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View Poll Results: Which six pair of speakers would you like to see in the $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event?
$2,600 - Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower (RAAL Tweeter) 277 21.61%
$2,500 - Anthony Gallo Classico CL-4 122 9.52%
$3,000 - Atlantic Technology AT-1 104 8.11%
$3,200 - Axiom Audio LFR660 High Powered 166 12.95%
$3,000 - B&W CM9 508 39.63%
$2,800 - Bamberg Series 2 TMM 24 1.87%
$2,600 - Boston Acoustics M350 163 12.71%
$3,400 - Canton Vento 870.2 DC 98 7.64%
$3,000 - Definitive Tech BP-8080ST 177 13.81%
$3,400 - Dynaudio Excite 34 284 22.15%
$3,300 - Focal Aria 926 283 22.07%
$3,000 - Golden Ear Triton Two 262 20.44%
$2,700 - GT Audio Works GTA 1 26 2.03%
$2,600 - KEF R500 345 26.91%
$3,000 - Legacy Expression 113 8.81%
$2,500 - Monitor Audio Silver RX-10 214 16.69%
$2,700 - Odyssey Lorelei 50 3.90%
$2,900 - Phase Technology PC9.5 70 5.46%
$2,700 - Philharmonic Slim Tower 108 8.42%
$3,000 - Polk Audio LSiM705 252 19.66%
$3,500 - PSB Imagine T2 223 17.39%
$2,600 - RBH Sound 1266-SE 37 2.89%
$3,200 - Rega RS7 62 4.84%
$3,500 - Revel F206 207 16.15%
$3,500 - Salk Songtowers SC 264 20.59%
$3,500 - Soundfield Audio VSFT-1 53 4.13%
$3,200 - Tannoy Precision 6.4 255 19.89%
$2,500 - Tekton Seas Pendragon 136 10.61%
$3,500 - Thiel SCS4T 218 17.00%
$3,000 - Totem Acoustic Hawk 143 11.15%
$2,900 - Usher CP-6371 96 7.49%
$3,500 - Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE 205 15.99%
$2,900 - Von Schweikert VR-22 139 10.84%
$3,200 - Wharfdale Jade 5 209 16.30%
$3,200 - Zu Audio Omen Def 128 9.98%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 1282. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

I would be very excited to see the Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower (RAAL Tweeter), Philharmonic Slim Tower and the Salk Songtowers SC in a shootout.

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post #32 of 450 Old 12-17-13, 09:12 PM
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gorb wrote: View Post
I voted for these: Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower (RAAL Tweeter) Bamberg Series 2 TMM KEF R500 Philharmonic Slim Tower Salk Songtowers SC Soundfield Audio VSFT-1 Hopefully some of them end up getting picked
I voted for the last four if I remember correct. Great choices.
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post #33 of 450 Old 12-17-13, 09:30 PM
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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

Erin H wrote: View Post
No. The analogy is not the same. No one here is talking about wires.

If there's any areas of (legitimate) concern when it comes to a playback system it's the room and the speaker. For all intents and purposes, the signal itself is unaltered from input to the output of the speaker. Meaning, the CD player passes the signal to the amps. The room and the speakers (and the interaction of the two) are the problem areas.

In any system, the distortion, linear and non linear, are essentially all caused by the speaker. Electronics contribute so little error it's negligible ... You're talking on the order of 1/100th of a percent. On the other hand, speakers can contribute nonlinearities at a much higher level and linear distortion that is very high. Then you factor in the room's influence (ie; those pesky modes that swing the low end response +/-15dB) and you realize just how important the room/speaker evaluation is.

So, a review such as this, with listening position measurements and analysis of the room through measurement actually does a lot to serve the community.

Well said!

This is as good a time as any to thank Sonnie et al for doing these comparisons. Yeah, from the outside it looks like all fun and games, but I imagine the work involved is off the charts. A labor of love no doubt.

Good stuff going on here.

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post #34 of 450 Old 12-18-13, 02:00 PM
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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

I guess MartinLogan currently doesn't have anything in this price range - correct?
I know of the ESL's at around 2200.00/pr and the Theos at around 5000.00/pr. but can't think of anything in between.
Too bad................I love me some Logan's.
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post #35 of 450 Old 12-18-13, 02:55 PM
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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

Looks like the "same ol' suspects" . I would have liked to have seen some new blood break in - but it looks like another B&W, Dynaudio, Ascend, Salk, GE, Kef party. Although I voted for Dynaudio and GE, everything else was a bit different - just to flavor things up a bit. It would be cool to get Legacy, Wharfedale, or even Focal or VS in there to shake things ups a bit. Oh well.....
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post #36 of 450 Old 12-19-13, 11:16 AM
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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

The PSB's aren't doing as well as I'd thought...I hope they make it so I have a benchmark, since those are the one of the few I've heard before - plus they're the sweet-spot in the PSB line in terms of bang-for-buck. I've heard the CM9's as well, and they left me cold, but the T2's impressed me.

I'll keep my hopes up for a nice variety of speaker philosophies to be represented....
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post #37 of 450 Old 12-19-13, 12:27 PM
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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

It would be nice to see the Atlantic Technology get thrown in for the fun of it - They
do look nice and seem to measure well - they are said to have some serious bass for
their size.

Who or Where, is The Way, Truth and Life?

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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

Just thinking maybe next time around the speakers can be divided into 2 groups that fall within that price point. One group would consist of BM speakers and the second will have only ID brands. The ones that tally the highest amounts of votes go H2H from the 2 groups. Most BM brands have a wider customer fan base to draw upon for votes....ID do too...but on a much smaller scale.

Just a thought...

Anyhow....looking forward to reading the results...some really nice speakers in this price class....I voted for 6 of them.

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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

I agree with some of the above. It would have been nice to see some of the not so popular names get in there. Maybe have a no-name bracket to compete with the winner.

I'm a little surprised that PSB isn't getting more love as well, and I wouldn't exactly call them a no-name.
Same with Definitive Technology.
I've heard the Thiels, the Revels, and the Focal's and they are outstanding speakers. I've also listened to the larger Von Schweikert's and thought they were sweet.

Just too hard to pick 6 out of this group but we can't expect them to demo them all.
Wish the old school Snell was still around. They'd kick some serious butt in this price range.
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Re: $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

I think you guys are forgetting that this is not a shootout or head to head competition. Each review stands on its own. It is merely an evaluation of six speakers.
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