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johnvb 03-24-10 06:18 AM

Fi service

Is it just me, or is anyone else out there having a hard time communicating with this company? Last month I sent an email, and Scott replied immediately. We even traded a couple of response/replies, concerning their 18" IB drivers. All positive, ending on a high note, but no commitment on my part.

I have decided to go with four 15" drivers instead, replied to same email (even resent it a second time)...no response in almost a week, other than the auto-response that they are REALLY busy. Is it a three times you're out/ I'm wasting their time type scenario?

Major red flag is going up, I hesitate sending $800+ to a company that can't even do the most basic requirement of on-line commerce, which is communicating through emails. :rant:

So what's the super secret handshake email address that I can get a hold of these guys? Is it true that they and Ascendant audio are one and the same?

Mike P. 03-24-10 07:01 AM

Re: Fi service


Is it just me, or is anyone else out there having a hard time communicating with this company?
It's an ongoing concern, read post #41:



Is it true that they and Ascendant audio are one and the same?
Yes, Fi bought Ascendant Audio awhile back.

gperkins_1973 03-24-10 07:09 AM

Re: Fi service

This is something I brought up a while ago with having an absolute nightmare getting hold of Scott. Luckily for me the UK guy over here that sells them is brilliant and I can phone him anytime so no complaints there.

What does concern me is the lack of interest made apparent by Scott which includes the subs I have made and the ones that Ryan is doing and not even a well done or it looks like its coming along fine.

I do think this situation needs urgent attention and Scott needs to rectify this problem by making a statement as to whether he has an interest in what people are doing with his drivers. :nono:

I have to say even though the drivers are great drivers I won't be buying anymore from him. I will be buying form Kevin at Exodus. At least he responds.

Who's the man for the job to contact him and get this sorted asap!!

The other thing is most threads started in the FI section never seem to have an ending with graphs or finished products. It would seem as if people get bored and fed with no response and think "Well if he doens't care then why should I" and then sell them and get something else.



johnvb 03-24-10 07:52 AM

Re: Fi service

Well... I found out about Fi from the other IB forum, and there, they are heartily recommended, don't think I have read one bad thing about their product or service.

I didn't need to read that long "where's fi going" thread, kind of discouraging.

Don't care about the politics; just need some IB drivers.

Mike P. 03-24-10 08:11 AM

Re: Fi service


I didn't need to read that long "where's fi going" thread, kind of discouraging.
That's why I suggested post 41, it kind of said it all.

Don't care about the politics; just need some IB drivers.
They are highly recommended products as you noted, if you want them you'll just have to wait for a response.

johnvb 03-24-10 08:16 AM

Re: Fi service

Agreed, thanks

Fi Audio 03-24-10 08:33 AM

Re: Fi service

Definitely share your concerns, and is why we set up the IB specific email so that we can take care of HT applications much faster and not have email getting caught in the car audio daily flood ([email protected]) .

We have a solid solution on the horizon with a HT specific company. I understand the needs of the HT market and enjoy working with it. Its a shame that so far things just get lumped on with the car audio section. The IB3 drivers (while they are used in car applications are predominantly used for home) will be moving over as well. We will have a dedicated employee just for email and HT specific issues for this which will greatly help as well. Im hoping that this will give this portion of the market what they need.


johnvb 03-24-10 08:46 AM

Re: Fi service

Thanks Scott, I will resubmit my email to that address.

Ryan Anderson 03-24-10 09:53 AM

Re: Fi service

As for Fi and their forum comitment: Theyve beaten that dead horse. They are too busy and we require too much pandering. Agree with it or not, they have stated their position.

As for their emails... it is hit and miss. Across all forums I follow, I see complaints repeatedly that people do not get replies.

As for me personally, I bug these guys regularly. generally it is a hit/miss deal where once you do get a reply, you may go back and forth several times over a day or 2.. but then it goes dead for a while. It is what it is... you will never not hear back, but you won't always get a reply within 1 week. Up to you if you can live with that. I obviousely made my decision... I ordered 6 more subs and when the 22s come out, I will order some of those as well.

As for what your email communications may consist of: If you get Scott, youre in for a real treat. The guy has no (ok very little) secrets. He is open, he is friendly, he is knowledgeable (obviousely) and he seems to enjoiy talking about everything and anything you want to talk about. He has given me so much insite on specific details of his designs..namely the 22's... and it's why I keep buying his stuff despit knowing there are a few minor complaints I have.
If you get Nick, hold on to your manhood. The guy is short tempered, stern, no nonsense. He and I never get along, but he is very helpful when he wants to be, but stubborn when he doesnt agree with you. When I want to know techincal things or want to order custom things, the guy knows his stuff inside and out..but if he doesnt agree with your ideas and opinions, he simply wont tell you or do what you want. Fi is supposed to be custom. You want it we can do it for you. It is what they are based on. But you only get that with Scott, not Nick. At the end of the day, I've learned a lot from Nick.

As for Ascendant Audio. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A HUGE BEEF ON THIS ONE. When Ascendant Audio had their beef wirh Adire Audio years ago, Ascendant.. Chad and Dale Kuypers... made a very very smart cold calculated move. They made a big "hit" on Adire / Dan Wiggins and talked smack and dropped their prices on their XBL drivers. It put them on the map. It made Ascendant. I bought 2 15" Avalanches at the $250 per sub cost. $500.

During that beef, it spread to SoundIllusions.net/CarSereos.org and TeamToxicForum/TeamToxicBass. I became close with Chad as well as Pete from TTB. By getting personal, some shady things happened to me during 2 recones. Long story short, Chad/Dale/Ascendant Audio ripped me off on 2 Avalanches...never gave them back... and stuck me on a huge restocking fee on 4 6.5" PolyMids that suffered terrible tinsel slap/rocking issues. I fought with the BBB and Illinois States Attorney and got my rear handed to me. Chad and Dale lied their rears off.

I let the smoke settle and after Scott bought Ascendant I thought I could approach him with a clean slate. I simply said "hey, I owe you $220 for 2 recones and return shipping on 2 15" Avalanches" He said he'd ask Dale where they were. It was left as "we can't find them. Sorry" So I was like can't we work something out? You have $500 of drivers of mine...I can forget that I've waited 3 years for them and that I lost $$$ on restocking on drivers that had factory issues. NOTHING.

I will never ever forget it, it still bugs me today, but here I am...just dropped a rearload of money on more subs...and will again.

my 2 pennies

gperkins_1973 03-24-10 10:43 AM

Re: Fi service


I appreciate your reply too. It is greatly appreciated. I think the FI brand could go alot further in the HT side of things and hope to see new things in the future.

With regards to the Ascendant Audio brand, how do they compare with the Q drivers for HT applications and are there any of them which would give the maelstroms a run for their money.



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