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moto111 02-21-15 01:06 AM

120 aeon edge less or 130 jamestown

Girlfriend decided she wanted the theater in a extra bedroom instead which means i can get a fixed screen.
room is 14x14 one window and will be painted black.

120 inch elite aeon edge less with leds behind it ( really love the edge less look)


130 jamestown not edge less but gain size. But with this size not much room for viewing on the sides tips or thoughts?

chris0228 02-21-15 07:08 AM

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I just got the 100" Aeon and it rocks. Great looking screen for the money.

phazewolf 02-21-15 10:29 AM

Re: 120 aeon edge less or 130 jamestown

A 120 inch screen is on the large size for that room. How far do you plan on sitting from it? Something to think about is sound as well and if your looking to get the best sound quality you will not want to sit against the rear wall plus that size screen will also limit where you can place your main speakers as well.

Is there a reason that you wanted to go that size or even something you have put a lot of thought into? I have a few friends that placed the largest screen the room could deal with and they were not happy with how it came out.

One quick thought is paint the front wall white to start and aim the projector at the wall and set a chair in the room and see what you think with different sizes when your happy with the picture them measure and see what is close to that size that way no money is spent before hand.

moto111 02-21-15 10:32 AM

Will be 12 feet back probably and have speakers behind me . Room is a square for the most part little over 8 foot ceiling. And really 120 is as small as il go lol I alresdy have a 80 in TV in living room lol

phazewolf 02-21-15 10:41 AM

Re: 120 aeon edge less or 130 jamestown

well like I said I would try it on the wall before I spent the cash. Many people thought the largest screen that would fit would look great but ended up with fatigue and I am not sure on the math but there is a distance the projector needs to be from the wall to make the right size image as well thought I maybe wrong on that but just look into it. And I will see what I can dig up as well.

phazewolf 02-21-15 10:46 AM

Re: 120 aeon edge less or 130 jamestown

Are you going to use a 16:9 screen or a 2.35:1 that will also make a difference as well. Also what projector are you plan on using?

Talley 02-21-15 10:57 AM

Re: 120 aeon edge less or 130 jamestown

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I sit 13' away from my wall and currently projecting a 130" screen size.

I just called Jamestown and they haven't gotten to my order yet so I paid the $40 up charge to size up to a 135" screen.

13' viewing distance... 135". However I prefer to sit closer than middle of theater when I go to the movies so it's what I like.

moto111 02-21-15 11:05 AM

Ya I really like the Jamestown 130 really if they had the edgeless elite in 130 I would . I'm really just loving the edgeless look. Size wise bigger is better so debating if 120 will make me happy from 12ft or get the 130 with a big ugly border lol

phazewolf 02-21-15 11:07 AM

Re: 120 aeon edge less or 130 jamestown

This site http://www.theprojectorpros.com/lear...setting_up.htm talks about what I was trying to explain. Depending on what projector you use that will also effect what size you can do in the room they talk about it in step 4 on the site.

Here try this out. http://www.projectorcentral.com/Pana...ulator-pro.htm

The Panasonic PT-AE8000U which is a very nice projector would not work for that size screen in your room you need a much deeper room unless you can find a projector that can handle a short throw distance and I am sure there out there ask around.

moto111 02-21-15 11:09 AM

Running a Ben q 1070 :)

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