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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

To whomever may be nice enough to help with my first projector purchase.

I'm looking to purchase a project for my bedroom which will be used for watching movies...mainly netflicks streaming, watching tv mainly sports, and most importantly I want it to act as two monitors from my macbook pro 10.5.8

I use a music production software, which would be a lot easier to use if I didn't have to consistently switch back and forth between screen displays, I'm able to create 4 different screens on my mac and I would love to have 2 of them split on the projectors image.

My price range would be less than 2k, and was hoping to get a decent LED one for that price...The energy factors and bulb life are important considering I'll be spending I'd say 4hrs per day on average using the projector.

Room dimensions- 10x8

Seating distance- while laying in bed the distant would be 8ft, while working on the computer the distance would be 2ft

Viewing habits. Do you do most viewing with lights off? Yes

Do you only watch movies on the big screen? Yes

Will there be lighting on from time to time, and where is the lighting located in reference to the screen? No, and my room stays pretty dark during the day there is only one window with blinds

Will there be any daytime viewing where sunlight is a concern? no

Thank you very much in advance
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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

Adam... it looks like your post has been on here for awhile now and no one has responded. You probably got your answer somewhere else but for future questions you might have better luck starting a new thread; just saying.

Well, I'll give you my 2 bits... for what they are worth.

I usually pretty jealous of those guys who get to work from home but to work from your bed... SUPER JEALOUS!

I have no experience with trying to split your screen; which would be perfect for your application. I use 2 screens at work and couldn't go back to 1. But I would definitely give the pros at Projector Central a call and explain your needs to them. I called them back when I was looking for a HD projector for our school auditorium and they were very helpful.

One nice thing is that you wont need a lot of lumins as you never have to worry about overpowering any other light sources; that should mean an increase in hours of use.

Couple of things you will need to keep in mind: noise & screen size!!! Here is a link to a pretty comprehensive calculator that should help you narrow your search:

If you need any more semi-useful advice let me know. Good luck!
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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

Good info.

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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

Well OK I am starting to build my home theater / family room and I haven't bought a projector or a screen yet.

Room dimensions are 18x35.

seating distance 14ft

lights will be on, dimmed.

There are two windows in the room off to the left. I will put blockout shades on them tho

I will mainly watch movies on it and some PS3 gaming.

my budget would be under 2k.

Any advice would be apprectiated
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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

I would get as nice of projector as you can. A lot of people recommend a gray screen for any less than ideal light situation, but I am not 100% sure that it is necessary for low ambient light depending on your wants. I have a white screen, about 1.1 gain, and an epson 9700ub which has 1600 lumens and it has been plenty bright for my living room during the day with a install of blackout curtains. Hope that helps. If you really want good advice, you should start your own thread, and read as much as you can about projectors. I got my epson for $1400 refurbished with a warranty, and I built my own screen, so not including speakers and receiver it cost maybe $1600. If you can find a great deal like I did on my projector, and are willing to work a little for the screen you should be well under budget.
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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

Hi thanks a lot for the information as I m looking forward to buy a home projector for my living room in basement.

I m developing my basement just now, just did the framework. I m thinking of putting a projector but not sure what i should get ? I m providing you the following information that will help you make a recommendation on what screen size i should get.

1) Room Dimension: 22ft long x 12 ft wide
2) seating distance: about 17 ft from the screen. Just putting a L-shape sofa with recliner.
3) there are four pot-lights in total: the first two lights are about 3ft from the screen and are about 7ft apart. and the other set of two lights are 10 ft apart from the first set.
4) there is only one window in the living room. any suggestion on what type of window curtain or blinds to put to completely darken the room?

What screen size should I get ?
How far should I put the projector from the screen?

Since this is my first time dealing with the projector, please help me out!

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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

Am looking for a new projector. Any recommendations ?
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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

What's your budget? Is it a dedicated room? What are the dimensions... You cannot just ask for recommendations until we get some specifications... It's like saying I am looking for a car, what should I buy...
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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

Have to agree with jon96789, more information would be required to make an informed recommendation.

If you are looking for the best low budget projector I would recommend the BenQ W770ST which has the added benefit of being short throw. If you ARE on a tight budget but don't want to settle for less than 1080p I would recommend the ViewSonic PJD7820HD. However, if you are wanting top of the line then neither of these would work for you.

Post your budget, room size constraints, lighting...basically any information that you think might be relevant and then someone would be able to give you a better recommendation for your specific needs.
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Re: Buying Your First Projector? Please Read

great thread. I know ambient light is a killer, but as long as i have realistic expectations, i think i can live with the light. Now, i'm hoping to find the best projector/screen combo for ambient light for decent value
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