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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Started with bose 501's in college. Moved to ADS floorstqanders and in a separate room Snell Q's (no bass, but otherwise best of that bunch)

I still remember over 15 years ago walking in to the "Listening room" in Westchester and hearing a single piano note and thinking "wow, that really sounds like a piano". Asked the salesman where it came from and he pointed to this little Thiel. Been hooked on them ever since. Have more than I care to divulge
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Fishers I got from my father.
Home builts with 10" acoustic suspension woofers.
Polk 6.5" monitors (don't remember the model)
JBL L? 6.5"
DIY 90 liter subs with Peerless 13"
Dynaudio 12" replaced Peerless drivers
DIY MTM using Vifa drivers, as in Dickasons Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
NHT 12" !259s replaced Dynaudio drivers in subs
DIY 6.5" Focals
Kit Eton Symphony 7s from Madisound actively crossed over
Kit ScanSpeak Rediscovery from Madisound (but in a smaller cabinet), actively crossed over
DIY 3cf sub using Exodus Shiva X-2 and TC Sounds 15" Passive Radiator
DIY 4cf sub using Exodus Tempest X-2 and Exodus 18" Passive Radiator
Many others I cannot recall.
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

High school: the family's Zenith console (!)
College: RTR 8" bookshelf; in the Vega wagon, Radio Shack Minimus 7 on DIY brackets
Marriage: Advent 1
Since then: Large Advent, stacked New Large Advent, Magnepan MG-IIIa

Still have them all, but the RTR's need some love.

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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

I've been through 3 major phases:

The More More More! stage: At its peak this consisted of two sets of floorstanders; some odd old Polks that were I believe a two way speaker with passive radiators, augmented by a set of Cerwin Vega 12" 3 ways, and a monstrous Carver folded horn subwoofer the size of the slab from "2001". This sounded about like you would expect, murky, muddled, loud without being powerful. Eventually a ray of light penetrated and I moved on to:

The Less is More stage: A set of Boston Acoustics T-830s. Man I loved those Bostons, I still have them, but they've grown tired after 15+ years.

Eventually I started experimenting with subs again (a Velodyne VRP-1000) and corrective EQ, leading to...

The Modern Era: Wharfedale 10.1s (and I still have the Velo). Highly rated, Kevlar drivers, biampable, slick curved wall enclosures... I wish I loved them. The high end is just a bit missing somehow and I was hoping for revelations in the midrange that I haven't found yet. I haven't given up on them yet, which is why I came here.
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

I started out with Klipsch KG3.5's in 2001. Then sold them when i moved in 04 and went without until the fall of 09. Then i went with the Klipsch SF3's, then to the RF82's for a month, then got a set of the RF63's and now have the RF7's in cherry, the RC7 and RS7's. This is for a bedroom and the 7's rock the room.
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

While not an all encompassing evolution from start to finish, this is what has been going on at my house for the last couple of weeks.

B&W 602S3, I've had these for about 2 years now. Great speaker, highly detailed with pinpoint imaging, forward sounding.

GR Research has a pair of N2X traveling the country for audition, I just had my turn with them. A really sweet, laid back speaker, you can listen for hours with no fatigue.

The WAF-1 is all that remains of the three, I sold the B&W's to my brother and sent the N2X on to forum member Mojave. The WAF-1's have been sitting in a box since February, they came as a package deal with my Chase 18.T Duo Series 2 subwoofers. No real interest in them, as the B&W's plus dual 18" subs were doing great for 2 channel duty. I was kind of concerned about having only these speakers to fall back on while I wait for the next pair.

Well, these little guys surprised me. I have never heard an inexpensive speaker sound so good, and of the three, the WAF-1 actually portrayed the deepest soundstage. They don't mind at all when you lay the power on them, and will do just fine until my next speakers arrive. It's too bad these are no longer in production.

I just set these up as shown for the pics. All listening was done with one pair optimally placed on stands and the others removed from the area.

Personal Speaker Evolution Thread-trio.jpg

Personal Speaker Evolution Thread-trio-ii.jpg

Personal Speaker Evolution Thread-trio-iii.jpg

"I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit." - Bill Hicks
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

LOL! This thread sounded like it might be an interesting challenge to my memory so lets see.... in no particular order:

