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Help With Screen, Paint, Placement, Etc...

I have been researching and lurking for a few days now trying to figure out the optimal setup for an Epson Home Cinema 2000 that I ordered. I have quite a few questions, and will go in as much detail as I can.

First up, I currently have a Samsung PN60F5500 plasma. I pretty much never use it except for movies (and my GF uses it for lite viewing, Netflix/TV) and Ive decided to sell it and go with a bigger setup while pocketing some money. The Epson 2000 was $829 with $100 credit back, and since they have a two year warranty with long lamp life, I passed on the extended warranty. Also found out the Samsung 3D glasses work with it, so no need to spend more on other glasses.

Just left with screen and mounting at this point.

Ive used a BenQ W600+ with a 106" Mustang manual pull down, and a 92" fixed frame (from ebay that ended up being not true 16:9, and screen wasn't taught at all), and didn't like them. The pull down had waves, and the fixed was just a bad screen. I cant spend $300+ on a screen and pocket money from selling the plasma either.

So I had a couple ideas I was toying with. First, I found a material online from "Carl's Place". No idea if its good or not, but it seems nicely priced and comes in grey. I was thinking of putting together a 1" PVC pipe 16:9 rectangle, and wrapping that around it with rings clamped on, and pulled with bungee cords in the back. Would be light weight, easy to move/reassemble/etc... Cost would be over $150, and probably not look all that great in the end.

Then thought about getting a 60x120 piece of Wilsonart laminate, cutting it to the correct size, and mounting to a couple boards. I don't have tools or wood skills to do a nice frame. So I was thinking of getting two 1x4x60 cuts of PVC board (flat/straight/light), and adhering the side edges of the laminate to them. Screw through the laminate and boards in to the wall at the edges/corners, then mask all the way around with 3" black velvet tape covering up the screws. This method would cost just shy of $200 in materials though.

So now, Im thinking of just painting my wall. Ive never painted before (aside from spray painting some projects which always turned out not that great). This room is all slightly off white, with light tan carpet. I figure the room should probably be painted anyway.
Im thinking of doing a plum/burgundy color (with tan/gold trim line across the top, and paint the base boards that color). And then paint the ceiling a medium greyish color?

The room is an "L" shape, with two windows next to each other at the short end, and another window at the top of the long end. Screen wall is on the small end, at the joint. I have blinds, and dark curtains that have the rods positioned a few inches higher then the windows. My GF will be watching and playing games during the day on it though, and I will be in the same room at my desk, and like to have at least moderate lighting in here. I have two tall floor lamps, and can put 40w bulbs in them. Not sure on the best placement for them. I have three options there, 1, each side of the screen, 2, each side of the single window across from the screen (probably a no go), and 3, each side of the double window 6-8ft to the left of the screen wall.

There is also a ceiling light, but that wont be on when the PJ is. The ceiling light also may cause issues with placement of the pj. This photo is pointed at the screen wall (couch will be moved behind where the camera was).

The light and strings are about 14" from the ceiling. From what I have figured, I think the best way I can mount the pj is from where this shot is taken,

That is 18" from the ceiling, and about 2ft from the ceiling fan blades. That puts the pj about 10' from the screen wall. Im aiming for a 110" screen, and Epson's site says Id need it to be 9' 10" minimum for that. Floor to ceiling is 7' 10", and entertainment stand is 24" tall (would be under the screen). So Id need the screen to be at least 26" from the floor. The projector's throw would go "up" 5in from its placement, putting the top of the screen 13" from the ceiling. With the placement I figured for the pj, does it seem like the ceiling fan would block it at all, or should it be ok?

For the mount, I was thinking something like this,

No idea if that's any good for adjustments, and not moving around once adjusted though.

And lastly (for now) the big one. The wall...

There are two screw holes that are pretty nasty from mounting rear surround speakers, that will be in the screen "area". The wall has some bad texture spots, cracks, etc... in it as well. House was built in the early 1900s. Paint seems to be cracking all over. Scuff marks, dirt, dead bugs, etc are on the wall. Also, Im not really sure how to tell if its truly flat/smooth either.

Maybe its ok and not that, bad. I really don't know. Im not sure what should really be done to prep it. From what Ive gathered, I think, I should get some drywall puddy stuff to fill in the screw holes. Then sand/smooth it. Then before I primer the whole wall, do I need to peel off the current paint since its cracking? If so, how do you do that?

Once the primer is done, I tape off the screen area, and paint the rest of the wall first, correct? Once that's dry (which will also give me practice at painting), then remove the tape from the screen area, and paint that whatever color I should go with? As far as brand goes, Im thinking Sherwin Williams. Im close to a store, and they have the plum/burgundy I think I want to go with for the rest of the walls. I know nothing of paint though, and would take suggestions on wall paint too.

For screen color, I think I should go towards N8. There will be moderate light in the room, the pj lacks good black levels (and Im coming from plasma), and 3D Blu-Rays will be watched. Once that is done, Im going to have black masked "slabs" made, that can be mounted up for 2.35:1 content. A velvet 16:9 boarder will be placed as well. Thinking of doing slabs for that as well, and just swapping them as needed.

I know this was a lot, and appreciate any/all help given. The Epson 2000 comes Saturday, and Ill be using that day for basic testing and placement verifications. I plan tomorrow to pick up the stuff to prep the wall, primer and the plum paint and start on the wall area that is not part of the screen.

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Re: Help With Screen, Paint, Placement, Etc...

mechman wrote: View Post
I think most of your questions have been addressed in the other thread, right?
Yeah, I made this one first, but didn't get any replies, and figured Id make a shorter one in the DIY section. This can be deleted.
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Re: Help With Screen, Paint, Placement, Etc...

Cecil... where is your other thread ? Did you end up painting ?

If you painted why did you choose that option versus the Laminate ?
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Re: Help With Screen, Paint, Placement, Etc...

Just patch the holes and any other cracks, etc... Then as long as you use flat paint, you'll be fine. My wall was the same way. I first painted it with paint that had a slight sheen (barely even eggshell) and the repairs were visible. I re-painted with flat and they completely disappeared.
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Re: Help With Screen, Paint, Placement, Etc...

re-painted with flat and they completely disappeared.
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paint , placement , screen

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