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Darrel Hawthorne 06-06-06 07:42 PM

Perforated Screens

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anybody here uses a perforated screen?
I have seen installs done that used them but this was in A/V publications and I have never talked to someone with first hand experience with them...

I think this could be a nice solution to many consideration I have with the front trio of speakers, my only concern of course would be a degradation in sound quality..

Thanks for the responses
Darrel :)

Jeff Aguilar 06-06-06 07:45 PM

Re: Perforated Screens

I know that my friend Erik has installed some of those screens with speakers behind them. I will try and get him to give you some feedback. I did hear what one of them sounded like, and it really, really sounded good. He was using some really nice KEF inwall speakers behind the screen. Awesome sound and picture!

Jeff Aguilar

Darrel Hawthorne 06-06-06 07:53 PM

Re: Perforated Screens

Hey Jeff,
Thanks ! That's very Encouraging...
Darrel :)

Jeff Aguilar 06-06-06 07:59 PM

Re: Perforated Screens

I checked Erik's website and found these pictures of the theater I did get to listen too. Here are a couple of pictures.



This theater was for a guy who liked the Washington Huskies, their main colors are purple and gold, hence the purple walls.

I did send Erik and email.


NorwegianDawg 06-07-06 09:51 AM

Re: Perforated Screens


Hey guy! Yes, Jeff is right...I have installed a few perforated screens. The one Jeff shared in the pictures is a Stewart Grayhawk. I have also installed Da-Lite's screens; and will soon be installing one from Screen Research. After seeing them all...I'd heavily recommend the Screen Research screens because they virtually eliminate any moir pattern effect that may result when the projector's pixel grid lines up with the holes in typical perforated screens.

Hoep this helps, but in short, these screens can be used successfully!:sn:


JimP 06-07-06 10:42 AM

Re: Perforated Screens

Getting back to Darrell's original question, I've heard that these screens do affect the audio performance of the sound system for the front three.

My speakers have a switch to adjust the sound to compensate for screens. You might want to check and see if your speakers have this functionality.

Before going down the road of a perf screen, you might also want to see if the manufacturer will send you a piece of screen and you can A/B it with your speakers.

Generally, screen manufacturers will send sample swatches for you to examine.

Tommy 06-07-06 11:31 AM

Re: Perforated Screens

I've read that these screens eat up about 20% more light from the projectors and you have to turn the pj's up to compensate. Is this true?

Darrel Hawthorne 06-07-06 09:21 PM

Re: Perforated Screens

Hey Guys ,
Thanks for all the responses.
My gut feeling is that it will effect sound to some degree but may not be a big deal.
We wouldn't be using this system for critical listening anyhow so as long as it wasn't real noticeable I think I could compensate for this.We are most likely looking at this only effecting the higher frequencies....

I guess I want this to work because it would solve some placement issues I have ( lack of available width to work with). I have total control over the front trio and can fine tune their frequency response as needed ( active crossover and tri amping).

Has anybody ever heard mention of the screen physically moving from having large drivers behind the screen?
I plan to run IB's for low bass and they wouldn't be back there behind the screen but my mid woofers can also move a fair amount of air and they will be back there.

Might be a rather fun special effect........ LOL
Darrel :)

JimP 06-07-06 09:49 PM

Re: Perforated Screens


So where are you planning to put your IBs?

Darrel Hawthorne 06-07-06 09:57 PM

Re: Perforated Screens

Hey Jim,

I will be mounting them in a horizontal line array directly under the screen ( 4 Silver Iris IB B.A.D. 18" drivers). The rear wave will project into an equipment room located directly behind this screen wall. This is also going to serve as the home for the amps and other misc. gear.

The theatre room is constructed, but mainly unfinished. 11' X about 26' x 9.5' with three levels to form stadium style seating for maybe 12 people...

Darrel :)

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