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tonyvdb 04-02-15 10:27 AM

Screen cleaning?

So I had a thought, with the surface of a screen somewhat rough. Over time would this not collect dust on the surface causing some loss in the gain of the screen material? How does one clean this off? Vacuum, duster or some other method?

Tonto 04-02-15 10:35 AM

Re: Screen cleaning?

I'm no expert, but I would imagine a soft-bristle vacuum attachment used regularly would work great. Probably dedicate it to just that task so it would stay clean.

tcarcio 04-02-15 10:39 AM

Re: Screen cleaning?

I just use a soft cloth dampened with plain warm water and I wipe it down once a week. It only takes a few minutes and since my screen is about 8 years old and still looks great I haven't found the need to try anything else. I did have this link in my favorites that has info on how to clean different screen materials that may be helpfull to someone. http://www.screeninnovations.com/faq...ection-screen/

Talley 04-03-15 07:24 PM

Re: Screen cleaning?

I'm more worried about sneezing and a booger hitting the screen myself. The side affects of sitting close.

Prof. 04-04-15 07:22 PM

Re: Screen cleaning?

I clean my AT screen every 3 months..It's not just dust that accumulates, it's also vapors that can enter when the door is open and if your theatre is near the kitchen (as mine is) then the build up can happen fairly quickly..
I generally use a dampened cloth with warm water and a very small amount of detergent..It gets rid of any grime on the screen..

86eldel68-deactivated 04-04-15 08:12 PM

Re: Screen cleaning?

I recently wanted to clean my screen, so I contacted Grandview and asked:

1. Does it matter in which direction I wipe to clean?
2. Can I use a soft dry cloth to dry the surface, or should I let it air-dry?
They replied:

It doesn't really matter which direction, dry with cloth is probably better

Not to use too much water though

The most important thing is not to use abrasive chemical as it will deteriorate that section of screen colour from its original colour

Make sure you do not use any tissue paper/ paper towel that leaves fiber behind,

Make sure that you do not use too much pressure to "push/ press/ poke" the fabric as it is very soft and fragile

Unless you have some stain on the screen, otherwise it should be just dust, Then you can just use a microfiber cloth or like Mr Clean disposable floor sweep cloth
So I took the screen off the wall and lay it on the ground. Using a soft damp cloth (lukewarm water only, then wrung out), I gently wiped the screen across its width. Then I used a soft dry cloth to gently dry the screen the same way.

And then I hung the screen back up. Nice 'n' easy. :)

Lumen 04-05-15 03:56 PM

I use a microfiber cloth for dry or wet cleaning. Denatured alcohol is amazing for glass. It dries quickly without streaking.

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