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mrloofer 04-02-10 09:49 PM

MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

This has been six years in the making. Finally been given the go ahead to convert our two car garage into a HT. The plan is to convert about 5/8 of the garage and utilize the room as a dedicated HT coupled with a desk where I can work in the day (in peace I may add!). This will be an opportunity to have a room dedicated to watching movies in the evening and working in the day, utilizing both the HT's lighting and audio system to make for a nice, calm working environment.

This is my "office" today:


My existing media room (AKA the living room):


The garage space where the HT is going. This is about 18.5' x 12.5' currently:


And this is the HT plan:


So the plan is basically to build a room within a room with decoupled walls, double drywall and green glue. Hopefully there will be enough space for a 2nd row of two seats, or small love seat, and a desk where I'll be able to do some work.

Pic taken at Home Depot earlier today where I hand picked the lumber (poor girl on her hands and knees counting all the 2x4s). All 3 of those carts were mine.


Framing starts Monday and I'll post more pics then.


bpape 04-03-10 07:55 AM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

Looks like a nice project. Looking forward to following the progress.


Prof. 04-03-10 05:52 PM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

If they're surround speakers on the side walls as shown in the plan, then they are far to forward..
They need to be back near the sides of the front seats..
Also I would move the rear speakers a bit closer together..

I'll be following your build with interest..

mrloofer 04-05-10 01:02 PM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

I have a question regarding a room within a room plan: We are framing the walls today with the intention that the ceiling joists are 1/4" from the existing ceiling, however we just found that the ceiling is not level and in one part about 1 ft of the new ceiling joist is actually touching the existing ceiling. Is this going to be a major problem as far as vibration or sound proofing for low frequencies?


Sonnie 04-06-10 08:20 PM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

This is very very similar to my first garage build that I truly enjoyed. I would go even farther back with the surrounds if you ever plan to have anyone sitting in those rear seats, otherwise they will end up overpowering the fronts for those listeners. It is a difficult compromise, but what I found was a couple of rear corner surrounds was all I needed in my first room, which was 11.5' x 19.5'. I think I still have some of the old pics where I still had the speaker box connectors in the side walls after moving them back to the corners.

I would be worried about vibrating noises between the new and old ceiling where they touch unless they are wedged against each other pretty tight. It also would not hurt for your ceiling to not be completely level... it could have a slight slope from one end to the other if that would help keep the old from touching the new.

mrloofer 04-07-10 11:19 AM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

Hey guys - actually those are sconces not speakers, sorry the plan is not clear in that regard. I was however planning on 4 rear speakers, two mounted between both rows and two on the rear wall. Not sure yet but I plan on wiring for both. And Sonnie, yep your garage HT is what inspired me to do this in the first place :)

Today we are hopefully finishing the framing. Still to do are the ceiling joists, the equipment rack and the entrance way including door. Then onto the riser and maybe electrical on the weekend. Our plan is to start drywall early next week.

Framing almost done:


New A/C mini split system. We plan on installing this ourselves with the help of my neighbor who's an A/C guy. I bribed him with beer and an invite to watch the first football game of the season in the HT. Anyone heard of Haier before? Got good reviews and I managed to pick one up for $600 plus tax.


Toys! These just came by Fed-Ex a few minutes ago and I can't wait to install them. The keypad is SO small but yet so beautifull!



Has anyone got the same Insteon dimmer and keypads set up in their HT? I'd love to hear any tips on how to set it up. Have looked at the manual and it looks like Multi-Linking is the right way to go. I'm planning on putting a bank of 4 dimmers right outside the entrance so as to not penetrate my DD/GC walls of the HT then mount just the keypad controller inside the room on the other side of the door. There will also be one dimmer near the main garage door leading to the house which will control a sconce or light I'm planning on putting above the HT entrance door. This light needs to operate in two modes: 1) 100% brightness when turned on using the switch on the wall then 2) dimmed whenever one of the movie scenes is in use. The idea here is that during a movie if someone leaves the room then the entrance way is slightly illuminated but not enough to throw light into the room.

More pics to come..

mrloofer 04-07-10 06:38 PM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

Completed framing the main room today. Here's a pic of my buddy drenched in sweat. It is in the 80s here in South Florida and so this garage starts acting like an oven by midday.


Tomorrow we are framing the riser and the entrance way. I am not sure if my riser height is correct. I was planning on an 8" riser but may now go with 10" as the riser calc (www.theater-calc.com) recommends 9 7/8".

I'm having a very hard time finding slim step lights can anyone recommend a cheap source for these?


mrloofer 04-08-10 08:29 AM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

This is the area we're framing today. This will be the entrance/walkway from the house and will separate the HT from the garage. We're planning on putting in a nice laminate floor which will be raised up so it will be level with the door from the house. Notice how uneven the garage floor is? That might be a challenge..


To stay on schedule we need to finish the framing for this, the A/V rack and the riser by end of today then electrical with A/C installation tomorrow.

mrloofer 04-08-10 09:07 AM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

mrloofer 04-09-10 07:07 AM

Re: MrLoofer's Garage HT Build

Yesterday we got the riser completed. The only thing left is to create a smaller riser to the left that will be about 4" height so will be level with the entrance door. We also got the entrance built and door framed along with the a/v rack. So all in all we are about 98% done with framing. We are planning on hitting up Lowes around lunch time to pick up all the electrical stuff and lighting. This afternoon we will be installing the mini AC unit then Sunday electrical and then drywall early next week.


Does anyone have any suggestions for rack ventilation? We're going to be building a complete enclosure that will be recessed into the 2nd half of the garage but we're not planning on putting any access door on the back. To the right of the rack is a cavity that we're going to use to feed all the cables coming from the ceiling. The cavity will also house all the power strips and transformers etc. This will have an access panel at the rear from the garage. Here's the thing: How well does this need to be ventilated? Should I be considering putting a couple of silent fans in the cavity and have them blow into the rack? What about an exhaust, do I need one? Should I let the air blow back into the room?


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