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Re: Tekton Pendragon Speakers ??

The Pendragons have a huge soundstage. Look at the size of the thing... its a given. It is also balanced and musical. You do NOT need a tube amp because the speaker produces euphhoric on its own sounding a little "sweet". They are not FLAT speakers by all means, they shouldnt measure too terribly but not very great. However, they are very musical and easy to listen to. If you are a critical listener, you should prabably pass these up. But for just a rock & roll kicks, this is one of the best.

They use a 3 way tweeter array known to cause beaming issues, (i.e it will color the sound with its own color for all music) and this can either go a good way, or a bad way, but I think eric over at Tekton have done a good job in the crossover to not make such an issue.

The Pendragons are mostly geared towards the main market that just wants a musical and fun sound. Its not for audiophilles.

For home theatre, since it has a giant soundstage and throws a very big sound, it will be pretty good.

Again, these speakers are mostly for the mass market, and with the beaming issue still there a little bit, it will carry its own color.. and be harder to be transperent. With this combo, your dac and amp choices wont matter much, thus they are again for the mass market going with $1,000 seperates at max, or a plain AVR.

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Bob DAn
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Re: Tekton Pendragon Speakers ??

My name is Bob. I am not a recognized speaker specialist, or a renowned audiophile. Iím a guy whoís hearing impaired; I only have 1% of my hearing in my right ear, but in my left ear I can hear a pin drop on the other side of the room. I wanted to share with you my impressions regarding the Tekton Designís Pendragon speakers. I ordered these speakers about four weeks ago after talking directly with the Owner. These speakers were custom finished in Mercedes Metallic Black for me. Since I had to sign for them, I had them delivered to the local Fed Ex Center until I could pick them up. They came in two mammoth boxes that filled 2/3rdís of the back of my truck bed. When I picked them up I had to use a hand cart to move them.
The Pendragonís joined two pairs of Klipsch speakers, one pair of Bose, and one pair of Polkís. Even though the aforementioned speakers are all really good speakers, I wanted to push up the quality of my sound even more. You see, for me, all great music, regardless of the genre, evokes emotion. While much of the world today is willing to settle for White Castle stereo systems, Iíve always sought a higher level of sound reproductionóall my life Iíve tried to buy the best that I could afford.
Having some friends who have produced their own music, Iíve come to appreciate the enormous amount of time and the labor of love that music artists devote to finding the right words, selecting the right instruments and developing the right beat and working on every other nuance of their music that conveys a small part of their very soul to the listener. When these artists are ready to put their music into the world, it takes people to where they have never been. If we diminish the music on our end, it reduces the message and the experience that we were meant to receive. The Pendragon speakers are capable of delivering musical content the way it was originally recorded and meant to be heard by the musician.
Just like what we put in our mouths fills and nourishes our bodies, what we listen to nourishes our souls forever. The Pendragon speakers transport your most favorite singer into your house so that you can hear them breathe between the lyrics, so you can hear the bartender shake the mixed drinks in the back of the Jazz hall, and with that kind of delivery, you can also hear exactly what the artist wanted you to hearÖ.that original spark on inspiration that they had which ultimately exploded in your ears as you sat in your favorite chair. $2,900.00 is a lot of money for speakers, but if you want to get all of the lows and all of the highs that recreate that original musical experience then these speakers can deliver more than any comparable speaker Ėeven when those speakers cost much, much, much more.
Some people like speakers that really hammer the bass spectrum, others like for their speakers to nail the highs, but for me both of these types of speakers become fatiguing and actually drives me to want to go read a good book. When the Pendragons are playing, I tend to want to just listen and keep listening. I want to hear the next vocalist, and look forward to the next band. Iíve found a gem and I know that they would impress you to. You wonít have to keep the boxes, you wonít be returning them.
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