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Please enter me into this drawing
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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

I would love to be entered in this giveaway, just sold my last projector, not buy choice but this would be a huge upgrade. Thanks again Sonnie and HTS
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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

I have qualified and happy to be a member of this sight now . First a little background on me to show how I would use it. I was a full time musician for about 10 years straight also doing some mixing, producing as well. My back started getting bad after about 8 years and I did less and less. It got to the point where I couldn't actively work or play or tour or anything. I laid in bed most of the days and read, it hurts to sit for long periods of time. It took 2 years to get a diagnosis. Fibryomyalga is the big thing and the bottom of my spine curves to the left a bit from a young age or birth defect but with the fibryo causes extreme back pain. About last years my knees started to go if I walk or excercize too much. There is no cure yet for fibryo just different meds and pain meds to help relieve the system I have good days and bad days and very susceptible to barometric pressure changes like headaches when its about to rain and like how old people can feel a storm coming in there bones I can feel that. Also I have hypermobility which is common in fibryo but they don't understand the connection yet which basically means all of my joints are super loose and I am super flexible which I thought was cool when I was younger but didn't realize that when I was older it would cause pain. Which is why my knees such now and my arm also falls out of its joint when I sleep. I am currently living in federal housing on state disability which is about 300$ a month income so family is helping me out and I am on the long dreaded wait list for a court date for federal disability.

I am not saying all of this out of pity, I am actually quite positive in many ways and am adjusting to it. I have gotten allot better at guitar because I can play while laying in bed so I am finally practicing the way I should have done when I was younger. I spend allot of time watching movies too as I have always been a big film buff as well as sci fi series like during the last three years I watched every single star trek episode from every series in a row. Now going through 24 and addicted to it.

So if I win this project I actually have a few ideas of what do with it. We used to have a projector for our band(drummer owns it and lives half way across the country from me now) that we used to showing backing film, shots and graphics during our live set to add more to the show. I don't see myself able to tour again. I still try and produce and write new songs but I can only sit at the computer for so long. I hope to one day take my productions and maybe start doing a local show now and again and use the projector as film to accompany the music and do it more like a DJ type electronic set than a full band and me running around on stage. It's hard to work out and I have to take things slow but I have lost 70 lbs since I was diagnosed and weighed almost 300 that does take some strain off the body so I am already a bit better in some ways and keeping a positive outlook.

The other idea I had was I have a pure white wall, its actually pretty clinical white looking as I am living in what used to be a hospital so basically my apartment is an old patient room. When I am in bed I am looking at my 24 inch pc monitor across the room a bit to watch some streaming shows and different things and I would be amazing to project that on the wall instead so I can see it bigger. I also had the idea of trying to point it at the ceiling and see if that would work at all? I know it sounds strange but then my neck might not get so cramped up which happens when I watch for a long time in bed. Also I was thinking it might help me get some more production done easier since I can't sit for long but laying is better if I project my PC monitor to the wall, get a wireless mouse/keyboard setup maybe I can continue to write songs and work on music while laying in bed and save the hours I can sit at the keyboard for mixing in the proper stereo field of my speakers. Also its really hard for me to read notation while I am in bed for guitar if I could get the notation up on my pc and project that so I can lay in bed and practice learning new stuff and guitar tutorials instead of sitting at a pc trying to memorize things quickly then going to lay down to practice it and hope I remember it. Plus the obvious watch movies on it So if I win I promise I would get allot of use out of it and my PC graphics card and my PS4 both have HDMI outs.

best wishes to all
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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

We have a winner... which will be announced in our February HTS Newsletter that should be sent out Sunday or Monday.

Make sure you are subscribed!

This thread is closed, but you can still make comments in the original giveaway thread.
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