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4U2NVME 09-07-10 11:14 AM

Phase 1 -- Planning

Morning all,

After much reading of HTS I'm finding the HT room that I wanted to build was actually not the HT room I needed to build to get the HT I wanted to build, that make sense?

I now am starting to figure out is that I need to work on my Room Acoustics. I am starting to build my house this week so I'm in the planning phase of the HT room. I would like to do it right, but do it DIY. I hope that is possible with someone who has not done this before. Is there a good book or program that explains it well and does not start out at Level 8 acoustical speak? But ramp you up slowly, and take into account that I do somewhat understand sound.

I have the basics of a floor plan, am starting to understand the syle of room I want to create, but now need to build in DIY acoustical panels. Anybody out there willing to work with me a little?

Thanks all for reading, I can supply any and all the details that I have up to this point.


bpape 09-07-10 11:27 AM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning

Post what you have. We'll be willing to help as much as possible.

I work with DIY folks all the time who have never done this before. Making them isn't difficult if you have tools and a bit of skill. You don't need to be Norm Abhrams though ;)

The biggest thing is to understand what, how much, and where the treatments go depending on room size, number of seats, desired room usage, etc.


4U2NVME 09-07-10 03:43 PM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning

OK below I have posted up a new room design. Its just a rough drawing to get an good feeling for visual, auditory and physical distances. I would like to have a 10 foot screen in the new front of the room (if the size is not to large). It would be set up for a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. I would like to build a stage for the front of the room as well.


I have a set of:

Rear or Side
Powered Sub box ( Can't remember brand right now ), will be getting a new sub or two. I did look at the IB forum for DIY subs but not sold on them. Having to put in 4 - 12' subs is a bit much for me in terms of cost. The one I did see that I liked, he used the space behind the screen as is infinite baffle.

want to get:
Center Channel
Second set of the Rear speakers.

If I go for a 9.2 or 9.1 system I would add these more then likely. They would be behind the screen with the center and other tower speakers.

I think these buttkickers sound cool, anybody have any experience with them? If so please let me know if its any more than just a cool thing to have once or twice, and possibly anything you may have learned from installing them or using them. I am not sure since I think its still sound waves that makes this work do I need to worry about reflection with them?

Butt Kicker

I will be building columns to house my speakers in them behind some acoustical transparent materials so they look hidden. There are a couple HT's on here that I like and may model mine after somewhat. I am looking for some software to model my room out and see how it would look before I build it. Just have not found one that I want to use currently. I am looking at some 3D modeling software that was or is supplied by Google, just not sure how will it will work for me yet.


Fire away any questions. I may have to do this in phases, as in get a good working HT room and then build it up later to what I actually want. Its a matter of cost really.

The Receiver I will be using (99% chance) is the Onkyo 3007, with a Panasonic 4000AU HT projector.

bpape 09-07-10 04:20 PM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning

9' from a 10' screen is going to be pretty close. Also, with an AT screen, you'll want to leave some space between the faces of the speakers and the cloth itself to minimize comb filtering.

Make sure to keep your speakers out of a corner and try to maintain as much left to right symmetry as possible.

IB subs can be absolutely killer - though they do need a good amount of breathing space behind them and don't know what the rest of your room layout looks like to know if they would work.

Buttkickers, well, if it's between that and upgrading the PJ, Screen, or Sub, I'd skip them. They can be a nice effect if done right but it is money that IMO is better spent elsewhere.

Speakers - honestly never heard of those before. If you want something that will perform very well for a very reasonable price, check these out - http://www.ascendacoustics.com/pages...m/cmt340m.html

About the same price range and very good performance for the money. You don't need a floorstander in a home theater environment. You're going to cut them off at 80ish Hz anyway and cross to the sub. Spend your money on a good sub.

Treating the room will be interesting. You've lost 3 corners due to door(entry), rear door to furnace room, and the screen being pushed all the way to the right side. Side wall reflection panels and treatment of the front wall will be in order. The trick is to find places to get enough broadband bass control in the room.


4U2NVME 09-13-10 01:45 AM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning


What if I were to move the door to the furnace room over to closer to the middle of the wall, or at least off the corner. Would this make a difference and allow me to deliver a better balanced sound?

What do you mean by a floor stander? Is that the larger Tower speakers? I may go for different speakers in the future, but currently I already have thsse Towers and sides and will re-use them, well at least for now. Its quite a bit chaper for me to get the center channel and a second set of book shelf sized or mid tower sized speakers and change at a later date.


bpape 09-13-10 08:03 AM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning

If we can avoid chopping off that corner and move the door a bit, yes, that would help.

If you already have the speakers and need to reuse, that's certainly understandable.


4U2NVME 09-13-10 05:07 PM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning

Humm, was working on my 3D model till about 2am last night. I will need to finish it, but I think I need a serious redesign. I would of thought that a 17 or 18 foot long room would of been more than enough space. I'll post it up and see what you all think, but I don't belive I will have enough room, If I need to leave a 3 foot space to the back wall, 2 Ĺ feet from the front wall to the AT screen and add a second row of seats. Its pretty cramped. I have Load bearing walls behind my room so I don't think I can move the wall back I really wanted 8 people to sit in it, but it appears I may only get 6 at most or maybe even 4 =c(. HELP please.

bpape 09-13-10 05:11 PM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning

The screen size for the room should be driven by the viewing angles with seating placed in the proper position. 10' is probably going to be a bit much.

One way to gain some space is to not do an AT screen and just have visible speakers.


eugovector 09-13-10 05:12 PM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning

Pillows on the floor, or put a row of seating against the back wall, but don't sit there if you care about the sound. You also have room for another non-critical seat near the 2'2" wall bump-out.

eugovector 09-13-10 05:31 PM

Re: Phase 1 -- Planning


bpape wrote: (Post 291347)
The screen size for the room should be driven by the viewing angles with seating placed in the proper position. 10' is probably going to be a bit much.

One way to gain some space is to not do an AT screen and just have visible speakers.


I'll be less diplomatic...your screen is too big. Right now you have 0 god seats. Shrink it down and move your front row forward is you want more than 4 good seats.

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