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Sonnie 10-05-13 02:30 PM

Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

Get ready HTS members... it's big and it's bad! Actually it is GOOD... as a matter of fact it is GREAT news!

Jon Lane, owner of The Audio Insider, and Craig Chase, owner of Chase Home Theater, are merging their two companies to form Chane Music & Cinema (CMC).

A few years ago, Craig purchased some speakers from The Audio Insider to test during one of his get-togethers at his place in Pennsylvania. This is when Jon and Craig realized just how much they shared their love for the art of sound, as well as enjoying it with other enthusiasts. Their philosophy regarding the audio arts meshed perfectly together. With Chase Home Theater offering a handsome lineup of high-value products primarily focused in home theater and massive bass systems, and The Audio Insider offering a wealthy lineup of home audio speakers primarily focused in two-channel audio, they realized their product lines would compliment each other very nicely. A few later discussion between these two gentlemen and we now have Chane Music & Cinema.

As Chane begins to introduce their new unified brand, they will also be enhancing the product mix, adding production capacity... fundamentally including American build... improving the customer experience, and solidifying the branding and market base.

Here are a few of the exciting developments they have planned:
  • The classic Arx and Dana products will remain central to the Chane offerings, but will also be a part of an expanded mix in the new brand.
  • Current Arx models will be offered until stock runs out, at which time the A1 thru A5 models will be relaunched as the new 2014 Chane models.
  • Chase will immediately reoffer their high performance subwoofers under the new Chane brand.
  • The Chase brand subwoofers will be converted to the primarily US-based sourcing, allowing a better focus on fulfillment and priority customer service that The Audio Insider is known for.
  • With the Chase 2-way monitors being a natural fit for he Chane line, expect to see some refinements and new models… essential to serious high-output home theater systems.
  • Dana will also take on the new Chane brand name, with a new Line Array speaker as one of the first new offerings from the skunkworks (more on this later, but not today… it’s a secret)… as well as a super-high fidelity 800-series of “black box” theater models that are already in the prototype stage.
  • Jon also hopes to roll out several esoteric Lane 1000-series models for audiophiles in 2014, which will include models that occupy the intersection of two-channel ultra-fi, large format studio speakers and extreme fidelity residential theater.

As part of Chane, Chase subwoofer performance and value will continue to live on… and will actually improve as they complete the integration of their new line. Jon and Craig believe their bass technologies to be perfectly synergistic with the philosophy behind Lane product development.

Craig is already working with lead engineers of three of their suppliers on the development of the next generation of bass systems. He is adamant that their beloved 18” subs will live on… and they look forward to what Craig says will be their “über-high-output” designs.

Jon has been somewhat hesitate to enter into the highly competitive subwoofer market, but feels he has now overcome that reluctance by associating himself with one of the best existing subwoofer lines in the market… the Chase arsenal. As a result, Chane will now be able to offer genuine performance low-frequency systems for less, which will certainly give potential buyers something to get excited about.

So… as you can see… the “music” and “cinema” parts of “Chane Music & Cinema” are not merely lip service. Both of these segments feature the highest performance and highest value products available anywhere. “Chane” may be a mash-up of “Chase” and “Lane”, but it also symbolizes their philosophy of offering strong products at every price, from entry-level to the ultimate… and they promise their will be no weak links in this Chane.

Shortly we will see a new Chane website with a merger of their two respective forums. The Audio Insider forum here at HTS will be merged into our Home Audio Speakers forum. Craig and Jon will continue to be sponsors here at HTS under the new Chane brand. And as you might expect… in a few months… look out for a spectacular giveaway that will include a couple of massive new subs and amp from Chane Music & Cinema. You definitely do not want to miss out on an opportunity to win this awesome system.

We welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a sponsor and wish Jon and Craig a prosperous merger… Congratulations!

JQueen 10-05-13 02:39 PM

Congrats on the merge.. Sounds like its going to be great!!

ALMFamily 10-05-13 02:43 PM

Re: Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

All I can say is :unbelievable:!!

Not only does it sound like a great pairing for them, it is going to be incredibly beneficial for all us consumers. Congratulations gentlemen and we wish you nothing but success in this venture!

tesseract 10-05-13 03:05 PM

Re: Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

I've always had deep admiration for the products and philosophies of Chase Home Theater and The Audio Insider, to see them join forces is great news!

Home theater and 2 channel one stop shopping. I can't wait to see the new Chane offerings!

Mike0206 10-05-13 06:47 PM

No doubt this is great news for chase and audio insider. It's also great for HTS having them as a new sponsor. Of course the benefits of this joint venture will obviously trickle down to all of us members here so that's really great news!!!!

Todd Anderson 10-05-13 07:28 PM

Re: Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

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This is great news! Congratulations to both. Lucky to the Audio World!

robbo266317 10-05-13 07:31 PM

Re: Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

Congratulations to a great concept. I wish you success in your new joint venture. :T

Tonto 10-05-13 08:21 PM

Re: Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

Wow, nice to have you guy's on board! Can't wait to see whats next.

tcarcio 10-06-13 10:03 AM

Re: Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

Excellent news. I wish the new company many years of success. :T

cavchameleon 10-06-13 10:48 AM

Re: Welcome Chane Music & Cinema as a New Sponsor

Awesome!!! Two great companies joining together is good for them and for customers - can bring out a whole new slew of great products. I wish them great success in their future endeavors!!! :yay:

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