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tango 02-12-07 10:03 PM

Screen size help part duex

Does anybody use a micro perf screen? During the design process I am thinking of putting the fronts and center behind the screen. Does the pressure from the drivers move the screen? Or is the screen tight enough not to bounce? I think I'll have to go to monitor 5 maybe from the 11's if I can do it. I am going to use a 106" screen and I think Ill have enough room although the soundstage might be little small. Any advice on this issue

wbassett 02-13-07 12:43 AM

Re: Screen size help part duex

I don't have the particular setup for this type of screen and layout, but there are tons of people that have gone this route and I have never heard anyone mention a problem with the screen 'huffing' when big drivers start pounding air. It's a great point you are bringing up. If someone is a bit sloppy or something happens to cause the frame/screen to loosen up this could be a potential problem.

Like I said though, I haven't heard of a single person complain about this before. I think you'd be fine... anyone else out there have any experience with this type of problem that could give their insight?

tango 02-13-07 09:10 AM

Re: Screen size help part duex

That leads me to my next question for the experts! I have a 14ft wide room with 8ft ceilings. My plan is to use a 52x92 screen (106" diagonal). If I put the fronts and center behind how much sound stage will I have and will they sit to high behind the screen. Opinions?
Here is the breakdown. On the front wall is the screen, to the right of it will be a 32" doorway, I'm willing to give up the Monitor 11's and go with a Monitor 7 (6 1/2 wide and 36" height). Center will be a CC-390 (39" wide). Out of the 93 inch ceiling (I'm going to lose a bit due to the suspended ceiling) screen will be mounted 12" down, which puts the bottom of the screen 29" from the floor. Out of the 92" screen width the center will take 39, which leaves 53", 13" of that for the fronts which puts the distance between the fronts and the center at 20". Will that enough of a soundstage that it won't seem like one big speaker? Or is that what I want? I can always move the screen up a bit, and probably should for the optimum upviewing angle, which I believe is 15 degrees. But that would just put the speakers at a higher level? If I calculate it correctly the top of the 7's would be 65" off the floor. I would only like to have to frame this room in once and be done. Thanks for all the future input.

blownrx7 02-13-07 10:43 AM

Re: Screen size help part duex

I wasn't following you until I realized that you want to put the L and R speakers behind the screen as well. In that case, you will definitely be sacrificing some soundstaging.

Check out Cardas cables FAQ, they talk about optimum placement for speakers and the compromises you can make:

That will give you a ballpark about where you can go given your room constraints.

tango 02-13-07 11:11 AM

Re: Screen size help part duex

Thanks for the link. According their calculator my speakers should only be 6ft apart which puts the directly in front of ( or behind the screen). I don't know if I buy into that idea or not. it also said they should be 6 ft out from the front wall, which will only put them about 7 ft from the first row of chairs? That just can't be right.

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