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Re: Room Problem- should I buy Martin Logan ESLs?

On paper, the LFT-8b could work.

As for making the the ESL's work, I think it is possible too... but it will cost more money to get the room right (adding treatments and such), and even then they might not get to their full potential. But getting away from an open-back design and getting them running really well will likely outperform the ESL's performing at 70-80% of their best and for less money overall.

Don't abandon planar drivers. Just try to find them in a box, like linked above.
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Re: Room Problem- should I buy Martin Logan ESLs?

I forgot all about this, but it might work for you... ML used to make a pair of ESLs that were for surrounds (they were full sized panels, but no woofers), and mounted on the walls, and you angled them outward. If these are still available this might allow you to get them up to clear the furniture. I have never heard them, and I don't how they would sound compared to the ones you are looking at, but it is possible they might do the job for you.

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Re: Room Problem- should I buy Martin Logan ESLs?

Peter Orrick wrote: View Post
As I learned from all of you, the two problems with ML EM ESLs in my room are, first, front wall with 110" screen is only 11' 9" wide so not possible to move speakers inboard therefore max distance from side of speaker to side walls would be only 1 1/2 feet.
You didn't learn that from me .
With a conventional dome/cone type speaker and subsequent polar radiation, that close to sidewall is detrimental. An acoustically large dipole panel like the ML, has strong nulls to the side, so while not ideal, 1.5' should be just fine.

Peter Orrick wrote: View Post
Second issue was sofa arm blocking woofer of left speaker. The ML 8" woofer handles all frequencies below 500hz. As midrange begins at 250hz (midrange is 250hz-7500hz where most of vocal and instrumental fundamentals reside) lower midrange of left speaker will be attenuated and the two speakers can probably never gel.
Again, while not ideal, physics is on your side. An 8" driver is omnidirectional at 500hz...and below. They don't beam like flashlights. A 500 Hz wavelength is around 27" long. By 250 Hz it 54". Suddenly the sofa side doesn't look so large. The waves simply wrap around it. It might not be a bad idea to use a stand to raise the speaker a bit, but you may be overestimating the effect.
Quite frankly I see no reason the MLs can't work with a little tweaking, aka a 8-12" stand. Maybe an excuse to buy an inexpensive mini-sub and improve your bass smoothness room wide as well.



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Re: Room Problem- should I buy Martin Logan ESLs?

Thsi may take several months but I am inclined to purchase the Eminent Technology 8b's due to 180hz crossover from woofer to midrange panel. Would have preferred the shorter/less wide ML's but the 500hz crossover makes me doubt a good midrange from the left behind the sofa arm speaker.

Will come back to this thread after I have made purchase with results and photos.

Thank you everybody for your comments!
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Re: Room Problem- should I buy Martin Logan ESLs?

AJ is correct, dipoles have strong nulls at their sides. Combined with 4" absorption panels, the speakers will "see" the side wall at a distance greater than the physical 1.5 ft.

Eminent Technology seems to be making a splash in the panel world, although I seriously doubt the lower crossover point will buy you as much clarity as you think you might be missing due to the couch arm. I do know the the ML EM-ESL is a fantastic music/HT speaker as I have heard them and seen multiple measurements in a separate music and home theater rooms.

Good luck with your journey, Peter, and please let us know how it ends.

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Re: Room Problem- should I buy Martin Logan ESLs?

Eminent Tech has been around for quite a while (1982). They are actually based right here in T-Town. One of the Dr.'s here bought an older pair off the internet for next to nothing. He met Bruce Thigpen (he's the guy behind ET) at a party one night & they got to talking about the speakers. His wound up needing a complete refit. Bruce told him to bring them over & he did it for free! This particular Dr. is really into audio...he says they are the best speakers he has ever heard. I need to mosey on over there one day & have a looksee! He is very frugal with advertising $'s. Maybe he has a pair we could review!

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Re: Room Problem- should I buy Martin Logan ESLs?

As I said, I am a few months away budget wise from Eminent Technology purchase but based on what I have learned and the crossover point of the woofer (180hz vs Martin Logan 500hz) behind the sofa arm, am convinced this can work. I also found another company as well- the Sanders model 11- their smaller model has woofer crossover at 170hz, BUT with required woofer amplifier, priced somewhere around $13k so that's out.

Hope this doesn't take until Christmas.

As always thank you for your input. I will report back.

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