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Big Is Good
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

Too new to your forum so I can't post pics yet

Mains are L7s with a lot of modifications, only six pairs were done in NZ, one set recently sold and to replace these he spent $33K NZD , mods are 5" Focal driver all new cabinetry, it's fiberglass is rear ported with varying density foams to baffle, shape is bulbous behind the driver to inverse trumpet about 1.5" diameter on exit, I don't fully understand it, that's all inside the standard L7 cabinetry. The x-over has been reworked, I remember the caps were about $80NZD each, the resulting sound is fuller, a little softer highs and more accurate through out. Like any L7 they love loud

Rears are standard L7s

Centers are L1s, soon to be changed to a custom setup designed by the same guy that did the L7 modifications, it will be a single L7 tweeter, two fives from the L7s and two eights, the x-over will be based on the existing modified L7s x-over

Subs are W12GTi x2 in three chamber bandpass cabinets (separate cabinets)

Cable is 8 core Proel, all 130meters of it

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Big Is Good
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

Chris Hagen is the designer of the JBL L series speakers from the 90s, after some time watching he jumps on the thread .... an awesome read for those that are interested

Ahh ... poooos, I can't post a link yet either, sorry it's a great thread

I hope this link doesn't offend our kind host

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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

flavo cadillac wrote: View Post
i come to this forum mostly to dream. i bought my full 5 speaker polk set up on special at fry's for about $400
I think that looks like a gateway drug..

And I agree, upgrade little by little and you can find yourself with a wicked good setup before you know it.

Your pusher,
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My System
Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

Hmm, my system is far from done. At my parents I'm currently using
-Cerwin Vega LS12 towers
-Monitor Audio RS1 as a center
-Sony junky HTiB speakers for the rears.
-Pioneer VSX-1014

At my place, I'm using
-Cerwin Vega LS12 towers (yes I have two pair)
-Sony bookshelf speaker as my center
-Infinity SW-12 subwoofer
-Old Sony prologic receiver that came with my HTiB

For my system I am working on building...
-Two SDX-15's (550.00)
-Crown CE4000 (~600.00)
-Behringer DEQ2496 (~200.00)
-Behringer EP2500 (300.00)
-Just ordered two Lambda TD15h's and a single Fountek Neopro5i (~800)
Still need to order...
-two mids and another Neopro5i for my L/R's
-Behringer DCX2496 for my mains
-Four more amp channels for my mains
-Center channel I've not decided on, so I need those drivers
-Surrounds...but will probably use what I have here for a while, maybe my LS12's?

I have no idea how much I'll be spending.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

So far on Amp speakers and sub ive spent the equivelent of $5000 USD. I still need to buy a front 3 when Ive finally decided, looking at around the $3000 USD mark for those, then need to add BFD or equivilent.

Eventually I want to upgrade my AVR into a PRE/power combo.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I have spent around $3500 on my system. It consists of Definitive c/l/r/2002, BP8B mains, BP2Xs for the rears, a Klipsch rw-12d sub and the Onkyo 606 receiver, which is a great budget receiver.....The SVS I heard is great...if she puts her foot down take a look at Fluance. I hear that they are very good beginner systems for the price. They run 199 and 299 for their whole system...minus sub....check their reviews out
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I have several systems and putting together a couple of others. Going most expensive to least. All the speakers I have are listed.

speaker system 1:
Legacy Focus Mains $6800
Legacy Silver Screen Center 1500
T&A P-30 3-way rears 1900
Klipsch R-3s side surrounds 550
Total $10,750

Speaker system II:
Klipsch Kg4 Mains $600
Klipsch KV3 Center 450
Klipsch klf-C7 alternate Center 600
Klipsch R-3 surround 550
SW8 550
ACI Saturn 800
Total $3550

Scandyna Minipod System
Minipods Black $600
Minipods Clear/Lucente 650
Looking for Cinepod
Total $1250

PSB Alpha Intro $60
Looking for C1 center and intro
Total $60

Radio Shack LX5 system $450

B&W LM-1 $550

Genesis Genre II $400

Klipsch GMX D1.5 multi-media $299

Legacy In-Wall Gallery 4 pairs $460
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I got my KG4.2's for really cheap from a pawn shop.
I loved the way the horns sounded, and the midrange and bass extension sounded really good...even hooked up to the sherwood reciver they use to demo stuff.

I tried talking them down on the $350 price...the kid who hooked them up called his manager over and they were talking quietly between the two of them.

The manager walks up to the counter where I was waiting and said that since each speaker had a non working woofer he'd sell them to me for $120. He thought that the previous owner blew out both woofers in one speaker and switched one working and one non working woofer around so they would each have one working and non working woofer.

Took them home...looked them up on line...and found out that the second woofer was a passive radiator.

HEHEHE...gota love that.

I actualy found someone on craigs list with a perfect set of KG 5.2s in the chicago area so I may pick them up when I move there this fall.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

My first real HT setup was almost $3k for 5 speakers and a powered sub. At the time I was shopping for much higher priced speakers and having trouble justifying the expense when I heard a pair of Cambridge Soundworks Towers. They weren't as good as the the stuff I wanted, but the price was right and the sound was more than acceptable. Setup was:

CSW Tower Mains
CSW Center Stage
CSW The Surround (dipole speakers)
CSW PSW1 powered sub

FWIW, I just retired this system and have the entire setup listed on craigslist for $800. If anyone is near San Jose, CA and interested, shoot me a PM.

Years ago I picked up some ACI speakers for the bedroom and was very impressed. ACI is one of those brands that only sells direct, doesn't advertise, etc. They have continued to receive glowing reviews, and I absolutely love my bedroom setup, so I decided it was time to "ACI" my home theater. New setup is now:

ACI Sapphire XL2 mains
ACI Sapphire XL center
ACI Emerald surrounds
ACI Titian XL powered sub

By purchasing some "open B stock", catching ACI during a product transition, taking advantage of the down economy, and working some deals, I was able to get this complete system for not much more than my original CSW system. Even at the listed $4500 I feel this system is a bargan.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

Welcome Mark. Have fun. Dennis

L Dennis Doan, DC
Gonstead Chiropractor
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