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Mikey307 11-13-14 10:03 PM

Impulse Buy = What do I do with this box???

Sooooo I was on ebay the other night and couldn't pass up a deal on a triple 12" vented car audio box ($80 and free shipping). I am a music and gaming nut so I was planning on using it as-is with some budget drivers (most likely Pioneer Champion 4-Ohms DVC wired for a total of 6-ohms) to pair up with my EP2500 amp. Very little information was given on the box when I bought it and when it arrived I was shocked to see that it was full 1" MDF with a 1.5" front baffle, very well put together and VERY heavy. The disappointing part is that I only have 1.3cu.ft per chamber tuned to about 37Hz :(. So now I am having second thoughts about what to do with it. I have re-baffled boxes before with great success and I am borderline thinking about making it a single twelve box, opening up the chambers to a single one and using two of the three vents to tune to about 24Hz using an 12" Dayton Ultimax. OOOooor do I seal the vents netting me about 1.5cu.ft. per driver and run 3 sealed drivers??? I am trying to keep the entire build under $300 and I have to be able to spank my Eminance Eminator 15 I am running now. Did I shoot myself in the foot with my impulse buy? I have been bashing my brains out for a week now trying to come up with a good way to attack this situation. I am mostly leaning towards the triple 12" sealed approach purely for more low end control during movies since I have more amp than I know what to do with. Sorry for the book, I have had this on my mind all week and want to get it going already lol. I put the proverbial "buggy before the horse" and it is driving me nuts hahaha. Thanks guys, feedback (even negative if it so be) is appreciated. BTW- I am not against using three single 4-Ohm drivers wired to 12-ohms. Since I am on a driver budget, it may only be able to handle 400 to 600 watts anyways.

cellarnoise 11-14-14 12:15 AM

Re: Impulse Buy = What do I do with this box???

I don't have a driver recommendation. There are many good 12 inch subs available. Why don't you try and model a few and see what works well in the small cabinet and try one? If it works well just add more. The space is a bit small for real low end in a HT but if your room is small enough 1,2, or 3 may work well. You could always sell it late and upgrade as you need.
Though 12 inch sealed subs in a HT are better spread out around the room and it can take many to dig down low...

Mikey307 11-14-14 08:53 PM

Re: Impulse Buy = What do I do with this box???

I have settled on using a single Dayton Audio DVC310-88 driver. It modeled very well at 4.3cu.ft. tuned to 21Hz with an F3 of about 21 and within excursion limits on a full 500 watts until about 17Hz. I am going to place a new sheet of MDF over the entire face of the box with provisions for one driver and one slot port instead of three of each being present. The front panel will be semi-gloss black to match the bland appearance of an all black driver / box carpet and my room decor. I am going to use a 4" hole saw to perforate the divider walls inside the box without sacrificing rigidity. The complete box with driver should weigh in at around 130 pounds (2.5" front baffle all the way across :) so I can assume that it will couple well but I have some large spikes lying around if need be. I am stepping from a 15" to a 12" but gaining 12mm xmax and the F3 is 8Hz lower so the sacrifice will hopefully be worth it. Box, driver and all will be under my monthly $200 "just for giggles" budget so as long as it performs as well as it has modeled, I will be happy.

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