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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

I found a KV-2 center channel for a great price and it was definitely what my setup needed. Great speaker for what I paid.
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

Howdy! Long time lurker... first post so I figured I would join this thread and list what I have. I grew up on Klipsch and really like them. My dad bought a set of LaScala's in '83 and still has them and still look new.

Here's my stash:

Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH
Outlaw 2200 3x (LCR)
Klipsch RF-62 x2
Klipsch RC-62
Klipsch RS-52 x2
Klipsch RB-51 x2
Klipsch RW-12d x2 (1 is missing from the picture - Both purchased at cost, so it was worth the money)

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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

I'm gravitating towards having an "almost all" Klipsch system. I say almost, because I can't really replace my main R/L speakers. They are vintage (pre-1980) JBL L96s that belong to my significant other. They are about the same size as the Heresy models. I was using some el-cheapo Radioshack Lineaum speakers for the center channel and surrounds. However, last year I bought a RC-62 to replace the weak RS center channel.

I will be retiring the other RS speakers when my Klipsch RS-62 surrounds arrive next week. I also bought a pair of RB-81s for my surround rear channels. So, except for my mains, I will be running a full Klipsch system. My RC-62 appears to be a good match for the L96s, so that part worked out great.

BTW, my sub-woofer is a vintage 1987 Velodyne ULD-15 (a 15" servo-controlled, down-firing, sub). I bought one of the first ones made. It was a demo model from the first Velodyne dealer in the San Francisco bay area, here in San Jose. That sub is still cranking out the low bass notes. If that ever gives up, I will likely replace it with a Rythmik D15SE (or equivalent), which has similar sonic performance but digs significantly deeper.
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

Been poking around here and seems to enter the blueray sweepstakes I gotta get my post count up!

Older thread but since it popped its head up, I'll put my 2 cents in.

I guess I qualify as an Official Klipsch owner. I was 18 years old and walked into my local HF shop. There were a couple of pretty cool guys working there. I remember the name of the manager, Jeff. My buddy & I roamed around, listening to the various things they had. We stumbled into a back room that I would have thought was a storage room.... as it had a bunch of speakers lined up agasint the walls. I later found out it was their speaker demo room! DUH!!!

I saw these huge BEAUTIFUL speakers back in the corner and asked what they were. Seems they were something called "Klipschorns" and were fully horn loaded and all those details. Being someone a curious type and LOVED to take things apart to see how they worked, I was a bit confused and enamored at the same time trying to figure out just how the sound got out of the bottom part. I could see the mid/high horns through the fabric however, with no woofer pointed at me, I was totally dumbfounded as to how the bottom worked.

Then, Jeff turned them on and my jaw simply hit the floor. I had that moment that I'm sure we all had somewhere along our journey.

Given my age, working part time, heading off to college....I knew these were not the speakers for me at the time. I then pointed over to "those" and could I hear those speakers. I was pointing to a pair of what turned out to be LaScalas but truth be told, there were speakers all over the place.

Well, he turned "those" on and again, I was wowed by the sound. It was not as huge of sound as the Khorns produced and, for their size, I clearly remember thinking "wow...for a box that big, I would have thought they'd have more bass"

About this time, I turned to talk to Jeff about something, music was still blaring but.... his face was beet red and he was having a slap-knee laughing moment.

Not knowing what was up, he finally turned the music down. Although I do not remember most of the conversation at this point, the upshot is, he suckered me. Sitting on top of the LaScalas were a pair of Heresy's. Seems he's done this before and perfected his technique and I.... totally bit & swallowed the bait.

He was playing the Heresy's when in fact, I thought he was playing the LaScalas. Now I understood why the bass was a bit anemic!

He turned the LaScalas on and WHOA baby..... listen to THAT!!!

Buying a pair of Heresy's never entered my mind. As my friend & I were leaving, I remember patting one of the LaScalas on the top and saying to my friend "one day", implying that one day I would own a pair.

Several months later, after several more visits to the store of course, I ordered a pair and at the age of 19, bought a pair of LaScalas in 1979.

They've been with me ever since and are today, setup for music in my basement.

Oh yeah.... my wife hates them, calling them "teenager speakers". My reaction to that? I bought a pair of Klipsch Jubilee's
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

Hey all...just wanted to stop in and show what I got....

Klipsch RF82's and a RC62 up front...
RS42's x 4 in rear...
Pioneer VSX92TXH
Pioneer BDP 51FD BluRay
Directv HR23-700

Love my Klipschs!
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

Just ordered a Klipsch RC64 center and a pair of RB81 the other week.Should be receiving them this week end.Can't wait.These are not the first Klipsch i have owned.When i was 17 years old my father helped me purchase a set of LaScalas.I used them for my mobile DJ service.Not that they were real mobile or anything.Didn't know any better at the time and i bought the home version in black then we took them to a guy to get them carpeted and have handles put in the sides.So stupid when we are young.But man did they rock.No one elses system even came close to the sound quality as mine.Did cook a couple of woofers though from over heating them with a 720 watt per side QSC amp.Whoops.Got rid of all the gear when i was 20 to buy a Camaro.If i only new.
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

Spudrunner -- I hope you ordered the older Reference IV units and not the newer (replacement) Reference IV, Version II, models (which they are now calling Reference II - confusing). Klipsch has changed the crossover networks in the Version II to crossover at lower frequencies.

The RB81 II has a 1400Hz crossover vs. 1800Hz in the older RB81 models. The Klipsch press release says that they hve changed the design, and they are maintaining the "Klipsch sound". I have to assume that they have changed the source that they are getting the drivers from (none of the Reference IV speakers were made in Hope, AR, with the exception of the RF83's, and maybe the RC64). AFIK, none of the new Ref II models are made in the US.

What's worse, is that the center channels (RC64 II, RC62 II, etc.) have gone from 2Ĺ way to just a 2 way system, which is not as good a design (but cheaper to implement, and common to their competitors center channel speakers). My older RC62 had a 1150Hz/1650Hz crossovers (one woofer rolled off at 1150Hz and the other at 1650Hz to the mid-tweeter horn. The RC62 II has a single 1500Hz crossover. The RC64 II has a similar change in design.

When I discovered that they were changing the designs, I also discovered that some dealers were offering close-out discounts on the older Reference IV models. I quickly ordered a pair of RB81s and a pair of RS62s, for my surround channels (side and rear) last month (at a significant discount from the MSRP prices). I've had them for about 3 weeks, but haven't had a chance to install them yet.
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

No i got the older series.That is some good info to know.I guess i am going to have to see if the store has some of the older surrounds as well then.No one ever makes things better just cheaper for them.
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

I'm thinking to invest in a pair of Klipsch Surround Bookshelf Speaker (RS42) for only 199.99 each on sale at futureshop until SEPT 30TH 2010. So what do you guys think?
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Re: Official Klipsch Owners Thread

Here is a pic of my new Klipsch RB 81's and RC 64.
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Official Klipsch Owners Thread-home-theater-001.jpg  

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