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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Late to the thread, but non the less...

1974 - 3-way DIY with Radio Shack drivers with a 12" woofer
1976 - 3-way DIY with Phillps drivers with 2 12" woofers
1982 - Maratanz HD880 (traded with a friend for something)
1994 - Infinity Kappa 7.1ii (and still my mains)
1996 - Kef Q80 inherited from my Dad, used for my home office
1996 - Sonace rears (in ceiling, from the builder, never could figure out the model #)
2010 - Infinity ERS610s replaced the rears
2010 - Infinity PS212W subwoofer added

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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Onkyo HTIB 7.1 system < $400
Polk R50's
Infinity PC350 Center
Infinity Qb's
Infinity PS212 Sub
Infinity Cascade Nines
Infinity Cascade Three Center
Infinity P362's as rear most speakers
Infinity Cascade 15 sub
More Infinity Cascade Nines
A second Infinity Cascade 15 sub
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Bose 301 (Started my hatred of Bose)

Advent Baby III (Adored those little speakers)

JBL NSP1 (Still in use! The only plastic speakers I've ever liked)

Various DIY subs and speakers.

DIY is the only way to go.

Houston, TX

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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Interesting progression of peoples tastes and perspective.

I started my 1st serious foray into stereo while I was in the service in 1971, and bought a Marantz stereo receiver, a Teac open reel tape deck and a pair of AR3a speakers. Picked up a Phillips turntable for my records (still have all the records).

I bought a pair of EPI-110 to compare in 1980 and then set them up in another room, Also bought a HarmonKardon stereo receiver somewhere in here to run the AR3a.

In 1986 I bought a pair of used Advents, but sold them almost immediately as I didn't find them better than the AR3a.

It wasn't till around 1998 when I bought a 36" Toshiba CRT TV, that I wanted some additional speakers and a Yamaha 1000a surround processor/amplifier and some cambridge dipole surrounds and a polk center channel.

Then got a Parasound 1205a 5 channel amp, Parasound CD player and a Panasonic DD/DTS processor plus an M&K powered sub.

Finally in 1999 got my Dynaudio speakers (some used some new) and stopped listening to other speakers as I had found nirvana. Mostly got the 2.8 towers for my stereo music listening pleasure.

Dynaudio Contour 2.8 towers with a Contour center and Contour 1.1 surrounds.

Upgraded to a used Proceed AVPII as a processor in 2008 and couldn't be happier.

Has anybody used the Dynaudio ceiling speakers ?

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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Around 1967, I purchased my first component stereo system. It was a pair of 3-way, Realistic Speakers and a Lafayette Combo Receiver/Cassette Tape deck, from Radio Shack. I made do with this for several years.
Around 1969, I added an Akai (Roberts) Reel-to-Reel deck.
I finally replaced the system in 1977, or ’79 (not sure what year) with a Sansui 90/90 and a pair of Techniques 3-way, Linear-Phase speakers. They were monsters, with 15” woofers. I later handed down the Techniques to my brother, who is still using them.
Around 1995, I found a used pair of Infinity Kappa 7’s, with a bad crossover that I repaired, myself (replaced bad caps). I still love the way they sounded!
A couple of years later, while looking at some of the very early Mitsubishi rear projection HDTV’s, I happened to hear some B&W Nautilus speakers. That’s all it took. I was in love and had to have some. I settled for a pair of bookshelf size, B&W CDM 1NT’s, to go with my Kappa’s and added a CDM CNT center, M&K V120 sub and a Denon AVR-3801 to drive them. I got the Mits. 65” Diamond, too (no tuner). I had to wait almost a year for the set-top HDTV Direct TV receiver, which wasn’t available from Direct TV – I had to purchase one. Times have changed for HDTV. HD Cable – Ha! No such thing.
A couple of years later, I replaced the Kappa’s with another pair of B&W CDM 1NT’s.
In’08, I added a pair of B&W 703 towers and a Rotel RB-1080. The CDM CNT was replaced with a used B&W HTM2 center.
A few months ago, I decided that the M&K sub wasn’t enough for my large room. After much research, and because I couldn’t afford the JL Fathom, I bought a pair of Rythmik F15’s. I needed a pair to balance the room. I love these musical subs and the difference that they made. My nephew is very pleased with the hand-me-down M&K.
For now I’m good, but I’m thinking about upgrading electronics. I have an OPPO BDP-83, but I see that there is a newer model. I am looking at a new AVR - Thinking about the features on the Denon AVR-4311, but maybe separates.
It’s a never-ending story.

