know, it's a POS but it gives me the rough answer )

That's all I can think of for now, but that's what gets used the most. I'm currently putting my shop back together after some rewiring (put a screw right through a power cable while installing a shelf -- GFCI saved my bacon). Once it's back together I'll snap some pics and post.

In case you can't tell, I woodwork on a lot more than just speaker cabinets
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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

Today I started to work on my current project and realized I left my circular saw at work, so I dug out this old black and decker saw, I don't know how old it is but it is made of a totally aluminum casing, I've had it for 15 years, It came in the ttol box on a truck I bought from an elderly gentleman, no telling how long he had it, BUT, thats not the kicker, this saw has been totally underwater in a flood at least twice since I've had it, I haven't touched it till today, well, I'm happily sawing away with it now, a new blade and its just like new, runs great, heres to B & D!!
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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

Yeah, those old B&D (and Craftsman) tools are still great. Usually the metal cased ones still work fine. Somewhere in the late 70's and early 80's, both B&D and Craftsman farmed out their work to China and focused on making tools lighter and cheaper with "space age" materials. The result was cheap plastic tools with motors that burned out, bearings that seized, and casings that cracked.

there is a bit of overlap where you can find some plastic cases with the old motor assemblies and they are good if they were taken care of.

B&D is still in the toilet (they've changed ownership about five times IIRC); no focus on quality -- just cheap and gimmicky. Craftsman is making a comeback, though. Some of their better tools are made by Bosch and Porter Cable -- if you can identify those, they are of great quality. The others are made by Ryobi and no-name Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturing houses. Avoid those at all costs.

I love old tools that work great. I had a Skil saw that looks similar to the one Mongrel showed. It worked great, even at 30 years old) until the motor finally gave out a few months ago.

Sorry if I come across as a tool snob. It's just sad to see once-great tool companies make business decisions for the worse . . .

Edit: Caveat -- I actually have a Ryobi bandsaw and B&D drill (so I'm writing from experience here )
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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

a good table saw
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Arrow === Enclosure Calculators ===

Some nice calculators for making just about every type of rectangular speaker enclosure.


Acoustic Suspension
Vented Enclosures (off and on axis)
Transmission Lines (single, multi-fold off and on axis)
Bandpass (4th, 6th)

And some others.

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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

technimac wrote: View Post
Here's my favorite - an 8ton hydraulic jack that helps in the veneering process!

You can never have too many clamps!

Cheers, Bruce
very awesome!!!!!
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Re: DIY Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosure Tools

Every time I think I have enough clamps, I do a project that requires more
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