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Lumen 04-04-17 08:52 AM

Re: Trying to Fix Center+Sub FR

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Well let's see. Where do I start? I guess I've made up my mind to pursue a DIRAC calibration over an REW/PEQ one, so manually manipulating the center's FR is not possible with my AVR. I did measure the effect of the center's LF contour control and expected to see significant LF/MF boost, but the differences only registered fractions of a dB. Lowering the crossover frequency to 60Hz likewise made only a slight difference in measured response. Dialogue clarity still varies with source material, but immersion seems to have collapsed toward the front wall. Hand-off between the front stage and the sub seems artificial and abrupt. Punch is gone again. I might try raising the center's crossover to 100 and remeasure.

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Lumen 04-13-17 08:34 AM

Re: Trying to Fix Center+Sub FR

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After some deliberation, I decided to bring in another bass trap just to prove to myself that many more of the proper type would be needed. As it stands, I only have two 20" dia bass traps and four 16" traps. ASC rates their effective absorption down to 30Hz and 55Hz, respectively, but I think we know that the real-world cut-off is much higher (as evidenced by my LF measurements taken with each trap addition). Here are a couple of comparisons between 0 traps and 6 traps. Note that the crossover was lowered when the 6th trap was introduced, so not apples-to-apples, but it shows that little if any improvement was accomplished.

Attachment 141281 Attachment 141289

So back to the drawing board. Taking Bryan's advice to turn bring up the sub's level worked fine during manual calibration, but was defeated by a Dirac calibration as shown below. It's interesting to note that although the level was reduced below crossover, the Dirac calibration smoothed the broad 25Hz to 40Hz dip. Unfortunately, the sub did not provide good SPL support through the 60Hz xover region - I had to compromise on a phase setting that gave best combined support for both C+Sub and L+R+Sub. Luck was not on my side, as the best SPL support for those speaker groups occurred at opposite ends of the dial.

Attachment 141297

I still plan to implement Bryan's other idea of trying to raise that broad dip. Until now, it's been a decision between using manual PEQ in combination with REW-generated filters, and using no manual PEQ with Diarc Live LE. But I think I found a way to sneak a manual PEQ setting past Dirac: my processor offers two PEQ tone control trims, one for HF and one for LF. I should be able to dial-in enough boost at the appropriate fc and Q to observe or rule-out an effect. More to come!

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