Lee J
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Speaker evolution as far as I can remember. Nothing to fancy. Some I've owned simultaneously for multiple systems.

Double Larger Advents (owned in the day) _gone!
UK monitor (can't remember name) _gone!
DIY monitor (Peerless and Vifa drivers) _gone!
B&W 601 monitor _gone!
DIY monitor (SEAS drivers) _gone!
DIY floorstander (SEAS Excel drivers) _keeping!
Polk Audio RTA-11T (floorstander) _gone, sorry to say!

Optimus PRO LX5 mini-monitor _gone!
JBL HTS610 monitors _gone!
Dual JBL 10" subs (can't remember model) _gone!
Mission model 70 mk2 monitor (rebuilt) _not gone yet!
Dynaco A25XL bookshelf (latest version, rebuilt) _keeping!
AR15 'Hi-Res Series' monitors _someday may be gone?
Klipsch RPW10 sub _not gone yet!
Radio Shack/Optimus/RCA Pro-X44AV (marketed under many names) _not gone yet!

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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

The first 'stereo' i bought was a Panasonic all-in-one contraption, it was a AM/FM tuner and a turntable all built together and it came with a pair of what would now be considered large bookshelf speakers.
At the time I really thought I was styling with that thing.
My next speakers were Pioneer HPM-100s that I bought in 1979 (??)
Less than a year later I added a pair of Cerwin Vega speakers but I don't remember the model.
The CV's died maybe 15 years ago.
When I got a DVD player I added a pair of cheap KLH speakers to the HPM-100s so I could have surround sound and about 6 years ago I added a cheap KLH center channel.
A year ago I replaced the entire audio system and chose Klipsch RF-83, RC-62, and RS-42.
We have been very happy with this system and I hope it lasts a very long time.
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

I don't think I've posted in here yet...

My first speakers were Zenith Allegros that my dad picked up for me at a yard sale because he remembered them (or something very similar) from his youth. Those speakers lasted probably a good 10 years through high school and university, and even though I was about my stuff, they still took a beating. Over the years I removed their beat up glued-on grills and built a new removable set, did what I could to fix up the peeling bits of veneer, and built some matching stands to get them up off the ground.

After university I picked up a pair of Paradigm Mini Monitors and a CC-370 to use as the front stage. Several years later I added the Monitor 7s and moved the Mini Monitors to the back. Now after building a few subs and a rear surround, that's where I am.

Oh, and I haven't been able to part with the Allegros, they're just too close to my heart. I now have them wired as the B channel in our dining room.

Note: These aren't mine, but the best pic I could find online.

- OJ -

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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

I'm going to exclude any pair of speakers that were included with something else, and only include speakers that were used as my main 2-channel pair for at least while, with or without subwoofing. And now as I scratch my chin and squint, let's go back in time to...about 1974 or so:

Realistic Nova 7-B
Advent "New"
Bose 901 IV
ESS amt-1b
klipsch cornwall
Amrita Reference Standard
B&W 703
a/d/s/ HT-400LCR (w/ subs)
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab OML-2
Energy RC-50 (w/ subs)
Polk LSi-9 (w/ subs)
Klipsch La Scala II (w/ subs)
RBH MC-6CT (w/ subs)
Bose 901 VI

-dat in MO
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

I tend to do a lot of research and take my time before I make a major purchase so I keep my toys for a loing time and have only owned two sets of speakers.

Boston Acoustics T-830s
Salk SongTowers

When I was growing up my parents had a nice sounding Magnavox console with built in record player. It was huge.
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