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Admin VS 11-20-14 03:37 PM

Updated Smartphone Feedback Thread

We're pleased to announce that we have launched a new smartphone view on the site. This version has been designed to have a cleaner look, to fit really nicely into mobile (iPhone, Android) browsers, and unlike most normal web based skins will also include features that are normally reserved for desktop or phone applications. We built this as we realize you all spend more time today on your phones on the forum than you did 2 years ago, and we want to get the mobile view to a place where you can do everything (and more!) that you can do on desktop.

A few notes as I know many of you may have questions:

* This does not replace the free or paid in-apps that you have, such as any mobile apps. This is web-only.
* This new skin will only show when you access the site from a modern (Android 4+, iPhone) phone. It will not show for older phones or for tablets, blackberries or windows phones.
* Please give us some time as we work through bugs. Give it a try, give us feedback in our mobile thread url, and give it a chance. Every change needs time to get used to!​

If you visit the site from your mobile phone, you'll get the new view automatically. You can login, post, reply, upload photos, view your private messages and more. You can also use the legacy mobile view by choosing the top left menu and Exit Enhanced Mobile Mode.

The feedback thread for any bugs, etc, please post below.

**Please let use know the device, software version, and browser being used if reporting any issues.


willis7469 11-20-14 09:00 PM

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Just tried it out. It's like "the other" forum. I was wondering if we'll see an update to the app. I contacted what I believe was the former entity in charge of that when iOS 7 was released. They said they were working on it. Do you have any plans for the app in iOS?

Steeve-O 11-20-14 09:37 PM

It look quite similar to the style AVSforum and what I find annoying is that I can't read much in landscape mode because of the blue bar on top and the advertissement bar on the bottom take almost half the screen together. I hate reading in portrait mode. I have an iPhone5 and I use safari with iOs 8. Maybe if the blue bar would hide when in landscape mode and scrolling down it would be nice. Also for some reason I can't close the add even with the "X" it just leave a white bar. It does the same on AVS forum website.

On the other hand I love the iOs app. I even prefer it to the regular website because I find it's easier to acces current thread and the thread I participated etc.

willis7469 11-20-14 09:53 PM

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I agree Steve. The Ad bar at the bottom is infuriating! I like landscape too, and some sights do let the top and bottom disappear. I like the app for the same reasons as you said, but I use swipe gestures everywhere else but can't with the HTS app. I find myself actually trying though after I've been browsing the web. Would love to see the app rockin with iOS 8 functionality

Medi0gre 11-21-14 12:03 AM


Steeve-O wrote: (Post 990809)
On the other hand I love the iOs app. I even prefer it to the regular website because I find it's easier to acces current thread and the thread I participated etc.

110% agreement with that statement. I follow the forum multiple times a day using the app. The "enhanced"version of this site is indeed infuriating.
Now if we could only upload photos like every other forum maybe I would start my own build threads... but I digress.

willis7469 11-21-14 06:58 AM

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Not sure which phone/OS you're using, but in iOS, when you're in a reply, hit the plus/advanced button in the top right corner. It lets you right into the camera roll, or you can snap a picture without even leaving the app.

Admin VS 11-21-14 09:39 AM

Re: Updated Smartphone Feedback Thread

Hello everyone.

I have passed on your mobile view feedback to the development team and they will take them into consideration for future improvement. Thank you for giving it a try and letting us know you think! If you would prefer to browse via desktop mode, there should be an option to do so in the top left corner where there are three horizontal lines. Clicking on that will bring out a slide menu with the option to "Exit Enhanced Mobile View".

Have a great weekend everyone!

~KM, community support

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