Martin Logan SL3
Snell E/III (x2, in both oak and black)
Snell A/IIi in Brazilian Fire Maple
Snell J/IV (bought, sold, bought them back they are so good!)
DIY Sachiko BLH with modded Fostex 206E
Yamaha NS690
Cerwin Vega DX-9 (x2)
Cerwin Vega D9
Cerwin Vega "E" series (all of them)
Cerwin Vega "V" series (all of them)
Lots of smaller Cerwin Vega
Acoustic Research Teledyne AR9 (how I wish I still had these!)
Acoustic Research Teledyne AR9LS (good, but not as good as the original)
Acoustic Research Teledyne TSW910 (read one line above)
Polk SDA-1
Polk SDA-2 (all the SDA are special... you either love the sound or you don't)
Polk SDA SRS 3.1TL
Magnepan MG1
Magnepan MG2
Dahlquist DQ-20i (great speaker!)
Dahlquist DQ-30
Infinity Kappa 6.1v2
Infinity Kappa 8.1v2
Infinity WTLC
Infinity Primus 360 towers with full surround compliment
Vandersteen 2C (x2 smoking good speaker for the money!)
KLH Model 23
Large Advent
"New" Large Advent
Advent Prodigy
Advent Prodigy II towers
Pioneer CS99A
Pioneer CS88
Wharfedale Dovedale (only pair I have ever seen, in person or the internet)
Wharfedale E30
Too many Klipsch to mention.

A bunch more including a ton of cheaper Acoustic Research, Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo, Sony, etc... Some smaller Paradigm, lots of Boston including the remarkable Voyager, and too much Bose (and rare Bose clones!) to embarrass myself with here

Oh, my currents are DIY full range towers featuring the affordable Audio Nirvana AN8 drivers in either the AN suggested 2.8MKII bass reflex cabs or my one-off 6'6" tall Metronome Mass Loaded Quadratic Quarter-Wave Tubes (say that three times fast!) Really not an "evolution" of sorts... I just get bored easily. Life is short and variety is the spice of life!

Last edited by Oktyabr; 01-31-12 at 09:17 PM. Reason: Doh! Forgot the Klipsch! And the Wharfedale! And the...
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

Like Sonnie, I don't remember any model numbers.

Kenwood 2 way 6" paper cones my dad bought in Honk Kong in 1967 during shore leave. They worked fine, sounded like

~1980 JBL 3 way 12" with high and mid dB control. 4" paper mid and dome tweeter. 1" MDF cabinets. Loved em, had them for years. Ended up with a pair of 12" Kickers from 1993 when all the surround fell out of the JBL subs Had those from '85 untill I got the JVCs below.

1992 single 4" Technics. Still have them; sound like .

1994 JVC 3 way 12" with 12" passive radiators. Loved those guys. Gave them away when I moved 1800 miles in a CRX.

2000 JBL 4" sattellite 5.1 system with a dual 4" center single tweeter and a powered 8" sub. First 5.1 system and last untill a few months ago.

Long period with no speakers.... Well, some shelf system speakers not worth mentioning.

Two years ago I got my Paradigm CC-350.
Was also given a pair of two way 6" KLH that don't sound too bad, but one tweeter is "dead" for some reason.

Year ago Bose 301 III

Month ago JBL SV-1600s

Still wating for my LCR-350s.

I've had more speakers in vehicals than anything..

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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

chashint wrote: View Post
The first 'stereo' i bought was a Panasonic all-in-one contraption, it was a AM/FM tuner and a turntable all built together and it came with a pair of what would now be considered large bookshelf speakers.
At the time I really thought I was styling with that thing.
My next speakers were Pioneer HPM-100s that I bought in 1979 (??)
Less than a year later I added a pair of Cerwin Vega speakers but I don't remember the model.
The CV's died maybe 15 years ago.
When I got a DVD player I added a pair of cheap KLH speakers to the HPM-100s so I could have surround sound and about 6 years ago I added a cheap KLH center channel.
A year ago I replaced the entire audio system and chose Klipsch RF-83, RC-62, and RS-42.
We have been very happy with this system and I hope it lasts a very long time.
Yeah I know I quoted myself
But it's been a year so that makes it OK

Still really enjoying the Klipsch speaker system.
In June of 2011 I added an Outlaw LFM1-EX subwoofer to the system and it is a great addition.
The system sans sub was very good, but the EX really adds another layer of sound.
Who knew there was so much going on below 30Hz ?
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Re: Personal Speaker Evolution Thread

For me it started when I was in Jr. High. I walked into a local Klipsch dealer and they played Pink Floyd's "money" on a concert stack of horns. I was blown away! I became their top unpaid salesman after that. I talked my divorced parents in to K-horns, Lascala's and Heresy's. I kept the Heresy's for many years after that. Later on I had:
Jbl L40's
Boston vr-30's
B&W cdm9nt's
Alternate Audio PS-40's
Axiom m3's
RBH T2's
RBH 661 SE's
RBH 661 SE/R's
Klipsch Lascala's
Klipsch Cornwall's
Maganepan SMGA's
Pioneer -41's
Chase Pro-10's
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