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funky_waves 10-05-09 05:21 PM

The Vociferor!

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Here is a peek at our new full range speaker model, The Vociferor. More info to come.

funky_waves 10-05-09 06:46 PM

Re: The Vociferor!

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A few more pictures.

Sonnie 10-05-09 09:43 PM

Re: The Vociferor!

Nice... :T

Mike P. 10-06-09 12:14 AM

Re: The Vociferor!

Wow! It will be interesting to see what the response graph looks like. That appears to be a LAR1 ribbon tweeter, 2k and up should be nice and smooth.

Ricci 10-06-09 10:32 AM

Re: The Vociferor!

I see that you've hooked up with John and AE Nathan. Good call. Their TD series drivers are some of the best sounding/most dynamic around. Is that a 15? Is this going to have a passive x-over (looks active 2 way) and what will the slopes/point be? Why so much space between the ribbon and the Lambda? Looks beautiful as usual...

Tell me that the ribbon pod is swivelable...

recruit 10-06-09 03:22 PM

Re: The Vociferor!

Wow ! they look amazing :T what are the specs for these speakers?

funky_waves 10-06-09 06:55 PM

Re: The Vociferor!

The bass driver is a 12", the large spacing is to get the tweeter to ear level, and it is adjustable rotationaly as well as adjustable a couple inches front and back. The wavezorber feet also allow tilt adjustment to tune in the "sweet spot". They are active only right now, crossover at 2000hz 24db/octave seems to be best. I may eventualy design a passive crossover, but not for a while.

The lower enclosures are a laminated stack of MDF CNC cut. Finished in Wenge veneer and solid Paduak corners. With a 4" flared aluminium port, tuned to 50hz, yes they are designed to work with a subwoofer(s). The tweeter enclosure is solid Wenge/Paduak.

A pair are capable of over [email protected] from 50hz up. Simulated F3 is 60hz.

recruit 10-07-09 12:45 AM

Re: The Vociferor!

Some serious speakers funky wave, and I love the look of them :T

Ricci 10-07-09 10:13 AM

Re: The Vociferor!

Cool. Do you have dedicated amps that you are going to be matching with them and a DSP controller, or is sort of build your own with that stuff? What's the footprint and overall height?

funky_waves 10-07-09 06:43 PM

Re: The Vociferor!

Right now I am powering them with some older equipment I have had for a while, we may be able to offer them as a package with Lyngdorf amplifiers/DSP's, we have connections with a local dealer. They are 15.5"wide, 16.75" deep, and ~40" tall.

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